used lawn mower lift table

In the event you reside in an unusually high cost shipping zip code we may alert you that a shipping surcharge may be necessary. A safety locking mechanism is built into the base with 4 and 5 settings, depending on the model, to adjust to your height.This lift includes a 2 year warranty with an option for 2 extra years.

The SL-6090ships ready to add air right side up.

It's used every day in the shop. It makes things so much easier. has got some of your wholesale needs covered. Free Shipping to Commercial Location with means to offload. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 617.094 197.268 629.106]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> Time will tell. 0000010168 00000 n *This unit will not operate without an air compressor capable of 140psi.*. endobj 0000024753 00000 n Subscribe to receive special offers & more. I am not usually prone to complimentsbut your prep for the shipping was great! . letgo propelled mower lawn equipment mower lifts lift push power outdoor lawn lawnmower service engine 128 0 obj NHProEquips extensive inventory enabled us to take immediate delivery. "h?sxVhf,5t,BeT x$t58i{,~h E9QNnsxR^*yS7(l=)FThno5pb()2 %KH7R^"f;I ? It is a very well built and smooth fast lift and lowering! 0000003223 00000 n

Ask about our pick up deals going on now! I set up the lift up first thing Tuesday morning. q>"2A$wyK'/~/ '*q$-#m?[tGK,bzX]2#Y9ys:9 L;>Va2 *[6\2 u`[ Can go all the way across the platform, 1/4" C Channel Frame with 1" Greaseable Center Pivot Pins. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[145.74 211.794 282.408 223.806]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> I ordered a motorcycle table lift a year ago and since day one had a problem with the wheel chock. Are you looking for a great deal on wholesale mower lifts online? When I'm not using it for smaller equipment, I am using it as a teardown table! H,=;WX\8e@vSnB $8Fi.xPa!6@B=G=G&5u0TXI&75oJ|rz!B\C5]ZV Hg6FI"xe'( ig" 1:9umM>L oDiSsVbxU*9;@i~qv7l+d` \ We start with a quality frame and rectangular base, a footprint that ensures safety in lifting and safety in working. The lift should be able to support the largest toy fully topped up fluids. ;KP MN:C1*6w'PfOB\_N8kgG$ =z11's/#c2>K)EdQ _yGz8^T52_|P6L)nh$Ja8XW#5ChI{&e8W9m,4-.

Just bought the black triple bank top and bottom it's a ton of storage for the buck everything seems to be high quality and just as good as Snap On and MAC." We have been using the table for a month now and are fully satisfied. endobj NOTICE: If you are the winning bidder and default by failing to adhere to this sellers terms and conditions your account with Liquidity Services WILL BE LOCKED. 0000010409 00000 n If the winning bid plus applicable taxes, if any indicated, plus the buyer's premium equals to $5,000.00 or more, Wire Transfer must be used. Free shipping only applies to products that are marked "free shipping" or "ships free" in the title.

I'm a little hesitant to do this though. Clicking cancel will keep you on the current page. I used it everyday and works great. %PDF-1.7 % - When we need additional equipment, we will definitely be a repeat customer. [DISCONTINUED] Redline RE-LML Lawn Mower Lift. Really enjoying the lift and its functionality! Lift's great, really is, couldn't be happier with it!

By far at this point . A quality ATV doesnt have to break your budget. | HMC Industries | Motorcycle Lifts, Gas Caddy Tanks, and Shop Equipment Made in Marshalltown, Iowa, Freight calculated based on order and destination. 137 0 obj When we need additional equipment, we will definitely be a repeat customer. It is perfect for working on mowers, snowblowers and motorcycles. Should have gotten a long time ago.

the SL-6090 Lift table sets the standard as the best powersport lift available. 0000007113 00000 n Minimal assembly required.attach your air supply and air fitting to the 1/4" Brass nipple and you are ready to raise and lower the lift, Cycle Vise or Condor Wheel Chock must be mounted with fastener package. B2-20120091-4. When I'm not using it for smaller equipment, I am using it as a teardown table! Works great,excellent value. The Elevator 1100M is equipped with a single large air cylinder requiring very little air because of its efficiency.Elevator lift tables are made with thick 10 gauge steel, rugged enough to handle the heaviest vehicles.


