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Valldal, a day trip from lesund, is Strawberry Central.

Otherwise, the nearbyHvaler Islands are one of the sunniest places in the country and worth a stop once you get your fill at the many cafs (check out Caf Oline for a nice glass of vino), museums, and boutiques.

Discover a fabulous cluster of islands in staggering natural surroundings. Further out, you'll find Myken, a small island where only 11 people live permanently. Both farm shops let visitors savor their creamy cow-milk wares. Vega World Heritage Center is located close to Nes on Gardsya. Up for another challenge? Stop by Olav's Mine to see how the town originated, head down into the cellar of Rammkjellarn for local fare and on-site brews, and if you're visiting in winter, rent a kicksled to get around the snowy streets. Get lost in narrow cobblestone streets, find your private island, and let your mind wander as you walk along the seafront. {{:price}}

The coast road from Mandal to Hafrsfjord is part of the North Sea Cycle Route (Shetland, the Orkney islands, Scotland, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway). But were so much more! Delve deeper across Fjord Norway to unearth countless hidden gems attractions and experiences that amaze and delight in sight and sound, taste and touch.

From sunny surfing scenes to tiny towns where goats outnumber people. The lfotbreen and the Gjegnalund glacier are the most western glaciers in Norway. And be sure to tour the Nordvegen History Center and Viking Farm at Avaldsnes, Homeland to the Viking Kings. Norways oldest royal seat, it was home to Harold Fairhair, first Viking king. Although the interior was stripped of many of its art treasures during the Reformation, it still has a special place among Europes cathedrals not the least because of its sheer size. For an adrenaline rush, scale the isolated point of 1,338-meter Eggenipa. Best of all, however, is sea kayaking! Our secrets are out.

Slightly sweet and heavy, it's usually eaten on sandwiches or with Norwegian waffles.

Like the sound of island escape? Jren, Norways original surfing magnet, and scenic Ervika boast some serious swells. Crafted on 700-year-old farmstead, Tingvollosts Kraftkar blue cheese won gold at the 2016 World Cheese Awards in Spain. The Sami people traditionally divide the year into eight seasons. This place is a postcard if ever there were one. Vrlandet Havhotell invites you to a stay within modern architecture. She was completely upfront with me from the start about where to p", "Linda did an absolutely wonderful job planning and organizing our Norway trip. Fjord Norway is home to a world of unique accommodations, whether your tastes run from boutique design hotels to luxury lighthouse stays, or family-run fjord inns. Check outUndredalsbui to get your hands on some samples of this iconic Norwegian staple, and be sure to grab extra to take back home.

These are Riisns' 25 favourite places in Norway (listed in randomorder): A paradise for surfers, the unsheltered peninsula Stadtlandet and the island of Vgsy also have Norways oldest monastery ruins and three lighthouses that offer accommodation. At the Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum at Vemork you can see the unique exhibition about WWII as well as, Krossobanen was built in 1928 and was a gift from Norsk Hydro, so the townspeople could get up to see the sun, The Rjukan Waterfall is unfortunately much less impressive than it used to be as most of the water has now, The exhibition presents the 11 saboters who participated in the action, what role and military degree they had. iPhone: Visit Norway for iOS

While we could have spent some more time in the cities, the fjord cruises, hotels, and Tr", "Norway is indescribable. Five Places in Norway that Most Travelers Miss (But Shoul How Many Days Should You Spend in Norway? She always promptly and pleasantly responded to the logistical questions we ha", Traveled to Norway as a family in July, 2022, "We had been looking for some time to do a family trip to Norway in the summer but didn't have the time to do all the detailed planning that we would historic", "From experience planning family vacations to different countries comes with the usual stresses - much about the destination is unknown, weather, activites, p", Traveled to Norway as a family in June, 2022, "Trolltunga was spectacular. {{?}} Pasvikdalen is a valley that stretches southwards through the municipality, and home to Norways largest bear.

