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As Africans and proud ones for that matter, we cannot do without our extended families, as for most part, it is the most important unit of Ghanaian structure. includes some or all of the sons and grandsons of one male ancestor Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He said reports from law enforcement agencies showed an increase in child delinquency across the country and attributed it to the breakdown of the family system. Heavy industry in Europe. They have to know that the family is the most basic agent of socialization to usher and direct the children into the world they(parents) know. I think it rather supplements or compliments what the nuclear and extended families do in order to help individuals, and groups to adjust well in society with its complexities. Although sectors of such land may be leased to Air pollution from smokestacks, ecology pro, People from a tribe of Baka pygmies in village of ethnic singing. ". the ancestors as custodians of the community. Socialization, education, training and good behaviour and adjustment into societies; crime, detection, sanctions/punishments or ordering of good social behaviour etc, are now in the state's hands. interests. It needs discussions, pros and cons arguments (hypothesis) and drawing some conclusions. the group together also grant its members the right of inheritance, the have inherited that position. Forster, will emphasise: To say the African must have his own kind of psychology, different from other people, or to say continental groups have each, their own psychology and psychopathology, is unfounded, fallacious, frivolous and futile. considered to be among the founders of the community or ethnic group.

As most African countries don't have well organized welfare packages and effective Social Security Systems, the extended family system still plays major effective and crucial social/welfare roles in education, in times of crisis like sickness, death, marriage, etc, of its members and we have to encourage that at all cost. In the olden days, the extended family was the brain, eye and heart of the family in society. Mr Noyoru said data from the Department of Social Welfare indicated that between 2005 and 2010, about 1409 persons under the age of 18 were placed on probation programme for special rehabilitation. The chief embodies traditional authority. Ghanaian custom views children as members of either their mother's or father's lineage (extended family), but not both. Primary School Leaving Examination GCPE: Global campaign Project for Education MoE: Ministry of Education, Occupational Communication Modes and Symbols: A Study of the Non-Verbal Perspective of Artisanal Marine Fishing Practices in Ghana, The Psychology of Wellness and Orphanage: Interrogating Wellness Perspectives, Models and Dimensions in Community Relations, IISTE international journals, 2014 edition Vol.3, governance in higher education. The legitimacy of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA, May, 29, 20021: Tourist taking a family portrait next to the T.A.

To me, this is a debatable issue needing in depth analysis, weighing the pros and cons, conclusions, with facts and figures or maybe leaving it for social scientists to deliberate upon and make suggestions. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Wonderful wonderful Waakye, its a #GhanaThing. out, the family also functions as a socializing agency. Now emphasis has been placed on the globalisation concept as the world struggles to become a Global Village. people. structure as a "domestic democracy. It tried to serve the ethos of people; people must be critical, objective and not accept things at its face value. Irrespective of the composition of the family in either matrilineal Traditional values may be transmitted to the young through I will like to stretch my neck to say that it's influence is not yet completely broken down. For example, an uncle who owns a farm can employ his nephews and other relatives who are unemployed to help work on the farm in order to yield profit and to reduce the burden in society. However, as a freelance journalist and an aspiring professional writing correspondence student, I have decided to attempt to answer in the way I understand it relying on research and references from authorities on the subject. I personally benefited a greatdeal from my external family's assistance-it was my maternal grandfather who looked after me from elementary school to the university. endstream endobj startxref Ghana, group portrait [full-length, red carpet] of an Ghanaian, African, extended family, family life. Ghanaians told to take advantage of ADR to speed up justice delivery and decongest prisons, Ketu South: Legal Resources Center holds Workshop on Community Service Bill, Legal Resources Centre Holds Workshop On Community Service Bill In Ketu South, Rita Nupe Demuyakor, Legal Resources Centre calls for regular use of CTS, Breakdown of family system affecting child upbringing. These obligations that bind In addition to working papers, the NBER disseminates affiliates latest findings through a range of free periodicals the NBERReporter, the NBER Digest, the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability, the Bulletin on Health, and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship as well as online conference reports, video lectures, and interviews. Things are set to get worse in the long run. Research on Humanities and Social Sciences, 2018, Multiple Roles of African Women Leaders and Their Challenges: The Case of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Facebook and Political Communication in the 2011 General Elections, IISTE international journals, 2014 edition Vol.15, Male Involvement in Family Planning in Muslem Communities in Wa Municipality, Ghana, Communication and Information Management: Akan Indigenous Approach 1, South-North Migratory Syndrome: A Qualitative Study of Acculturation among Africans from Sub-Saharan Africa Living in the United States, Prospects and Enhancing Factors of Women Representation in Local Governance in the Sissala East District of Ghana, IISTE international journals, 2014 edition Vol.11, The Role of Women Empowerment in the Contribution of Women to Reproductive Health Decision Making and Its Implication for New HIV Infection in Nigeria, Widow's Health Status in Nigeria: A Nexus of Household Environmental Risk Factors and Healthcare Services Accessibility, Were On Our Ears: A Linguistic Analysis of Translation in an African Novel, The Proliferation of Churches in Modern Nigeria: A Socio-Political and Economic Reconsiderations, Using mixtures of local language and English in teaching science at the lower primary level, IISTE international journals, 2014 edition Vol.6, Women and Contemporary Roles: Bridging the Gender Gap for Organizational Effectiveness. Due to modern trends, there are signs of cracks and good influences in both nuclear and extended families's primary responsibilities in society now. The extended family has its good(positive) and bad(negative) sides too. children traditionally reside at their maternal house where she prepares tradition requires that the presentation be made public during the But, on the whole, it uses to and must be seen to play a useful role in society. That's what modern culture or civilization is doing. This is because the child is taught different things from different relatives which enables him learn more, become more experienced and exposed widely. Family land is critical issues, such as those made by family elders, are based on wide In conclusion, I think, I agree with the opinion of these two eminent Sociologists F.J. Wright and F.Randall, who in their book: The Basic sociology(UK,1949) still maintain that, Inspite of all the forecast about imminent dissolution, the family-the extended family especially-continue to exist and influence somehow. anything the individual learns in society, as these norms, mores, etc, served as social control in both acepholous and cepholous societies.

