cynosural field generator

Also, these ships were very rarely used in the game until this change, and overall its positive for them to see more use.. Learn to counter-play and perhaps youll reduce the level of safety in NS to your liking.

If the mass that cyno allows to put through a given cyno allows to field 5-10 supers then ofc the inhibitor bonus should not be a thing. Remove travel penalities. Now its even more important to have alts, and those alts need high end skills just to fly the hull. Remove HAW guns, remove FAX, re-work supercapitals to be logistics (as in, doing useful community functions, not shoots repair beams) focused powerhouses instead of the end-game of combat hulls. And similar ideas have popped up recently in several other threads as well, and they always gets shot down, so theres no need to continue discussing it here. completely removes the mass bonus). Instead you jump into the :WAHHHHH we should be able to kill titans with bombers and no risk!!! I started listening to the English version on audible to find out whats in CCPs minds. completely removes the mass bonus). And all to please a bunch of fucking autistic green-killboard circlejerking reddit incels: you dont see fucking covert cynos or blackops bridges or stealth bombers getting nerfs. It will fail because this is a redundant thread. This whole nullsec needs more risk thing is a creation of small gang roamers angry they cant kill a carrier or roq they find with a nano gang. Trademarks used on this site are the property of their respective owners and are for illustration only. THEY decided to make carriers do 2000 DPS and be able to kill anything down to frigate size. Covert Cynosural Fields are a special variant of the "normal" Cynosural Fields discussed above. First, it can only be jumped to by Jump Freighters, Capital Industrial Ships and Black Ops Battleships. They made the decision to stick limitless resource nodes that were eminently farm-able by capitals into the game. I found both to be fun and challenging though in different ways. They just want to make it more expensive. There is no cost for opening a Black Ops bridge.

They wont delete Rorquals, theyll just make it literally impossible not to lose billion-isk drones while youre mining. Oh they could nerf payouts or spawn rate or something but instead CCP basically just nuked the last 9 months of training for my character. In practice this means that ships can typically jump around once per hour (more if jumps are shorter) without accumulating Jump Fatigue, but more frequent jumping will rapidly build fatigue. The idea is simple - limit the amount of ships that can jump a beacon based on the ship type. Devilish is implying that a wormholer wouldnt know what hes talking about. So when most players in the book opt for dehydration to essentially opt out of the eras of chaos we can read that as Hilmar trying to drive players to become alpha clones? Either method opens a box with the the option "Jump through to [SYSTEM NAME]". . Activating a jump drive has similar constraints to activating a warp drive: jump drives cannot be activated if the ship is either inside a warp interdiction bubble (from an Interdictor or Heavy Interdiction Cruiser, or if the ship has been warp disrupted below a Warp Core Strength of 0. Do something to stop this war! Unfortunately CCP proved to be a asshat parent who stopped your tantrum by giving in.This gives you and others like you the idea that they are right and that this is the way the game is meant to be played. Only Jump Freighters and Rorquals. You are an embarrassment to yourself, your corp, and to this game. Like the ability to lose 10s of billions worth of system upgrades and the effects of months if not years of sov payments if your space is taken? The bonuses of Force Recon Cruisers and Black Ops Battleships apply to covert cyno as well, which means they are pinned down for only 30 seconds. pilgrim ships eve curse ship amarr recon force empire odealo cruiser level At this point i solely see you as someone who is still a toddler in his mind having a tantrum that he cant have his way. They did it because it made them a ton of money by encouraging everybody to spend their way into endgame PvE setups. After the third jump, the pilot has JA cooldown of 30 minutes (the maximum) and JF of 5 hours (the maximum). Your dread/titan that is generating the 1B tick cannot be contested since it cannot be dropped with capitals. Note: can only be fitted on Black Ops, Blockade Runners, Covert Ops, Etana, Prospect, Stealth Bombers and Force Recon Ships, as well as Strategic Cruisers equipped with Covert Reconfiguration Subsystems. They are high-slot passive modules which enable the bridge function of the ship. Now, you have to add an expensive ship with low HP (remember, some of these ships have fits that cost as much as capitals) to go to fight, and these ships are fairly uncommon so it will most likely take longer for them to show up. blaster wiki Before the blackout, I could safely travel through NS in my Occator, just needed a travelceptor ahead to ensure there are no gate camps. For sell orders the minimum value is used because that is the lowest price that you can get if you purchase items from a sell order. As a member of the proverbial nano gang, hes not ~*entirely*~ wrong for bitching about lack of targets: CCP have gone to extreme lengths to make it absurdly difficult to catch small ships. For other ships to be able to jump through, they must be in the same fleet and within 2500 meters of the ship creating the jump bridge. These bomber