Kayaking enthusiasts from all over the world discovered this island paradise a long time ago. From Dalen it is not far to other interesting attractions for example Morgendal, known as the cradle of skiing, the art hotel Nutheim in Flatdal and the Hardangervidda plateau via the MsvatnLake. Think surfing and think Hawaii or Australia. Todalen, Innerdalen, Sunndalen, Litjdalen, Grdalen and Eikesdalen are a cluster of valleys that extend from the ocean into the high mountains of Trollheimen and Dovre. iceland reykjavik unlockingkiki reiseziele atlantis tenders icelandic skandinavien urlaubsziele traumreise stfi unlocking justfirefits The concept of friluftsliv or outdoor life is as Norwegian as cross-country skis and woollen Do you have a need for speed? It, Fjord Seal will take you on a guided kayaktrip on the Lustrafjord, Almost half of the Jostedalsbreen National Park is covered by the Jostedalsbreen glacier, which is the largest, Jostedalsbreen National Park visitor centre is situated north of mainland Europes largest glacier. Caribbean or the Mediterranean, right? Lake Velmunden/Fjorda, located 396 metres above sea level between the lakes Randsfjord and Sperillen, is Eastern Norways undisputed canoeing paradise. Head off the beaten path to find solitude and scenery in these lesser-known locales.

Android: Visit Norway for Android, Lyngen, known as The alps by the ocean, has a given place on the international extreme wilderness map. On Runde, island home to just 150 people, youll be pretty much alone apart from the half-million sea birds that flock there each nesting season. A place which has shaped Norwegian identity for, Aursjvegen between Eikesdal and Sunndalsra opens on 15th June. At Sagastad, marvel at a newly rebuilt Viking longship the 30-meter-long, seaworthy Myklebustskipet, displayed in a state-of-the-art interpretation center. Board a fjord sailing on the tranquil Lusterfjord, whose fruit-tree-lined shores have inspired generations of artists. Indulge in a tasting tour of fruit and berry ciders, wines and spirits at artisanal distilleries like Gardsbrenneriet in Nordfjord. Hamn in Senja - a fjord idyll along the National Scenic Route on the Senja island. We pick you up your hotel and transport you to Snowhotel Kirkenes.

Instead of hopping off the train here, head six miles north to Aurland. In Fjord Norway you'll find not only iconic and well-known gems, but also a range of unknown treasures very few have heard of. Look no further than Fjord Norway. Get expert tips on thousands of places to stay, restaurants, activities, and attractions all over Norway. Island Hopping to Solund, Bulandet and Vrlandet is a round trip to the westernmost islands in Norway. While any traveler heading to Norway will likely stop in Oslo, Bergen, or Trondheim and maybe even Troms orlesund it's the small towns that will make you want to return. The Flrli stairs have 4.444 steps and is one of the longest wooden staircases in the world. Along the way you pass the waterfall Rjukan, Stuvestyl, Videstyl, the Juvass stream and the Skuggefjell mountain. Explore urban beach life in Norways southernmost city! As a result of its reputation, the town of Flm - the terminus of the line - is quite a hectic place.

From underwater safari and modern camping to art and a science centre discover the coastal town famed for its buzzing city centre and idyllic archipelago.

The colorful cottages and winding streets almost seem to fall away into the water Reine is in the Lofoten archipelago but not before the land rises again, granite jutting thousands of feet into the air. Thanks to the Gulf Steam, surfing and sunning spots from Hoddevika in the north to Karmoy island farther south are warmer than youd think year-round. Flight, hotel and rental car, Booknordics.com tours and activities, safaris, cabins and adventure hotels, Stromma sightseeing, excursions and experiences with bus, boat and train, {{title}} The secrets out, Fjord Norway is more than you expected. In tiny Solvorn, on the Lustrafjord, youll find a cafe, gallery, convenience store and Norways oldest hotel. And stroll among the wooden houses of Nauste, historic heart of Eresfjord village, like the wealthy 19th century English salmon lords of yesteryear, credited as Norways first true tourists. RIB tour with good stories and beautiful scenery with rich bird life. On the islands Moskenesya, Vry and Rst in Lofoten, you can experience a unique mixture of breathtaking scenery, formed by thousands of years of fishing activities, and modern-day demands of tourism.

Weve got the antidote to your big-city blues: Fjord Norways fishing ports, fjord villages and mountain hamlets. Welcome to a special experience at Nutheim.

