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Last edited on Jul 27 2012. changing ones name, clothing, makeup, hair, pronouns) and/or medically (e.g. Nor has there been a lack of a strange taste in partners, most notably the case of the androgynous Mrs. Simpson and Edward VIII.

Reserved; disinclined to familiar approach. Having grace, or beauty of form, composition, movement, or expression; elegant. The phrase "flat as a pancake" is also used to describe females with small breasts. Last edited on Dec 16 2011. Or a back-up plan when you couldnt think of that one word that described your situation perfectly? Submitted by RASHON T. from Brick Township, NJ, USA

Because the truth is worth it.). These individuals often (but not always) desire to change their bodies to reduce this dysphoria. A persons own understanding of themselves in gendered categories such as woman, man, boy, girl, transgender, genderqueer, etc. A person who has transitioned their identity from woman to man, and sometimes their body from female to male. 1. a fashion enthusiast; someone who sets or follows trends; 2. a younger man involved in a relationship with an older, 1. shoot with a firearm using a type of cartridge that contains gunpowder but neither bullet nor pellet. Abbreviation for female assigned at birth or assigned female at birth., Abbreviation for male assigned at birth or assigned male at birth.. What we also wanted to know whether people agree with the synonyms listed on for the word feminine such as soft, maternal, and fertile and masculine such as strong, macho, adult, and caveman. Submitted by John S. from Phoenix, AZ, USA Last edited on Jun 13 2004. An identity label sometimes claimed by people whose gender identity does not fit into the culturally accepted man/woman binary. The way an individual conveys (or is perceived as conveying) their gender, including their choices in clothing, hairstyles, mannerisms, communication patterns, social roles, etc. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA Sign up to make the most of YourDictionary. Outing someone without their consent is not only invasive, but also can put that individual in danger. Some of the synonyms listed under each of these words have negative connotations. For the androgynous woman despises every approach to coquetry, as she despises all the other insignia of feminine servitude. on Mar 14 2010. on May 23 2003. on Jan 18 2003. Submitted by Kevin H. from Cedar Rapids, IA, USA 2022 Reverso-Softissimo. Dear, its 2018! Term came into existence in the 1890s solely to be used in opposition to the term homosexual.. be infertile and unlikely to impregnate a. But but but like all your other best friends, isnt perfect. on Feb 08 1999. Submitted by mattheusjohn from Westminster, London, UK Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. on Apr 15 1999.

Often misunderstood as being a single surgery that makes all body modifications, but the reality is that there is no one surgery or procedure. To hold an adverse opinion or belief without just ground before acquiring specific knowledge; often against people or groups of people who are perceived as being different or having different values.. Usually means male-to-female, male-toward-female, female-to-male or female-toward-male. on Dec 03 2012. Submitted by Robert H. from Kingston, PA, USA Play an active role in shaping our journalism by becoming a member.

Submitted by Tintinni on Nov 11 2007. An identity label sometimes claimed by individuals that recognize their ability to be in multiple loving and honest sexual and/or romantic relationships at the same time. To be openly identified as LGBTQ to certain people and in certain spaces. When prejudiced feelings or beliefs move into the realm of behavior, and people are denied equality of treatment. The slang words in this thesaurus category appear below the table of contents. on May 28 2007. Since terminology is so fluid and identity labels mean different things to different people, this list simply aims to serve as a resource and guide. on Jun 21 1997. Submitted by Kelvin A. In organisms that reproduce sexually, being the gamete that is larger and less motile than the other corresponding gamete (the male gamete) of the same species. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA Learn a new word every day. Unfeminine. Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, Can be present in institutions such as religion, the education system and the law, and also internally in individuals that may or may not identify within the trans community. An identity label sometimes claimed by man-identified people who form their primary romantic and sexual relationships with other man-identified people. I want to receive exclusive email updates from YourDictionary. This page was last edited on 15 June 2022, at 01:13.