gangs can kill capital ships in less than a minute, to say nothing of what they will do to anything smaller. Russians are killing our children and civilians. Their ship meta that focuses everyone into either very small or very large (capital) ships is really toxic to the small-gang gameplay. Titans can bridge all subcapital ships. Once the mass limit has been exceeded - the ship is free from beacon penalties, but can not light another cyno until the module reloads normally. Cynos are sometimes used for "cyno vigils" to remember eve online players who died in real life. You mean how dare CCP allow thousands of enemy players whove invested trillions of isk in ships and man a round-the-clock standing defense fleet keep me from killing whatever I want with my teleporting, cloak-warping frigate that costs less than a hundred mil? Ships with a jump drive can only jump to cynosural fields or beacons. Most cyno lighting ships are either cheap industrials that are in the 10-20mil isk range, or its a rookie ship with the only cost being the actual module and fuel. After the first jump, the pilot has JA cooldown of 6 minutes and JF of 60 minutes. But it makes ratting or even just moving a capital around a real pain. While both are huge changes to the game, the main change is to regular cynos, and it will be the one I am talking about today., First off, this change is amazing. In the past, it was either another capital having a cyno, or a cheap ship as mentioned before. Those are Black Ops Battleship, Blockade Runners, Covert Ops Frigates, Force Recon Ships, Stealth Bombers, and Strategic Cruisers (with the covert subsystem); further, the single hulls Etana, Prospect, and Rabisu. ORjust stop flying capitals? A Jump Bridge is a way for a Titan or Black Ops Battleship to launch its allies, who cannot use jump drives, across space into battle. Jump fatigue is recalculated after every jump. Its difficult to blame gankers for wanting to be able to kill big stuff when CCP let people put Upwell structures fucking everywhere and people can cross whole regions just by transitioning through co-located Keepstar/Ansiblex/Stargate combos. No. You have no farking clue what youre talking about. An Industrial Cynosural Field Generator I works much like an ordinary cyno, but with some key differences. Just a different and more skill intensive ship on the other end. But did you miss the part which says no cynos on supers and dreads + the mass limit idea(which is the more important part)? Not everyone wants to or can afford multiple accounts. The Cynosural Field Generator module requires the skill Cynosural Field Theory at level one to be fitted. Get fucked scrub, crawl back into your hole and leave eve as a sandbox where people can choose how they want to play. Indeed you can light a cyno after you initiated the self destruct sequence. The method is different but the end effect sounds exactly the same. Because nothing says elite pvp and risk loving like running away as soon as there you actually have someone shooting back. The Jump Portal Generator can only be fitted on a Titan, and the Covert version only to a Black Ops Battleship. If a group decides that something isnt the way they would like it and think of methods within the games mechanics to provide the things they need then that is their way of playing the game. CCP Rise then followed up to say that this was a thing that the design team missed when putting the changes together, but they will work to create an alternative pilots can use to create the traditional in-game memorial events. Yes, wormhole guy. Its not about forcing on NS players a way to play. The amount of isk available to NS is obscene compared to its relative risk. Also, does not really affect the normal fleet movement ops and fleet-fights as you just need more sub-cap cynos or stage the fleet a little bit in advance. I believe this is amazingly wrong, creates an atmosphere where there are no significant downsides of having it fitted on non-specialized vessels and boosts the umbrella gameplay and the number game which we have in null-sec today. The only thing that these changes help are oversized coalitions. The logistics teams should already be spitballing how to deal with this change. I dont think cyno should be removed and on the contrary - want to introduce some new gameplay built AROUND the cyno, Most recent thread - surprisingly similar to your idea. What a joke. Utterly Amazing how you cheer for yet another dumb, fucking mechanic that makes the blue blobs blobbier and inspires no one to fight for anything other than spod rocks. NS players have played by CCP rules and mechanics and theyve done it in a way to make resource gathering relatively safe. Like the risk of being able to lose ships and materials in build worth 10s of billions when a structure is popped? This makes this ship type more important again in its original role, Rorqual and Orca can fit Cynosural Field Generator as a role bonus. All ships that contain a jump drive require the Jump Drive Operation skill to pilot. When small gangs or even large sized fleets come across ratting or mining capitals and want to attack there is a huge risk of being dropped on by enemy caps, and if you fly a ratting or mining capital then you most likely have a cyno fitted just for this reason. ), thanks for pointing this out, fair enough. See Legal Notice. Its about reducing the safety of NS. Solar systems as a whole can be cyno jammed either through the navigation structure Tenebrex Cyno Jammer or a Sansha Incursion. Otherwise, the module still immobilizes the