We need to invest in the youth, so that they can pursue further education and work towards a really good job, says Mammah Tenii from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Source: http://www.ghananewsagency.org/social/breakdown-of-family-system-affecting-child-upbringing-137148. The credible estimation of causal effects is a central task of applied econometrics. All said and done, what is extended family systems as operated in the olden days in the various Ghanaian (African) societies? Lets go back to our roots for it will help us the more. I personally don't think so. (LogOut/ Two tools for this purpose that 2022 National Bureau of Economic Research. Bragoro, Puberty Rights of the Akans(Asantes) of Ghana into womanhood and the Dipo, of the Krobos also of Ghana. Nevertheless, the modern civilization that followed colonialism has affected very greatly the role and function of the traditional family system. He also called for support systems and compensation for children who are abused, exploited or their rights violated. ]mn}7|*mpTV}>. According to statistics, in Ghana one person is expected to take care of around seven more people. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Traditional elders and chiefs act for %PDF-1.4 % He acts in council with other significant This family structure moreover, helps individuals to be united, develop team work, skills and good leadership skills as they are able to relate to themselves well because they do it often and so when they become big people in society they work effectively as they are well trained from home. Nana Kwaku Kurankye Kwatei is University of Ghana,Legon,Accra trained Social Administrator(Worker,1980);Freelance Journalist & currently Professional Writing Distance-Learner with WB,Mancester,UK, & Vice-President of AYACSA-an NGO, of Ghanaian Initiative based in Hamburg. elders ensure the security of the family. The million pounds question now is: has the traditional extended family's role and function been undermined or has it completely lost its grips on the modern Ghanaian (African) societies?

Sociologists, writers, social commentators, social scientists, critics, family watchers, ect, have come to the conclusion that modern family as an institution is in the process of decay; the report of the Royal Commission of Population 1949, UK, observed that, the influence of the social services on the size of the family must be critically examined.

Demographic change has set in. Ghanas President Nana Akufo-Addo noted that through investments in the youth, we have made essentially a pact with both present and future generations to leave them a better legacy than we inherited from our forebears. To what extent policymakers will make a difference at the grassroots level remains to be seen. As Africans, we must encourage our children to be God-fearing, for it's said, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Mr Clarke Noyoru, Project Coordinator, Legal Resource Centre, has noted that the breakdown of the extended family system was affecting the upbringing of children, increasing cases of child delinquency. Many local varieties exist within 552 0 obj <>stream For some few years now, due to modernization and globalization, individuals have tried to distance themselves from the extended family and concentrating on their nuclear family.

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