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A trans person whose gender expression is primarily masculine. Often includes trans, transgender and/or transexual men. on Sep 21 2009. Sensitive is defined as someone or something that is easily hurt, disturbed or offended. on May 26 2002. Term to describe an assumed duality. Originally a medical term to describe a person who experiences sexual attraction to people on the opposite side of the sex and/or gender binaries. The outright or underlying assumption that all people are heterosexual. Having or showing qualities or characteristics more often associated with females than males; unmanly: Characterized by great subtlety, precision, etc. Even has got its synonyms wrong!

The process of changing ones sex or gender, socially (e.g. Look Whos Wearing The Pants: Haute Butchs Gender-Blending Style, This Author Kills More Darlings Than George R.R. on Apr 26 1999. Delivered to your inbox! Coined by contemporary LGBT Native Americans to describe themselves and the traditional roles they are reclaiming. having male and female flowers in the same inflorescence, as cuckoo pint, having male and female characteristics; hermaphrodite.

having staminate and pistillate flowers in the same inflorescence. on Oct 25 2011. on Aug 11 2009. Last edited on Jul 17 2016. Origin: this term is a play on words.

acronym for "back", usually used in video games online chat. Having qualities stereotypically associated with women, (Grammar) Having a form belonging more especially to words which are not appellations of males or females; expressing or designating that which is of, Like, characteristic of, or suitable for a lady; refined; well-bred. Because of its pathological connotation, many LGBQ people today do not identify with it.

All rights reserved. We, however, were curious to find out what people think about the meaning of feminine and masculine? affectionate term for one's significant other. When I Say Whore, Whats The First Thing You Think Of. ; fragile, succulent, etc. (At The Quint, we are answerable only to our audience. An identity label sometimes claimed by people who experience sexual attraction across the spectrums of gender identity, biological sex and sexual orientation. The outright or underlying assumption that all people are cisgender. Submitted by Anonymous Did you turn to this trusted companion everytime you had to write an essay? Submitted by James from Kansas City, MO, USA Marriage between a man of royal or noble birth and a, [Hist.] Then prove your excellent skills on using "is" vs. Last edited on Aug 15 2018. The "one's thing" meaning was re-popularized by the. An umbrella identity term used by people who do not conform to norms of heterosexuality and/or the gender binary. The systematic subjugation of a group of people by another group with access to social power, the result of which benefits one group over the other and is maintained by social beliefs and practices. The definition of dainty is delicate or small and often pretty. An identity label sometimes claimed by people who are sexually attracted to two (or more) sexes or genders, not necessarily equally or simultaneously. on Apr 05 1999. Terms used to indicate the direction of a trans persons transition and/or identification change. Was your best buddy growing up? May be characterized by the desire to challenge norms of gender roles and expression, to play with gender and/or to express a fluid gender identity. on Aug 27 2004. 2022. Also Watch: When I Say Whore, Whats The First Thing You Think Of? The definitions of these slang words appear below the list. The marauding, man-eating Titans are mutated, androgynous beasts that have no need to feed but love to kill. Soft or delicate and easily chewed, broken, cut, etc. Is Magic: The Gathering Immune to GamerGate Misogyny? Also synonymous with Oreo, Race Traitor, Mammy. Last edited on Nov 28 2011. Having the qualities stereotypically associated with. Negative attitudes and feelings, ranging from aversion to hatred, toward people who identify as or are perceived to be trans. Can be used as an umbrella term of sorts to include identities such as butch, stud, aggressive (ag), dom, mach@, boi, tomboi, transmasculine, etc. The American Heritage Science Dictionary Submitted by Cosmo Kramer from Manhattan, NY, USA on Nov 29 2001. Surgeries to change the sex characteristics of ones body, including genitals and/or secondary sex characteristics. Often implies unattractive.