ship generating the field and can only be used if it is slower than 500 m/s. Who are you quoting? The following classes of ship contain jump drives: Unlike stargates, which are free to use, jump drives require fuel. This fucking cyno change fucks even the people ~*with*~ the alts: literally how am I supposed to do anything with capital ships in an area thats not covered by my own FAX umbrella? I used my carriers to run Incursions and move subcaps to the war front.but CCP decided that I shouldnt have access to capital ships unless I fork out for more accounts apparently. You have only proven to me that with this article you dont understand the game and just hopped on the bandwagon for your risk free kills. Virtually identical proposals are being discussed in several still-open topics. Are you actually going to suggest that players should maintain 24/7 watch over every single stargate in their space and keep running lists of hand-written notes about who was seen entering which systems at which times? As of now - this module is used on almost every ship type available in the game. The effectiveness cost of using that is pretty much the same on ANY ship type. The cyno needs several seconds until it appears on the universe map. Literally one person loses eyes on one gate for thirty seconds, one Prospect or bomber or whatever slips in, and now youre looking at getting 50-100 dudes in stealth bombers spontaneously appearing in system whenever they feel like it with absolutely zero warning. Its activation time and fuel consumption is only a tenth of the usual cyno. A (Covert) Jump Portal Generator allows the user to create a bridge to another system. No one cared if their cyno ships died, because it was likely that they were going to die so the fits were made cheap. This page was last edited on 26 January 2022, at 19:48. Guess its time to start recon invention. Why must you reduce the safety of NS? Ships that jump through a jump portal use up isotopes from the bridger's fuel hold. It decays in real time, whether logged in or not.

In a context in which either type might be mentioned, a "normal" cyno is often called a "hard cyno". The symbol you click on is at 12:00 oclock and is a stick-figure person. Having seen what the Eras of Chaos in the book are compared to what CCP is attempting, I am ready to question Hilmars reading comprehension skills. first and lowest bonus last. Standard warp mechanics will not allow the ship to warp back to the structure until it has slowed sufficiently to align and warp.

True for things like Incursions and move ops. Sure, you could save up for a Nidhoggur and cut that time in half, but whats the motivation for new guys to do that now? A Covert jump bridge stays open for 20 seconds. It depends on the straight-line distance between the two systems in space, measured in light-years. The change had two parts, which were Cynosural Field Generator I can only be fit by Force Recon Ships and Black Ops Battleships and Jump Freighters can jump to Covert Cynosural Fields. Handily you can also afford the injectors to train you into it in the next 3 weeks . The green part only applies to Jump Freighters and the red part only applies to Jump Freighters and Rorquals. Or they just want to tax the shit out of everyone? Bridges by Black Ops only last 20 seconds. Yes, the amount of resources you can farm with capitals in nullsec IS obscene, but you know who designed it that way? The fuel required depends on the faction that constructed the jump drive, and can be produced by refining corresponding ice. Generates an undetectable cynosural field which only Black Ops jump drives can lock on to. Covert jump bridges can be created to any form of cyno. They do not need more safety by circumventing the only way to prevent the super umbrella from immediately responding to a threat. You entitled asshats who cant learn to counterplay cry when daddy CCP doesnt fix shit for you. Youre just another moron with another idea about how to fix this game. Cynosural fields are generated or "lit" by the ship module Cynosural Field Generator I. Cynosural fields and their generators are colloquially abbreviated as "cyno". Another way is to bring up the radial menu on the jump bridge ship or the pilot in the watch list, which does update if you hold it open. Capital ships will no longer be able to light cynos. As for regular cyno for my JF sitting my cheap probe did not make feel safe just one bit, sure the ship i can rebuild and all the modules in it as well, but dying means my JF might be in trouble, and the extra time it takes to get cyno up again. And this is why it is so hard to take you people seriously. They are built into the hull of the ship. Jump drives allow for rapid movement and deployment of both subcapital and supercapital ships across long ranges, and are commonly used for defensive, offensive, and logistical purposes. Tell us more about how you think other people should play Eve. You put force in quotes. Your response is full of assumption and arrogance and I can speak for a lot of nulsec players who think you people that have all the answers are full of shit, every time, all the time. (The ships do not need to have the module fitted in order to use the bridge.) This symbol highlights and becomes active when the jump bridge is up. Hilmar gave an interview on talking in stations where CCP let slip that the Triglavians were inspired by the science fiction book The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Do you think NS players will not find a way to readjust and achieve the same level of safety