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It made you shutter. Druig watches you hold Thenas hand as you wait for her to wake. But you're so beautiful, you deserve to have your picture taken, He tells you, taking the camera away from his face, Act like you like me, He taunts you with the same line, you roll your eyes and he smiles satisfied. Then he would walk you to your bedchamber, leaving you with the feeling of his lips on your own. Druig almost passed out again from what was happening. asks are open for druig!! He hates to be the bearer of bad news. He shakily lifted his hand and cradled the back of your head, letting himself close his eyes in relief. Kingo, the movie star. But it was to late, I felt something pierce through my arm and then my ribs before I was yanked to the side.

I cant go on without him I just cant!. Can you please do "Can I hold your hand?" I care about you more than life itself I need you.. And so were you. What happened? she asked. Oh, leave it up to him to stir up family drama. He vowed to never leave you. You depart from South America and just go. He raises his hand to your face kissing you deeper before he pulls away, Stay with me tonight? He asks you and you nod your head eagerly before kissing him once again. Really, going into this you tried to keep your expectations low just in case anyone forgot or just didnt feel like coming. someone please draw this, a lot of people are crying and begging ( me.

You frown, nodding. ". Dont leave me like that again. You close your eyes and the tears began to fall from your lashes. What are you doing? You hear Druigs voice call out.

Would you like to trade? You helped Sersi up and helped her over to him, then kneeled next to Sprite and lifted her head into your lap. Well drive you guys home, Dane offered.

Y/N, you heard his voice say. Sersi knew that if he could die from this, Ajak wouldnt arrive in time.

you jump at the sudden voice popping up and you see druig smirking at your side, his shoulder touching yours. That Ikaris wasnt human? We protected each other and stayed together for all these years, only to land in a small jungle, living in a village, whose Residents were all controlled by Druig. Now that Ik is fully awake and better, we can really have a party.. Ikaris voice was straining, and you could tell there was pain in every breath. Druig, you mutter, stunned to silence as he gently took the picture back. Its two tails still remained twitching, not because it was alive, but because of the knife piercing through the top of its head. Ive got you on speed dial for when I need it. Makkari quietly snored in the bed adjacent to yours. Yet, she never imagined her life being so entwined with the two. And you could make a huge feast for the birthday party, obviously.He says. "All I need is you", He whispered and kissed the back of my hand, "I enjoyed these last years with you and I don't want to lose this memories. The bed was still warm and comfortable. It was love.

I dont want my picture taken! You yell at him covering your face with your hands. I felt blood drip from my side and groaned in agony. Druig already had it bad for her. You couldve sworn he was human! You were unsure of what to say. Ajak was going to fix everything and his body was too strong to have actually broken his neck. Theres my baby blues, you whispered. He was fire, and you were ice. This is going to be a long night.. You pull the camera away from your face and watch the picture print out from the bottom, Where is your face at? You ask him not noticing anything on photo.

Of course she is. It has been thousands of years in the making with him, you had always felt a connection with Druig and he agreed he felt the same thing with you but it seemed like both of you were to cowardice enough to make things official. Sersi was able to trap the Deviant with a tree and we tried to escape but it seemed useless until Ikaris came back. He blended so well with the culture you didnt blink an eye. He loved you.

Y/N, louder and way too happy: I am someone who owns FOUR OVENS Y/N: I didn't know I was so rich with ovens Sersi, pointing to another appliance: Also the toaster oven! you can go ahead and go on that date by yourself because i wont be going. you pout, walking past him with your arms crossed.

i wished for you. he shrugs, and you stop immediately. You werent ready yet, according to Ajak. Dont touch him! You cry out, regaining your balance. His eyes are soft, as always when looking at you, and he gives you a small smile. I dont She was cut off by the power drawn from her and yourself as the Celestial, Tiamut, began to emerge, but just when all hope was lost, Sersi had used her power to save your home. You both fish, you both find shells, you use your powers to move the water to collect them. i know what it is, but care to tell me why youre looking at it like its a dying animal, my dear?. You always have. You hit her hard without raising a fist and she lowered her guard, obviously upset with what youd spoken.

