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I guess you need to have stronger gas lifts to compensate higher weight of a top, but rest seems to be pretty easy for you to do :-). They enable the outdoors person who may not be interested in backpacking to enjoy more remote areas that are not accessible to larger campers or trailers. Chud managed to build a camper on a 6 by 16 utility trailer. Copy and paste it, adding a note of your own, into your blog, a Web page, forums, a blog comment, Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for aluminum enclosed 4 x 6 luggage car carrier cargo trailer utility tot hauler at the best online prices at eBay! We've tested the best hiking gear, packs, and footwear to outfit you for any adventure you choose. M416 Trailer Receiver Tube Tongue Retrofit Brackets.

From tongue to tail, the trailer is 9 feet long. It was a fun project and I learned a lot along the way. now what I mean. In love with this project! I stripped it down to the frame, and kept all the metal and various pieces I thought would be useful, and then resold the frame. This was a long and complex project requiring tools, money, and determination. At the front of the camper, theres space to store some tools and other extras. It had a rotted roof and various other issues that I worked on over time until it was all fixed up. Primer: Water Purification in the Outdoors, SOGs Pseudo-Switchblade with Tanto Point. If youd like to go on road trips and camp out more, on a budget, a utility trailer camper conversion is a great solution. He then painted the exterior of the utility trailer camper conversion with a primer and top coat. M loves to dive into DIY projects and he records each build in detail. Kevin is a YouTuber who makes videos about camping, especially DIY and review-themed ones. Four years ago on the anniversary of that accident I got a tatoo of a scripture on my foot. 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In this instructable I hope you'll find some ideas, techniques, or maybe just a little inspiration for your next project. On top of the structure, he installed a roof rack to carry more gear. You can mount a bicycle, boat or surf racks on most of them. If thats something that interests you, head over to his channel. While working on this, I did a lot of research for best design aspects from an engineering standpoint. The bed can be converted into a small sitting area thats far from luxurious but big enough for one person to sit in and get out of the weather or away from the bugs. It sat unused for a year taking up space in my driveway, and we never used it once. By using Savage Camper, you accept our use of cookies. How to build the perfect utility Camping Trailer. The tent has front and rear doorways and eight windows. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. A sleeping bag is one of your most important pieces of camping gear. It looks so cute but rugged at the same time and the fine details make it look professional. On the side of the camper, he installed an outdoor light, so he can sit outside after sunset. Its great value for money. steel trailer. - Biker Black: Automotive, aluminum enclosed 4 x 6 luggage car carrier cargo trailer utility tot hauler | eBay. When setting up as camping tent, the steel mash platforms are attached to support the sleeping areas on either side of the trailer bed. He soon realized that these cost anywhere between $10K and $30K to buy, brand new. All you need is a good-condition utility trailer, some tools and materials, and decent DIY skills. That looks nicely done. They are touted to combine the versatility of a utility trailer with attributes found in a haul-behind unit made for gear. So, what is a budget friendly way to add a pickup bed to your vehicle only when needed? 2022, The Wayward Home. Empty Weight: 800 lbs. Every SylvanSport camping gear trailer is made with the same high quality craftsmanship and innovative engineering were known for. It likely quadrupled (or more) my hardware costs but I love the look. There are two windows and one door. Read more about the FreeSpirit Journey Tent Trailer, Receive an occasional newsletter from Savage Camper. [For more information, refer to Terms, Section 4]. Metal from the Starcraft trailer was used to complete the new trailer shown in this instructable, giving it its unique look. Save time and just read all the articles there first. Start planning the coolest camping trip youve ever had in the coolest camping gear trailer youve ever seen. on Step 5. The light blue color he chose for the exterior makes it look extra cute. The fenders were painted and mounted to the box with new brackets. Mini camper vans and homemade campers and why are we still using oil to move them As a longtime VW camper enthusiast we wanted to create a modern equivalent. 2 years ago At the back, he installed a lot of reflectors to stay safe on the road. A few years ago I bought an old Flagstaff tent trailer, with good intentions to fix it up and go camping with my family in it. Someday there might be a Phase 2 of this build. If youve decided that the DIY route isnt for you, check out these super cute teardrop trailers and these rad travel trailers. thats gonna be a tough limit, axle widths are pretty standard.. my Golf was >70in wide so it tracked very nicely behind my vehicle.. not for your budget, and he's not making his own axles so still gonna be limited to what his supplier can get him.. Harbor Freight trailers would fit your width constraints, but thats mostly due to the teensy lil wheels. Its accessible any time and, if you wish, you can keep it dry with a drop-down tarpaulin. ap form application inter Everything looks very solidly built and the trim he installed adds to the high-quality feeling of the camper. And once you The roof lifts open with gas struts to aid in lifting and holding it open. I have no connection to this site - and didn't use any of their plans - but for almost all of my questions, this site was the one that had the answers I was looking for. This site uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Both the GO and Go-Easy are light enough to be pulled by just about any vehicle, from a Subaru to a Mini Cooper! He installed a floor made of plywood on the folding trailer and then added the side panels and the insulation. He is super skilled at DIY and it really shows in his work. 2005-2022 Overland International, Inc. All rights reserved. The design of the tailgate and hinges was done specifically to allow the gate to be level with the bed when opened, to increase the usable floor space. The Easy Camper tent trailer is made of a water resistant marine grade fabric. Wow.. Love it. without the tent. The upper box was built of baltic birch plywood, and cladded with the old trailer's roof and siding. American Jeepers Off Road Utility Trailer Camper, Devin Lovells Utility Trailer Camper Conversion, Chud Channels Homemade Utility Trailer Camper, Getting Along Alones Micro Utility Trailer Camper, Conclusion On Utility Trailer Camper Conversions, The Best 4 Season Travel Trailer: Our Top Picks for Year-Round Comfort, The 11 Best Mini Truck Campers On The Market. Here are the five coolest utility camper trailer conversions we could find out there. One of the places I kept landing on for my engineering questions was THANK YOU!!!!!!!! Thank you. future my kids will have bicycles and I would like to experience canoe You must log in or register to reply here. I hope to help you craft a new version of the American Dream. on Step 8. SPACE Trailers, a new company based in Burnsville, Minn., has a neat product in its hitch-ready equipment haulers, which come in three primary styles and can tote copious amounts of gear for the outdoors. Trailer Supported Adventuring takes many forms, such as our Explorer Box Compact Camping Trailer. The wooden floorboards for the tent are purchased separately from a local hardware store and cut to 84 inches in length. This little build is fantastic. The logical conclusion, as he already owned a trailer, was to build a DIY utility trailer camper conversion. Its a simple concept that allows you to camp out of your trailer on a budget, off the ground. Chud loves all quirky vehicles from mud mowers to tiny houses. Thank you. Overall this utility trailer camper looks gorgeous and we cant believe it was made DIY. Brand names such as the Brenderup, Pongratz and probably some others offer cargo trailers with covers (tarpaulin or hardtop) for your camping gear. This will allow you to fully customize it according to your needs and preferences. I spent about $1300 on materials and built this over the course of about four months working nights and weekends. What is it and how is it different from say, Thompson's Water Seal? grad kick center seriously couple ass class things nasa ling document What a stellar idea, this looks awesome and very well done!! I'm taking this to Africa to help people do lots. Thanks for your thoughtful comment : ). 2 years ago. American Jeeper estimates the whole build came in just under $2,000. Screened windows provide ventilation and light. Two detachable ramps enable easy loading of ATVs, motorcycles and any other type of gear that needs be rolled onto the bed. Now, I live, work and travel on a sailboat with my husband Ryan.