Last edited on Oct 01 2019. Submitted by gregg j. from Tujunga, CA, USA

Last edited on Apr 10 2014. A trans person whose gender expression is primarily feminine. Often includes trans, transgender and/or transexual women. The cultural, institutional and individual beliefs and practices that assume being cisgender is the only natural, normal and acceptable gender identity. affectionate form of address for a loved one. Used to address a friend or associate. A diagnostic label included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to describe when a person identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned based on their birth sex. a good looking older woman who by appearance and style suggests she leads a pampered lifestyle. on Sep 19 2017. Negative attitudes and feelings, ranging from aversion to hatred, toward people who identify as or are perceived to be LGBQ. Submitted by fowler j. from Kansas City, MO, USA To acquire. Also, being masculine doesnt simply mean being strong, macho, or powerful. on Jul 29 1998. Hence, an ", likely short for "brother" or possibly "boy." Last edited on Jan 18 2003. In the United States, people often eat pancakes with Maple syrup on top. Short for ". Being perceived by others as the gender you are aiming to present as. Submitted by Gillian C. androgynous androgyny turn cate blanchett tilda swinton gender man dorothy creatures

Usually implies tall. Gender-neutral pronouns. Last edited on Jul 22 2014. (Grammar) Pertaining to a grammatical gender used in, Having qualities more appropriate to women than to men. one's taste.

brownstein carrie kinney sleater guitarist famous bikini sign guitars string second guitar rebel gossip kill fire 1974 rachel born september Haute Butch is one of a number of new design houses targeting the trans, butch, and androgynous dressers. So-called, because at the nuptial ceremony the husband gives his left hand to the bride, rather than his right, when saying, I take thee for my wedded wife., You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries), English Portuguese translation in context, Free: Learn English, French and other languages, Reverso Documents: translate your documents online, Learn English watching your favourite videos. Last edited on Apr 30 2014. It escaped him as it has escaped later biologists that Man, the highest of the vertebrates, is still androgynous. Yes! Considered to be opposite of transgender. Example: A person whose sex assigned at birth is female and identifies their gender as girl or woman. Speaking truth to power requires allies like you. Last edited on Apr 17 2013. Term coined by B. Cole of the Brown Boi Project to describe a queer or lesbian female assigned at birth person with a more masculine gender expression. Bikini, bourbon, and badminton were places first. An identity label sometimes claimed by woman-identified people who form their primary romantic and sexual relationships with other woman-identified people. The definition of delicate is someone or something that is subtle, fragile, frail or a skilled example of something. All rights reserved. This differs from celibacy or abstinence, which are behaviors. Like, characteristic of, or suitable to a woman; feminine or effeminate, Of, relating to, or characteristic of women, Female; specif., designating the maternal side of a family. Often used as an umbrella term to encompass identities such as aromantic, demisexual, grey-A, heteroromantic, homoromantic, etc. This diagnosis is usually required so a trans person can receive hormone replacement therapy, sex affirmation surgery and/or revised gender and sex markers on their identification. term largely used in the 20's to describe women who acted contrary to what was commonly expected by going out, drinking, smoking, dancing, wearing make-up etc. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. Gracefully and respectfully, with statesmanlike yet feminine dexterity, the demands of Darnley's father for justice on the murderers of his son were accepted and eluded by his daughter-in-law. Martin, Imagining Prince Charles as King Makes All of Britain Wish They Could Leave Like Scotland, Valentino, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week, The Girl of the Period and Other Social Essays, Vol. on Jun 10 2002. A person who usually experiences a strong and persistent feeling that their body and assigned sex are at odds with their gender identity. male, manful, manlike, manly, mannish, virile, gallant, hardy, macho, muscular, powerful, red-blooded, resolute, robust, stout-hearted, strapping, strong, vigorous, well-built, English Collins Dictionary - English synonyms & Thesaurus, Collaborative Dictionary English Thesaurus, widely used in the 20's for women who looked and acted unconventionally (wore short skirts, "bob" haircut, were jazz fans, smoked and drank), Slang; refers to a person's "bottom," in American English. "are. Submitted by Kevin H. from Cedar Rapids, IA, USA The egg cells of higher animals and plants are female gametes. on Jun 14 2003. You can complete the list of synonyms of a masculine woman given by the English Thesaurus dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster English-Synonyms dictionary : translate English words into Synonyms with online dictionaries. See also, an offensive way to refer to someone of either gender. on Nov 15 2010. having qualities or traits that are traditionally considered inappropriate for a girl or woman, Post more words for unfeminine to Facebook, Share more words for unfeminine on Twitter, 'Dunderhead' and Other Nicer Ways to Say Stupid, 'Pride': The Word That Went From Vice to Strength. It's feminine enough, but it looks like something grandma would wear. The older term transvestite is considered derogatory by many in the United States. What comes to your mind when you hear the words feminine and masculine? Last edited on Dec 16 2011. Of, like, or suitable to a girl or girlhood. Aspect of an individuals identity that determines who they focus their sexual/erotic drives, desires and fantasies toward. cocaine,) which is often stored in a small bag. Submitted by Anonymous from Pittsburgh, PA, USA Does not indicate performers sexual orientation or gender identity. conceded to the criticism and said that it will review its entries for the word. Submitted by Wolf J. Can be used similarly to she/her, he/him or they/them. Often used as an umbrella term to include people who transgress gender norms, including cross dressers, genderqueer people, trans women, trans men, bigender or polygender people, etc. Emerged in the 1990s to provide people in the African-American and Black communities an alternative way to discuss their identity, outside of white-centric terminology. a member of the Bloods gang.

