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The jewel in the crown of the Presidential Range is, of course, its highest peak - Mount Washington. Christmas Farm Inn and Spa is an especially great place to stay in the White Mountains around Christmasshocking, we knowand its less than an hours drive up the road to Santas Village, so if youre looking for holiday family fun in the White Mountains, Christmas Farm Inn and Spa could be the perfect home base! The hike takes people up and over every major summit in the range, which is no easy feat. Towns and ski areas also put on many festivals throughout the seasons, devoted to entertainments like music, food, wine, antique cars, and more.

The pride and joy of New Hampshire! If youre staying in Lincoln and want to get over to North Conway, you can even take a scenic drive along the Kancamagus Highway, which traverses the Whites from East to West. bear nc ncpedia cherokee wildlife bears carolina north animals native species wild national profiles keeper according animal mammals legend profile The White Mountains is a place simply to drive, gaze, step out of the car, walk, take photos, and gaze some more. is a scenic White Mountain drive that starts at the base and takes you along a winding path up to the summit. The Lion Head Trail is approximately the same length as the Tux Ravine Trail, but rewards hikers who take on its steeper terrain with better views. is a world all its own. Welch-Dickey Loop is a gorgeous, somewhat challenging 4.3-mile trail with constant vista views. Although normally shy and afraid of humans, black bears can enter into more visitedareas of the forest more readilyas they become accustomed to even the smallest remnant of food. The other seasons of the year, too, are rich with activities, particularly for families and children. Download PeakVisor maps today. In the summertime, the Tuckerman (Tux) Ravine Trail is the most popular route to the top as it sneaks its way up the easiest terrain on the mountain. Further evidence of this glaciation is found in the glacially-carved cirques that form the backcountry skiers paradise of Tuckermans Ravine on Mount Washington and the King Ravine on Mount Adams. Many of the ski areas host warm-weather activities like gondola rides, biking, climbing walls, horseback riding, and golf. If seclusion and rugged terrain with stunning views are what you seek, look no further than the Pemigewasset Wilderness. Its also the muse for the famous This Car Climbed Mt. in Bartlett is great fun! The famous Old Man of the Mountain site is located here, as well as the Kinsman and Franconia mountain ranges, Cannon Mountain Resort and, , New England Ski Museum, the Recreational Trail for bike riding, Cannon Cliff for climbing, and.

Hikers who are prepared for the challenges of winter on Mount Washington can challenge themselves to make their way up one of the peaks winter trails. After ascending Mount Lincoln 5,089 feet (1,551m), the trail finally reaches Mount Lafayette 5,249 feet (1,600m). We rely on readers like you to support the local, national, and international coverage on this website. Traffic is a bit heavier during peak foliage season, so make sure to factor in at least 3 hours to drive the full length. With a full service Aveda spa offering scrubs, polishes, wraps, massages, and more, youll be sure to get that zen level stress relief that only the best spas can provide. All of this is good news to outdoor enthusiasts, who have plentiful access to the ranges many peaks on a fantastic network of well-maintained trails. You might also like: Amy is the founder of New England with love. If riding up a steep mountain on a 150-year-old railway isnt your cup of tea, why not drive your own vehicle? For a longer hike or backpack, hikers can continue on down the Garfield Ridge, where theyll cross Mount Garfield 4,500 feet (1,372m) and Galehead Mountain 4,024 feet (1,227m). The range itself has a fairly unique geography, as it is characterized by the presence of two horseshoe-shaped ridges that are surrounded by low, wet river valleys. Cars out. White Mountain National Forest encompasses a large region of New Hampshire, covering nearly a quarter of the state. Crime is not an issue in the white mountains, it's virtually non-existent. If youre traveling from an international destination to get to the White Mountains, or just from another part of the United States, Bostons airport is a great place to fly into to access the wilderness. In fact, on April 12, 1934, the Mount Washington Observatory (the weather station at the mountains summit) recorded a wind speed of 231 mph (372 km/h).