Stop by Sand, where clusters of charming white homes gleam in the Sandsfjord, to soak in historic character like its 168-year-old wooden church and cemetery and linger in inviting shops, galleries and cafes. Vega Havhotell something extraordinary! Price: The bakery was built in 1844. Widely travelled journalist and discerning adventurer, Jens A. Riisns, lists his 25 favourite places in Norway, many of them off the beatentrack. The cooking has always benefited from fresh, natural ingredients. It's located right on E10 (the scenic drive through the islands), the village is quiet, and the scenery is unparalleled. Any hiker, casual or dedicated, worth their salt has our famous rock formations on their bucket list. Want to hit the waves? I wanted to list some not so obvious parts of Norway that are equally rewarding as the more well-known destinations. The process lay the foundation for Norways transformation from a nation of poor fishermen and farmers into a rich and prosperous industrial country in just a fewgenerations. Trollheimen mountain area is known for its varied and dramatic scenery, with spectacular mountains. Who knew? Trna is located 61 kilometres off the Helgeland coast and offers everything from art and culture to saunas and cosy cafes. Head for havstuer, or sea cottages, on Smla or Hholmen for a taste of historical fishing village living. You know the Vikings were expert seamen. In fact, it is by far the biggest cathedral in Europe to be located so far fromRome. Dive deeper into Fjord Norway by exploring the myriad and much quieter arms and branches of our better-known waterways. Just west of Haugesund, try Himakn, perched 357 meters above sparkling Lysevatnet lake with a panoramic view of Nedstrandsfjorden.

Electric power was introduced here as early as 1882. But we have a confession to make: Weve been saving some of our favorite sights and spots for ourselves until now. The area also boasts Norways oldest stave church Urnes, which is located in an enchanting setting on a promontory in the Lustrafjord. From Fosnavg south of lesund, cruise to dinner at Kami Skotholmen, serving up fare crafted from the freshest local seafood and seasonal produce in a 19th century island warehouse. The prime cut of the North Sea Cycle Route is arguably the 250 kilometre long stretch from Mandal to Hafrsfjord via Lindesnes and Lista, Hauge and Egersund, with a beautiful and varied coastallandscape. The Telemark Canal stretches from Henrik Ibsens birth town Skien to Dalen, close to one of Telemarks classic fjord lakes Bandak. Some 58 shipwrecks lie in the churning currents below.

The Krkenes lighthouse was created by the Norwegian Coastal Administration in 1906 and is a guiding and entry, At Stad on the coast of Nordfjord you will find ideal conditions for surfing. Those who are interested in cultural history can visit the old Finnish settlements, a testimonial to the immigration that was a result of the famine in Norways neighbour country 400 yearsago. One of the finest inland walks in the area goes from Dale down to raksb in Setesdal, home to the old building Huageburet that dates from 1219. Plan you trip| Things to do| Where to stay| Foodanddrink. How to Experience Kjerag, Pulpit Rock, and Trolltunga Lik Northern Lights in Norway: What To Know & Where To Go, What to Eat in Norway (And Where to Eat It), Tips for Visiting Southern Norway: The Norwegian Riviera, Norway in September: Travel Tips, Weather, and More, Cruise the Norwegian Coast: Bergen to Kirkenes - 15 Days, Five Places in Norway that Most Travelers Miss (But Shouldn't). It is actually an. In summer, numerous pleasure boats join them in the wide openspaces. That's code for the town being surrounded by dramatic cliffs and waterfalls, both pouring into the tranquil waters of the fjord below.

Now, many also harbour visitors for a day or the night. Were ready to share the top 10 best-kept secrets across Fjord Norway.

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage site Rros. This gave Norways King Haakon VII and the Government the time they needed to flee further north, from where they were evacuated to London to continue the fight against the Nazioccupation. Tovdal is one of the most varied forest and low-lying mountain biotopes in Southern Norway. It was supplied by one of the worlds two first hydroelectric power stations, built for the local nickel mines. While there, go up to the Stegastein Viewpoint, hike in the mountains of the Aurland Valley (from Geiteryggen, it's a four-hour hike to the well-known Steinbergdalen), and end it all with a stop at Aurlandskafeen for a cup of true Norwegian coffee. Travel from the deep, lush valley between. Here are five hidden gems that most tourists miss (but definitely shouldn't). {{/}} Or join our annual effort to hold onto the world record for longest raspberries-and-vanilla-sauce dessert at the Norwegian Raspberry Festival in Vik.

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