I really like its curvy design. The GearJunkie gear guide to mountain, road, and gravel bikes, bike accessories, apparel, and more. The outside is completed with materials pulled from a junked 1970 Starcraft tent trailer, which gives it a unique old look. EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER. The floor lifts to offer access to some extra storage space. Your source for comprehensive hunting reviews and buying guides. Here are 4 examples of small trailers that convert to tents along with a tent that sets up on the back of a pickup. van just to get the bed ready for the night and it's just a bit Please read ourdisclosure policyfor more info. The main build steps are LOADED with photos, and many details have been written in photo notes. The inside top was insulated with pieces of scrap pink foam and expanding spray foam, and covered with a thin sheet of finished plywood.

Required fields are marked *. I live in a campervan and on a 41-foot sailboat, and my goal is to help you live a simpler, more adventurous life whether thats in a campervan, RV, sailboat or tiny home. The tent is pitched on the 7 x 5 trailer bed. Scott also sells frame racks, box parts, and various accessories. You can decide exactly what gear to install, when you have the funds available. This way gear will stay a little cooler, and the smooth interior roof seems better for stuffing last minute items in. camping once again. Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry. Speaking of retro, I spy a Springbar canvas tent. On the roof, he installed a hatch for ventilation.

M also built a DIY 58 teardrop trailer. With the trailer, you can load up immense hauls with little fuss. Setup time is about 10 minutes with one person working alone. The spare tire and mount also serve as ballast because this specific placement gives the trailer the right tongue weight. The spare tire needed a custom mount so it would sit in front of the box, with enough clearance to still open the roof. The bottom piece is 18mm (15 ply) thick and the sides are 15mm (13 ply). Awesome, glad you enjoyed seeing this! I've used both on different things, and never been terribly impressed with Water Seal - it's not long lasting, and doesn't create a plasticky barrier the way urethane does.