There are also some amazing loop trails in White Mountain National Forest. Share sensitive information only From mountainous hardwood forests to majestic alpine peaks. It's the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288.2 feet and the most topographically prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. Thats enough to last you years of exploration! But beyond a tight circle of outdoors-people, they're not a household name. . Just be careful as you drive, though - moose and bear love to frequent the road! Whether you stick to the trails or take the path less traveled, the White Mountains are a fantastic place to explore and get outside. There are two spectacular ways to explore Mount Washington (besides just hiking it!). Perhaps the most adventure-filled way to hike Mount Lafayette is to start at the Lincoln Woods Trailhead and set off on a trail affectionately known as the Pemi Loop, part of which is actually along the famous Appalachian Trail. A monthly donation of $5 makes a real difference. 20+ Most Beautiful Places in New Hampshire. Take the Valley Train on a 1.5-hour heritage rail excursion through Conway and Bartlett, or take the Notch Train for an epic 5.5-hour trip to Crawford Notch, complete with vistas, rocky outcrops and open valleys. The White Mountains of NH. Geologists believe that the White Mountains were formed by magma intrusions approximately 124 to 100 million years ago as the North American Plate traveled westward over a location then known as the New England hotspot. This adventure company operates within 300 private acres of pristine nature in White Mountains National Forest. This historic drive is a 7.6-mile ascent that takes roughly 30 minutes, and every bend in the road will offer a unique view of the White Mountains. On the top of a tall peak in the White Mountains, you might feel like youre in the middle of a vast expanse of wilderness, but, it turns out that the hustle and bustle of city life arent too far away. The move comes amid a heated debate about the role of Airbnbs and, In New England, the Waterman name is like mountain royalty. And recommended for experienced adventurers is the 8.6-mile Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop, which features a lovely waterfall. Also, Moose and deer on roads can cause accidents, with moose accidents more serious than the latter. Some are deep in the woods at remote locations, where you can be truly immersed in nature and others are conveniently located in towns like North Conway, Lincoln, and, our curated list of White Mountains cabin rentals. for an unforgettable train ride to the summit. Boston is a bit too far of a drive for a daily commute to the Whites, but its a great place to start or end your stay. Seriously, youll never want to leave Franconia Notch State Park. This lovely White Mountains inn and spa is one of the best spa getaway destinations in New England, and the idyllic location in Jackson is just icing on the cake! The indoor heated pool and hot tub arent bad, either! Just a 30-minute drive to the trails of Mount Washington and Pinkham Notch, North Conway is an outdoor enthusiasts holiday retreat. The Alpine Slide at Attitash Mountain Resort in Bartlett is great fun! The mountains themselves cover approximately one-quarter of all of New Hampshires total land area, and a small portion of the western edge of Maine. Perhaps the best-known winter hikers route on the mountain is the Winter Lion Head Trail, which, while sharing a name with the Summer version of the trail, actually takes a slightly different path to avoid a section of avalanche terrain. Plus, Portlands airport is frequented by many major airlines, so its another great place to fly into. Stretching 87 miles across central and northern NH into a small portion of western Maine, the White Mountains encapsulate state parks, This region is paradise for anyone who loves being active outside in nature, taking scenic, Designated as an American Scenic Byway (and one of our. Ah, Mount Washington. If you find it useful please consider supporting the PeakVisor app. Campton NH 03223. But the natural wonders that steal hearts and draw crowds above all else? if youre looking for adventurous White Mountains things to do! These days, the White Mountains are the go-to destination for outdoor enthusiasts from the greater Boston, Massachusetts region, who flock to the area to enjoy the regions many trails, ski resorts, and tax-free shopping. Check out our curated list of White Mountains cabin rentals for some inspiration! After a day in the hills, you can enjoy a hot shower at one of the areas many hotels, a cold beer at a local ski-town bar, or some tax-free shopping at the outlet mall. There are also some amazing loop trails in White Mountain National Forest. Mountains in the range were originally given names of presidents in the order of their heights, with the tallest mountain being named after the first president (Washington) and the second tallest being named after the second president (Adams). United States. Seriously, youll never want to leave Franconia Notch State Park. Its a, No matter where you look, New Hampshires housing landscape is pretty brutal. When it comes to White Mountain vacations, staying in a cozy cabin is just another part of this regions charm! We talked with N.H. author Ty Gagne about his new book The Last Traverse: Tragedy and, Have you hiked Mount Lafayette in N.H.'s Franconia Notch? When you hear the White Mountains, you might think of the renowned Mount Washington but theres so much more! Explore the breathtaking scenery, clear mountain lakes and streams, wildlife, and outdoor recreation opportunities year-round. Winter adventurers at Mount Washington tend to find themselves in one of three parties: hikers who want to bag a challenging winter summit, skiers who want to shred some of the best backcountry skiing in the east, and mountaineers who challenge themselves on one of the mountains many ice-filled gullies. At the end of the day it is easy to find an assortment of accommodations like lodges, motels, hotels and campgrounds and enjoy fine cuisine at one of many restaurants here in the White Mountains. You can take skiing or snowboarding lessons, or turn your visit into a vacation and stay at their lodge. When it comes to White Mountain vacations, staying in a cozy cabin is just another part of this regions charm! This highway takes you up and over some mountain passes and offers excellent viewing points for the whole range. When not working on websites, Amy is probably reading, cuddling with her husband, son, and cats, & drinking a maple latte. In less than an hour, this thrilling ride will bring you to the summit, where you can get out and take pictures or just enjoy the sights. Your browser is not supported for this experience.We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. They are close to the northern terminus of the larger Appalachian Mountain range and are known for their challenging terrain. The famous Old Man of the Mountain site is located here, as well as the Kinsman and Franconia mountain ranges, Cannon Mountain Resort and aerial tramway, New England Ski Museum, the Recreational Trail for bike riding, Cannon Cliff for climbing, and the Appalachian Trail. Compare types of forestry and wildlife habitat management techniques through photos from the field. On the longest, highest, and fastest zipline canopy tour in New England, you can climb across obstacle rope courses and zipline through the sky. If youre looking for more of that New England small-town feel, you can drive around the North Conway area and check out some of the famous (and adorable) covered bridges that connect the different towns. If riding up a steep mountain on a 150-year-old railway isnt your cup of tea, why not drive your own vehicle? Weary hikers can exit the ridge from the flanks of Mount Galehead and head due south back to the Lincoln Woods Trailhead, while those who wish to carry on can make their way to the Twin Range. And if youre not big into boarding, there are plenty of other options. And in winter, youll be in awe of the tallest snow-capped peaks in the northeastern U.S. After leaving the trailhead, hikers make their way up to a variety of smaller peaks, including Potash Knob 2,684 feet (818m) and Whaleback Mountain 2,586 feet (1,093m) as they ascend to the Franconia Ridge and the rocky summit of Mount Flume 4,328 feet (1,319m). This New Hampshire alpine slide is a blast, and the prime opportunity to see amazing views and unleash some happy screams. While the peaks of the White Mountains dont manage to break the 6,500 ft (1,981m) barrier, they are home to some of the most difficult hiking terrain and worst weather in the continental United States. This 6288 mountain is the tallest peak in the Northeast and home to the fastest wind gust ever recorded on earth, at 231 mph. Loon Mountain Resort in Lincoln, open year-round, offers so many spectacular outdoor adventures in the White Mountains. Some of the more daring among us try to do the traverse twice in a single day. In October, the Kanc is often considered one of the best places in the country to view some incredible fall foliage. For kids (and their adults!)
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