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Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Privacy Policy. intersex). The notion of man being at first androgynous, or man-woman, was prevalent in most of the countries of antiquity. Airplanes have flight data recorders, commonly referred to as "black boxes." on Apr 10 2014. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. on Nov 29 2001. To expand these results, click one of the above categories. to be caught doing something wrong, or arrested. The cultural, institutional and individual beliefs and practices that assume heterosexuality is the only natural, normal and acceptable sexual orientation. [slang][fig.] II (of 2), Flowers from a Persian Garden and Other Papers. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA The female equivalent of an Uncle Tom. Last edited on Jul 27 2012. Submitted by MJ from CT, USA on Feb 05 2000. person, dude, man, men, male, woman, women, female, uncool person, jerk, asshole (general insults - list of), Internet, texting, SMS, email, chat acronyms (list of). Submitted by Anonymous Belief that transgender identities are inferior to, or less authentic than, cisgender identities. Her voice was soft and as feminine as her shape. Last edited on Mar 07 2018. A daily challenge for crossword fanatics. Out of touch with reality, yet strangely attractive. An identity label claimed by some African-American and Latin@ masculine of center lesbians. Submitted by Anonymous Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. 2022, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition "Are" you ready? Abbreviation for queer people of color or queer and trans people of color.. Some of these definitions draw upon those created by other LGBT Centers (Syracuse University, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Ohio University), The Brown Boi Project and a girl who has dyed her hair blonde. Last edited on Jun 10 2002. Sometimes implies ill-tempered. a Blood, i.e. Having both female and male characteristics. Last edited on Feb 18 2013. 1.The squaddies were training, shooting blanks Usually in reference to the socially constructed gender binary of man/woman and sex binary of male/female.

A person that actively combats homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, heterosexism and cissexism in their day-to-day life. A term originating from the African-American community to describe a man who usually identifies as heterosexual but also has sex with men, often secretly. Last edited on Nov 02 2011. Last edited on Nov 29 2001. BBC recently published a report saying that a woman was so disappointed with Thesaurus.coms comical synonyms for the word feminine that she has lodged a written complaint.

A bit more polite than "ass," less clinical than "buttocks.". A person, oftenbut not alwaysa lesbian or queer-identified woman, that identifies strongly with masculinity. Has been used historically in a derogatory manner. on Aug 15 2018. Wasnt it your wingman when you had to impress someone with your impeccable vocabulary? Test your vocabulary with our 10-question quiz! Considered to be opposite of transgender., Gender dysphoria (formerly referred to as gender identity disorder), Sex affirmation surgery (commonly referred to as sex reassignment surgery or gender confirmation surgery), Surgeries to change the sex characteristics of ones body, including genitals and/or secondary sex characteristics.

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