Whether you're hauling kayaks, bikes, camping gear or the weekend project, Space Trailers is up to the challenge. The coolest thing about it is that it looks like a professional build, because he painted the shell with a geometric modern design. ling While I know my way around my shop and my step-dad's, I have never heard of spar urethane. Inside, theres a platform, lined with carpet, which slides in to offer more legroom to sit inside. There are many types, sizes and styles available. Both models are so durable you can use them as utility trailers when you are not taking them on camping, boating or biking adventures. Be sure to flip through the photos for specifics. He tends to cook and eat outside, so he keeps a foldable camping table and chairs inside. Planning on doing more on your camping trip than lounging around the campsite? Special shout out also has to go to PliskinAJ, author of Making an Off Road Trailer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, or create an unsafe oruncomfortable situation. Complete Hobo Stove & Cooking Pots System Bundle, No Tools Build, for Dirt Cheap or Free - Easily Expandable and Infinitely Upgradable! His channel revolves around reviews of these. We love it! It has a full size bed area. They're light, easy to tow and can be used for many other tasks afterwords.They do come in a lot of combinations and you can always adopt one for your own purposes. The lower box was made with baltic birch plywood, and sealed inside and out with several coats of spar urethane. Wondering if you could build something a little bigger? Did you make this project? There seems to be hole in the US market for lightweight, enclosed trailers in the $2k and under range. Various bits of scrap metal were used for support pieces and tie-down anchors. Your email address will not be published. Total weight for the Mini Mate is 265 pounds making it suitable for motorcycle camping. I personally like a lightweight, compact footprint in the 4 x 6 size range. It needed to be a rig that was as comfortable on the daily commute as it is, Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact Me Worldwide Travel Links Camper Van Rental links Home. The two hinges located at the front can be easily disconnected, so the trailer can be used as an open-topped small utility trailer as well. A nice rack on the top of the trailer will do the