Independent Quad Side Extension Design - Any Side Extension Can be removed by a single individual. Nhpro addressed the problem and went well above what they had to do and well above what I had even asked them to do to address the issue. Once you determine your needs, such as weight capacity, platform dimensions and lift height range, its time to shop for a lift that meets your budget. fe2 Check availability of Independent Living Services, Need Help? A safety locking mechanism is built into the base with 4 and 5 settings, depending on the model, to adjust to your height.This lift includes a 2 year warranty with an option for 2 extra years. I love it !!! "Great customer service!

When lifting up ATVs or any powersport vehicle that weighs over 1000 pounds, safety should always be your number one priority. 140 0 obj I was told by a friend that I should try doing it while standing on the side and putting it in gear and assist it while it's running. 0000015011 00000 n very happy with it. endobj 2 YEAR WARRANTY30" loading ramp4 piece (quarters) equal sized panel side extension kit with ramps expands width of table to 48"Rear drop panel for quick wheel service (21.5" L x 11.75" W)Easy-on-easy-off slide in receivers for side extensionsAir operated single cylinder for smooth operation2 step air-operated foot pedalHeavy duty track and bearings for smooth operationReceiver for optional wheel dollyBase frame pre-drilled for optional wheel kitMultiposition height safety lock systemOptional Additional 2 Year Warranty, FREE SHIPPING* 1. Here are the Its working out well. Mower Lift Table w/Side Extension Kit Elevator 1800M Repair Shop Grade, Motorcycle ATV UTV Electric Lift Table Elevator 2000E Repair Shop Grade, Extreme 41" Top Chest + Rollcab Toolbox Set RX412519CR, Extreme Tools 41" 8 Drawer Top Tool Chest RX412508CH, Extreme Tools 41" 11 Drawer Tool Cabinet RX412511RC, Golf Cart Lift Table w/Side Extension Kit Elevator 1100G, Mower Lift Table w/Side Extension Kit Elevator 1100M. Rubber lined adjustable wheel vise for Elevator Series Lift Tables. endstream Be being mindful every time you use your lift, especially if installing a new lift or repositioning a new one, this is a small risk that can be easily mitigated.

Privacy Policy 133 0 obj <> 0000024927 00000 n These are great lifts. The base frame is fitted with a tow bar that accepts a wheel dolly, the base frame is also pre drilled with to accept a wheel kit which allows for easy placement and storage.

33010002000092 endobj This item is a used Grazia Mower/Motorcycle Lift Table that was used for servicing lawn mowers and other small engine machines. | Affiliate, Product Listing Policy Copyright 2022, GovDeals, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This enabled us to select the best table for our space and intended use.

Also, the original purchase was smooth and they were very helpful in helping me determine what product to choose. Don't forget to enter a word on the search bar to filter your search outcome thus get an enjoyable online shopping experience! 0000034038 00000 n It works nice and smooth as Bob said it would. 1Mb`12t!T L7tr +EG Crazy Price Websites understands your need as an entrepreneur and business owner.

L8\9*4dqA'z?u. Payment methods for this item are Wire Transfer, PayPal, or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) only. I set up the lift up first thing Tuesday morning. Thanks for the quick shipping. endobj Bid History for Grazia Pneumatic Mower/Motorcycle Lift Table - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, 1999-2022

Awesome - we have the Cushman Truckster on there now. Had the bike up on it most the winter. I used it everyday and works great. ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, mowers and snowmobiles have been on this lift. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 646.991 255.186 665.009]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> Lift's great, really is, couldn't be happier with it! My other 2 lift have air behind piston which is VERY POOR and an incredible WASTE OF AIR ! Freight ship items have a predetermined max amount that can be spent under our free shipping policy. Home Deliveries: We still pay the shipping, but customer is responsible for home delivery charges. But this ELEVATOR 1100 IS A SUPERIOR LIFT . FedEx freight did a really good job of handling it & keeping me informed.