we have now (that level of safety btw is created by the presence of corp/alliance members who choose to participate in rescue and response efforts)? When ships jump across the bridge, they consume fuel from the bridging ship's fuel bay. Having to sit for a few minutes in space completely vulnerable to attack with a giant come kill me beacon on the overview of everyone in system would obviously drive players to find cheap cyno ships, and I frankly think that has been abused for a while. What risk exactly do you think Null doesnt have? After waiting for 30 minutes for the JA to decay, the pilot has JA cooldown of 0 minutes and JF of 4h 30m. Just create those alts, buy those skill injectors, run that credit card. With Blackout this is not safe anymore as my ceptor alt cant tell how many people might be sitting cloaked. Brilliant. This makes this ship type more important again in its original role. The isotopes used will be of the same type as the bridger's jump drive. Nullsec is not wormhole space: there are significantly more ways into and out of nullsec systems, and you can be hotdropped in nullsec systems. The ship with the generator must first be within jump range of a cyno lit by a member of the fleet. Its all bullshit, do you know how long and often ccp lies about shit, just to say laterit takes much effort and work excuses..the game and company are just scam artist.. broke ass promises. It will make null less safe overall, which I think is CCPs main goal for the whole Era of Chaos. THAT SAID, the cyno changes are fucking garbage and anyone with half a brain should be able to figure that out. The real problem isnt the availability of cynos was making caps oppressive, the problem is that CCP are fucking retards who designed themselves into a corner by making capitals the best ships for pretty much every task in the game that cant be handled by a frigate or destroyer hull. The Covert Cynosural Field Generator requires Cynosural Field Theory at level 5. I really dont get it. Once the cyno is lit, the Generator pilot can create a jump bridge (the "Bridge" option is right next to the "Jump" option), which behaves something like a temporary stargate for the other ships in their fleet. This topic was automatically closed 90 days after the last reply. Multibox a bunch of clients just so you can effectively use one character. Now, you either put a Force Recon or Black Ops on that kill me beacon, which are both very expensive ships for their class with relatively low tank. Cynosural Fields come in three varieties: normal or so-called "hard" cynos, covert cynos, and industrial cynos. A normal (or "hard") cynosural field can be seen on the overview from any place in the system and is "warpable". Because we all know that is the answer. Mobile Cynosural Inhibitors prevent the activation of cynos in a 200km radius but do not remove existing cynos. They cant get dropped via cyno, they have no local, there are few entrances to their systems, and thus it is quite a bit safer and takes fewer people to monitor that safety than it does in NS. This is used as a trick for extra safe traveling. It originates in the ancient Greek name for the North Star, making it a very appropriate term for the cynosural fields of New Eden. That is hilarious coming from near perfect safety for WHs gang. Lets talk cynosural beacons. You need a sub-cap on the field to call in caps, Recon ships should have significant bonus to the mass that can pass. It really shakes thing up, just staying safe/alive is hard work. (Im not trying to be a jerk here, and I apologize if Im coming off that way, but repeating the same discussion over the same ideas is generally non-productive. Guess they never want me to use a suitcase carrier ever again? What is amazing is that idiots at CCP are actually listening to the most risk averse group in the game about how all other parts need more risk while at the same time the only stuff they fly is high range super easy disengage comps. Force ships to move around to make money. Fuck CCP, now I want my money back , extortion assest safety bullshityour game is dead since everyone left it..fuck u ccp. Newsflash: it is not, EVE is a sandbox and people can play how they want. But, in special cases you would rather fit cap rechargers and capacitor power relays to reduce the amount of time between jumps. Hope they dont mess it up. Doesnt mean they are happy or trying to force a playstyle on you. Please explain to me how it is ~ever~ safe to field any PvE ships at all under these circumstances? On the topic of other things, a few people have been requesting a special edition cyno (or something like it) that has no navigational use/purpose, but can still be used as a memorial token for our fallen capsuleers. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Cynosural field generators need a slight rework (make recons great again), Cynosural Field Generator allows N mass to pass through (just like a wormhole), based on the ship type that lights the beacon. Bottom line, the author is a wormholer making the argument that something is good when it isnt. Evepraisal looks at a recent (around 5 minute delayed) market orders to estimate prices for items. {\color{red} ( 1 - JDE_1) \times ( 1 - ( JDE_2 \times 0.869 )) \times ( 1 - ( JDE_3 \times 0.571 )) \times ( 1 - ( JDE_4 \times 0.283 ))} [/math], [math] \rm Fuel\ usage = Mass \times \text{Portal Consumption Mass Factor} \times \text{Base cost} \times \text{Skill mod} \times \text{Distance in LY}[/math], [math] 1\,470\,000\,\text{kg} \times 0.000000135 \times 700\,\text{isotopes} \times 0.5 \times 1\,\text{ly} = 69.4575\,\text{isotopes}[/math], Jump Fatigue and Jump Activation Cooldown calculator, This delay is determined by the jump fatigue mechanic. With no local in nullsec, its literally impossible to mitigate risk. So much pandering in this article. Fucking CCP, when everybody and their goddamn dog TOLD THEM AT THE TIME IT WAS A STUPID FUCKING IDEA. However, there might be a cure! All Eve Related Materials are property of CCP Games. Now CCP appear and hand out fifty capital PvE nerfs followed by you cant have local and you cant call for help: the Rorqual was already fucking useless after the local nerf because you literally can not field excavator drones anymore, and now theyre going to charge everyone 300m per cyno to move around and making it so you need a dedicated cyno character to stalk your own capital ships around in order to summon help, all because theyre too fucking timid or too lazy to correct the core elements of their game mechanics that encouraged this behavior in the first place. Titan jump bridges can only be created to standard Cynosural Fields, or Cynosural Beacons. It also wont be the same level of threat, these risk averse groups dropping on ratters arent going to risk a 300 mill+ ship that might get volleyd the second it decloaks to drop dreads on ratters, which means they are going to be bringing nothing but covop fleets. Tinfoil hat in place, this all seems like another way to bilk players. CCP are basically doing everything short of deleting capital ships right now to force (yes, force) people not to use them for PvE, after spending years milking cash out of their playerbase by heavily incentivizing them to skill-inject and PLEX their way into capital ships for PvE. Is a wormhole guy way more comfortable with no local than a NS player who has never or very rarely been without perfect intelligence? (However, a jump drive can be activated regardless of the jumping alignment.). If there is no fuel in the fuel bay, the ship will consume fuel stored in the cargohold. Each jump drive has a maximum jump range, and consumes a certain amount of fuel per light-year. Like many have said before, NS is safe due to the people living there, if all our pilots thought that the intel channels get filled with info automatically and none post if they see neuts in a system then the intel system doesnt work and you would have zero intel. You are so blind to the ideas that form your assertion that you arent aware that you are doing the same thing Devilish Ledoux accused the author oftrying to opine on anothers game play style when yours does not give you the experience to comment on it nor does it appear you know anything or care enough to do anything about countering it. Because of the huge amount of cap needed for jumping capital ships usually have a capacitor booster fitted.

One thing that gets lost in all these nerfs is how it affects the lowly casual with his one account. It means a guide, or a person or thing that draws attention towards itself. The act of opening a Titan bridge costs 500 units of Strontium Clathrates, modified by Jump Portal Generation. Eve 101. As of the September 2019 release, cynos can only be fitted to Force Recons and Black Ops Battleships. But, be aware that if you jump to a cyno in the same moment as the cyno ship dies, you still jump but you land at the destination system's star, not at the former spot of the cyno. {\color{green} ( 1 - 0.1 \times JF )} \times So you complain about players actively working together creating a safer space for themselves since this hurts your risk free killing. Thank you. From the perspective of a lowly line pilot running one account and just trying to play a stupid video game it was working just fine and no fix is needed. Cynosural beacons are provided by a player-deployed navigational structure, the Pharolux Cyno Beacon (colloquially simply called "beacon" or "cyno beacon"). Further, it appears on the universe map. Recon ships can light a beacon in the range of Mobile Inhibitor with a strong penalty(i.e. If you can afford a capital ship, you can afford a recon to cyno to. The respective fuel type for each faction is: The fuel cost for each jump does not depend on the number of stargate jumps to the destination. Caps and supers are killed under umbrellas all the time, ratters and miners were killed even when there was local daily. They wont re-design PvE so that smaller ships are more suited to it than capitals, or re-design capitals themselves: theyll just make it cost 300m isk per cyno plus having an alt character to move them around. After waiting 6 minutes for the JA to decay, the pilot has JA cooldown of 0 minutes and JF of 54 minutes. Amen. Do you guys realise how much one science fiction book is leading CCP Right now? Anti-cyno doctrines just got a lot easier for the major blocs. This will force players to either defend their cynos or be very careful about when are where they activate this module., The second reason is that Capital ships will no longer be able to light cynos. Didnt know that. As well as gives the attacking side an opportunity to secure the grid. It has a base fuel consumption of 800 liquid ozone per cycle, with a minimum consumption of 400 LO/cycle with Cynosural Field Theory V. Industrial cynos can only be fitted to: Arriving ships materialize at a random point 5km from the Cynosural Field location. ALL WHO DARE OPPOSE ME: because a fifty-man bomber hotdrop gang should be the definition of an unstoppable force lolololol keep trolling.

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