He created a custom steel tubing frame to hold everything together. Accessories include a handy aerodynamic cooler that can be installed on the front of the trailer, a large L-shaped awning, and a massive 12 x 12 screened-in area that will give you a huge additional closed in space. As a journalist and writer, Regenold has covered the outdoors industry for two decades, including as a correspondent for the New York Times. Compare a SylvanSport camping gear trailer to any RV on the market. On top, you can mount racks to attach bikes, kayaks, and other larger outdoors toys. As well as this, theres LED lighting, a small AC unit, a radio, and plugs. Campervan conversions have been around since the 1950's now. Answer He even installed Jeep Wrangler TJ fenders and trimmed the exterior with a second accent color. I'm still casting around for a small camp gear trailer and not having much luck. So he decided to look into camping trailers to keep his family comfortable, especially the little ones. Three years. Choose the gear trailer that fits your lifestyle: There is no need to buy a huge truck or SUV when you invest in a lightweight camper trailer made by SylvanSport. In addition to all the basics like sleeping bags and cooking gear, the GO camping gear trailer can also carry mountain bikes, kayaks, ATVs, motorcycles, surf boards, boats, telescopes, fishing rods, antennas, outdoor grills, camping chairs, inflatable sofasYou name it, the GO camping gear trailer will haul it! We go "Off the Map" to find new roads and epic adventures. *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. The separate bunk room is 78 long x 55 wide x 48 high. Mini trailers are a smart and practical way to increase the cargo capacity of your camper van conversions. Gross, 30 cu/ft. So what will you be hauling? Utility Trailer Camper: The 5 Coolest We Could Find. Check out these other campers you will love: I spent my childhood holidays exploring Europe on my parents motorhome. Someday I might build one : )At one point I was considering building a trailer from an old truck bed just as you describe, or even just buying an old one as a starting point. Weight is 690 lbs. It held up well sitting outside through a snowy winter and we're ready to take it out camping again soon. Space trailers is probably one company that offers a full line of mini trailers to perfectly meet your camping demands.And, there are many other smaller manufacturers that can build any kind of a small camping trailer. Weight of the intro model trailer is just 400 pounds. His utility trailer camper models keep the trailers semi-pure. the Mini Mate on the Open Road Outfitters website, Easy Camper on the Time Out Trailers website, Mini Camper Trailers Lightweight to Tow with Cars, Small SUVs and Trucks, Heating Solutions for the Project M Topper Camper, Using My Project M Camper Topper as a Mobile Office, Hemmings 1997 OBS Ford F-250 4-Door 44 Super Duty Heralds Vintage Overland Vibes, Restoring a Chevy K10 Squarebody Truck Bed: Dent Repair and Truck Bed Coating. I have not tested a SPACE trailer, though at a recent gear demo event I got the full tour from two of the company founders. Utility trailer campers are homemade mini travel trailers, built on top of a utility trailer. The aluminum trim pieces were taken from the original trailer and modified to fit the new one as needed. Very useful! If youre a solo camper who is not interested in a lot of add-ons, the Mini Mate is a good choice. There are various types of trailers that you can find around, new and vintage alike. One starting point is a utility trailer of some sort. It has a large inside sitting area that can be equipped with an optional table. The Double Duty Camping Trailer serves two functions: a utility trailer and a camping trailer. The Mini Mate is perfectly suited for a solo camper. Use the coupon code WAYWARDHOMEto get $50 off any rental with Outdoorsy. Chud managed to keep the cost of the build at about $1,100. There are also three windows and one door. Reply We've really enjoyed it so far. Looks great and quite well done and presented. This is a small enclosed trailer I built to haul my family's camping gear. Your email address will not be published. From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Inside, theres a solar fan and a small AC unit. My kinda project. The whole structure is made of plywood panels and wooden battens. Yep, that's our tent. The frame was made of 2" by 3" steel tubing, with a 2" square 3/16" tube for the tongue. I still wanted to a camping trailer, however, but realized I just needed a smaller gear hauler. No professional conversion company will give you as much freedom as a DIY build. Most of the builds involve installing a metal frame around the trailer, creating a roof, and mounting a rooftop tent on top of it. I tried to build it in such a way that it could be modified or adapted to use as a sleeper camper - basically turn it into a collapsible tent trailer/no-frills mini camper of sorts. JavaScript is disabled. Learn. Our team of experts is bringing you best camping gear reviews and buying guides. We are all on a spiritual adventure here www.camper-van-fun.com2010-2018 All Rights Reserved. On the channel, he shows how he also built a big utility trailer camper all by himself to go camping with his kids. Not sure if it is/was yours, but it matches the aesthetic of the trailer. To finish off the utility trailer camper, he installed a rooftop tent on the roof. Incredible Sam, brilliantly executed. SPACE trailers are made in the USA. You can keep your camping table, chairs, refrigerator, portable kitchenette, toilet, and more in the cargo basket. The door features a mosquito screen, which is a super clever addition for those hot summer nights. American Jeeper had a folding trailer knocking about in his garage. Read more about the Mini Mate on the Open Road Outfitters website. The shell has just over 6in headroom, which is incredible. I got an old sewing machine when I was just a kid, and I've been making stuff ever since. Yes, I'm familiar with teardrop trailers. I have been looking for temp solution for moving my camping gear and not-having-to buy big trailer. I ended up selling it for $2600, but I learned a lot in the process. The company has plans to add features to the trailers including an attachable tent enclosure; storage compartments on the trailer bed to stow skis, paddles and fishing poles; exterior attachments for water and gas containers; and a system that will turn the SPACE trailer into an ice-fishing house. Repeat! The trailer bed fits one queen-size mattress. I load it with some of the heavier objects in front of the axle, which raises the tongue weight percentage a little, maybe to 13 or 14% - which is still right in the sweet spot for stability. The siding from the old Starcraft trailer was used to cover the box exterior, and fastened with stainless steel pneumatic staples. On top of this, he placed a foldable mattress, so he can use the platform as a sofa or bed. There are really a lot of choices to choose from. axle-less suspension give the trailer the ability to traverse tough terrain., Hybrid Trailer Co. Vacationer with Spare Tire - Enclosed Cargo Trailer, 990 lbs. The entire interior space of the camper is completely off the ground. Read more about the Easy Camper on the Time Out Trailers website. Theres even a small AC unit attached to the front of the camper. But it proved to not be exactly what I wanted, so I resold it (after taking off the motorcycle rails and keeping those). The bed platforms can be placed on top of the trailer to serve as a utility platform or stored beneath the trailer to streamline the trailer. Lid-equipped units start at $2,399, including the 6500 model and the 6500 Long Neck model, the latter of which has a longer trailer tongue length (and costs $100 more). Savage Camperis a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to So do take your time here, explore and research the different options available or plan your own vehicle. If you want to go car or truck camping on a budget but you need a trailer to take your favorite gear with you, a utility trailer camper is a fantastic solution. Overseas I'm seeing things like the Aussie. And it looks like a professional custom built utility trailer camper conversion. The Easy Camper is a good option for camping couples or the solo camper who wants extra interior space that sets up off the ground. I went with almost all stainless steel fasteners throughout this project. Mine is an on-road version : ). Youll be able to hit the road in no time. The overall design allows the frame to be lightweight and travel to remote off-road locations while still carrying a heavy load. And both options, though lightweight, are spacious and durable. That means that I have to take a lot of camping gear out of the LED lights, a 2-inch trailer coupler, and safety chains are standard. Stephen Regenold is founder and editor of The trailer pulls beautifully. For more information, or if you would like to see a GO or a GO-Easy, contact us. You can buy a SPACE Trailer sans lid. The whole structure is built out of plywood and glassed with marine fiberglass. Gross, 30 cu/ft. On the front of the trailer, theres a box where he stores any extra gear he wants to take with him.