We have one NH[ProEquip] and Handys in our shop, soon to be justNH[ProEquip]. I am not a mechanic but enjoy wrenching on my own toys. * 2. 0000000016 00000 n

", "Love it. Unfortunately, we do not have any records for this item. 139 0 obj Time will tell. Push Mower Adapter for Lawn Mower Lifts T-5500 Series. Toolbox has held up great with no issues and the quality is up there with alot of tool truck ones.

The Black Widow Aluminum ATV Stand comes with ramps and stops to get your ATV high enough to work on without the scissor lift. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 151.4895 335.8665 162.0]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> <>stream As soon as the new shop is ready, we'll be up after another and some other stuff as well. endobj CV-2049 Cycle Vise or SC-2000 Wheel Chock is an available option. Thanks. I love it!! Thanks again. 121 40

| Great guys to work with. Therefore, with wholesale mower lifts available on our marketplace, you can now have peace of mind with no more worries about stocking your store with the right merchandise. <>stream 135 0 obj

Its working out well. Besides the availability of good quality merchandise, we provide an impressive collection of vehicle equipment thus spoiling you with a wide variety. 127 0 obj <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[514.464 609.894 549.0 621.906]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> 0000008173 00000 n endstream 0000006512 00000 n


If your lift table is operated by a compressor, check where the hose is before you load up your motorcycle because if its caught under the frame, you might find that you press that up button and nothing happens! Inspection is by appointment only.

endobj Haven't had a chance to work on it as much as I would like but it is a great tool that I wish I'd had years ago!

0000002647 00000 n That lift works excellent, I should have had one of those years ago.

Great so far! Picked up the elevator 1800 this weekend, it is every bit as awesome as y'all said.

A cradle lift is inexpensive and can lift anything from a cruiser motorcycle to a lawn mower. All Rights Reserved. Been using the lift I got from NHPro for a few months, works awesome! While we did have a general idea of what we were looking for, the staff took the time to review the benefits of each model with us. Onetouch endobj 0000015190 00000 n FedEx freight did a really good job of handling it & keeping me informed. hF)#z2& =+E\)6*w&Wq{pQu/ \q\@IPusIko`v7S1fW:3GZ@W7&o XY*D^Gl [@4x@hP.0&D1&(b@R"QP>*;?,3(28113q8P*pghaTl|" (`; S .;0&w1upwD6752`mjsZ? qqF9D 0000009299 00000 n Local store prices may vary from those displayed. 0000004334 00000 n Add your email address to take a quick survey and receive $10.00 off your next order! It works nice and smooth as Bob said it would. All good. Offer your visitors information that will make them interested in your business and the work that you do. It's used every day in the shop.

startxref hb```b``9AXX8zA|FG/SpPv`P`8P6*+AQI&)7}L-u``U`h [of(rG(X4eZ3u.gcdvy9dc.Z](FFOqq~3?_v=]wyYKu5..]{~VYt0z{nreo\vU/g^R:Azv`48k}>lwt4XC5#7v&'{o|p;:4:AP B3H*$ Packaged well. Copyright 2022

Lift is to quality and Bob was accommodating, great custumer service. 130 0 obj <<7AC97BDFD5A5B2110A00B0B273E8FF7F>]/Prev 770462>> Got the lift late yesterday. The table is powered by compressed air and controlled by a foot pedal on the control box.

As soon as the new shop is ready, we'll be up after another and some other stuff as well. endobj Most of these units feature casters, several locking positions, and rubberized lift arms. 0000005962 00000 n 0000035928 00000 n You are unique! <>stream 0000001975 00000 n The SL-Series lifts incorporate a 1/4" C Channel Frame which has heavy duty boxed support gussets, 1" greaseable pivot pins, heavy 12 gauge fully boxed table, unique quad side extensions, standard rear wheel drop out, and phenolic non-marking wheels. 0000004799 00000 n When lowering the lift, one quick check around the base will prevent you from accidentally coming down on something as simple as a garbage can or toolbox.

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