get back home, you can always use your mini camping trailer to take out Campervans | RVs | Tiny Homes | Sailboats, April 16, 2021 by Elena Manighetti| Leave a comment. The tip is: I have spotted a few of similar trailers with bicycle racks on top. Very nice build and excellent documentation. Inside, you get dimensions of 84 49 28 inches enough for a weeks worth of camping gear. job. Says Todd Olson, a founder of the company, We like to think SPACE Trailers are the Swiss Army Knives of trailers..

You could go even more basic and just install a cargo basket on the trailer and camp in a traditional tent. Get a camping gear trailer that does so much more than haul stuff from point A to point B. SylvanSport offers two camping trailers that can carry everything you need for a successful trip to the great outdoors. A pair of hasps were slightly modified (bent as needed for correct fit), painted, and then mounted to the trailer so it can be locked shut. your Facebook account, or anywhere that someone would find this page valuable. Is it for upgrading from sleeping in the dirt with the comforts of a roof top tent? The walls are made of tin roofing, which is very sturdy. Here's a look at various other parts being completed for the trailer. frustrating doing all that once to often. RVs can be difficult to maneuver and require a lot of maintenance. Find out more on the Compact Camping Concepts website. A lot of this was worked out along the way; I didn't have a definite plan for any of this - other than the general size and function. - Biker Black: Hardware - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. But ultimately I decided to go the route I did, for a variety of reasons : ), Thanks! In the following weeks, he attacked the project. Inside, theres a mini fridge, four wide bunk beds, and lots of camping gear. the garbage. Depending on how and when youll use your trailer, you can go for a full camper with a box-style structure on top of the trailer, or a cargo basket with a rooftop tent mounted on a metal structure. The tent is attached to the trailer which facilitates the setup process. We've really enjoyed having it so far. It's a fantastic resource - thank you mechanicalelements for sharing your knowledge!! 3/4 plywood flooring keeps you off the ground.

Lightweight camping trailers have been on my mind for a couple of years now. : ), Question Grab my FREE 19-Page Van Life Starter Kit! The cargo box is 50" wide, 60" long and 24" tall. It can be setup easily by one person. The companys 4500 model comes as an open trailer, and it costs $1,499. But do let me know about it Because I just got one myself and finallyall the camping gear is in that trailer and I don't have to bother with unloading and loading everything a family of four needs every time we stop just for a few days! A father of five, Regenold and his wife live in Minneapolis. The photos are full of notes with details and tips, if interested. Read through our favorite expert-compiled gear for thru-hiking, backpacking, ultralight backpacking and more. Theres no furniture inside, leaving all the room available for the mattress. Compact Camping COVID-19 Update and Thank You! When he went to license his utility trailer camper conversion, the authorities instructed him to classify it as a teardrop trailer, due to the dimensions. Then I bought a 1970 Starcraft tent trailer that was rotted beyond repair, but the metal was all in fine condition.

The stand-up room is 108 long x 72 wide x 90 high. I actually manage to pack up all the large stuff in the back, but if we have to sleep somewhere on the roadunpacking at night and packing again in the morning become a problem. Both the GO and Go-Easy were designed to haul the maximum amount of gear with a minimum of weight. Rent a Camper Trailer: Top Tips and $40 Off. The twins and the dog obviously have their own needs and storage room became a problem. 2 years ago, Thank you!

Disclaimer:SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines set forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. Space Trailers - The compact, tough, go-anywhere, utility trailer. You can buy a kit or a plan, so you can choose the amount of help youd like to get. It would be a tight fit, but adequate for an average-sized pair of humans that do not dislike each other. Its up to you. This solution allows you to haul a lot of gear.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). He installed insulation on the side panels and carpet on the floor to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. The Mini Mate tent is made of a water resistant marine grade fabric. A commonly available brand is Carry-On angle iron trailers, they can be found at many Lowes and Tractor Supply store.

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