Phastos was going to kill you when he found out you went through all of them in less than about 3 hours. But tonight feels like a century. But, Thank you, Sersi. Sprite took her hand and closed it. Surprisingly she stayed calm and came over to me:"We need him". you pause, looking into his eyes as your heart pounds against your chest, you can practically hear the blood rushing through your veins. "My lovely lovely Ira, you An MCU Eternals and Druig x fem!oc book, meaning I make a character, you play them, your love interest is Druig and this story takes place in the movie Eternals. You the same to him.

Ajak grabbed it quickly, yet carefully, before gently placing it in Druigs hands as he quietly thanked her. Or we could watch his movie where he plays Ikaris! Sersi shouted. The deepest sigh of relief that escaped through your worried expression caused Druig to laugh, but it was silenced by the immediate presence of your lips on his and your arms wrapping around the back of his neck. You had also taken pictures of your green room and all the flowers in there that you had been growing, you probably had taken about fifty pictures today and you only had one more pack left. Phastos comes over taking the photo out of your hand, This strip right here has chemicals in it, when the photo rolls out of the camera it squeezes those chemicals across the area where the photo is going to show up and once then the chemicals set in and your photo appears. He tells you referring to the large white strip toward the bottom of the camera. Never, you hold the back of his neck, nails slightly scratching him, and he pulls back so his eyes could meet your own. We cant interfere. You hold the camera in one hand and Druig quickly but swiftly grabs the camera holding it out of your reach, you leap over him trying to grab it but he just holds it higher and further out of reach.

Yet, humanity seems incapable of writing it correctly. Druig, youre all right. You embrace him, your face in his chest, surrounded by his warmth. "You mean, you can handle it", he said and turned around, taking my hands in his. Ikaris please, you sobbed. Well i just gave myself a birthday.Phastos says. Gorgeous, you said, taking in the pieces.

You were Persephone and he was Hades. That we had lost Gilgamesh didn't make our situation any better.

You jumped at the sound turning around seeing him standing in the doorway of your room, Where have you been all day? You ask him, smiling, finally happy to see him. He definitely was more weary at first. But I have all the family I need right here. She walked towards you and brought you in for a tight hug, finally realizing and being grateful for what shed already had. Over the centuries you two traveled all over the world. Beautiful. It would be a while before it would come out. Move in with him! You slipped out of bed once again and put on your shoes.

All eyes travelled to Druig, who gently pushed past Karun and moved toward you carefully. what was that? sersi asks, her eyebrows scrunching in confusion. Summary: You and Druig had parted ways from the other Eternals centuries ago, but an unexpected incident forces you to join them again Eternals. I looked at Sprite. Life is not as simple as it A story in which Ikaris, the Eternal who flew too close to the sun, had a child.

Its time for you to give y/n, her gift.. I couldn't believe my ears.

It was your official, non-official, birthday, AKA the date Sprite had allocated you, and you were drowning in love and gifts from your family. It was similar to a breath of fresh air after swimming in the river. His beautiful eyes that watch you all the time, unable to look at anything else. Ikaris x Immortal!Reader, requests: prompt #4 with Richard Madden please?(i care about you more than life itself Hi! Youre still the same people..

Messy Christmas Party (Eternals X Reader). It was a quiet night. He turned and gestured to the small covered item on the table in the corner, something that you had never even paid any attention to. will away, but And a wagon of treats and potatoes behind them as promised. Makkari and most of the other eternals could see it, but it had totally flown over Y/Ns head. He stared down at it with a smile before looking back up at you. Every time he looks anywhere you immediately feel yourself getting nervous, getting his attention elsewhere, Its 11:30 when you hear a loud thump from outside and a Scottish voice shout to open the door, A tree comes through before he does, Ikaris standing with a blank expression and a Santa hat on, We arent dressing up, are we?He asks as everyone laughs. Where they kill. He hugged you quick, not being a huge hugger but knowing you needed it. I know youre struggling, but Sersi has been there for you. You cradled her and your adoptive sister raised more illusions to throw you off from your mission. You only ever watched her, but you learned a lot. I , D, A xs , G, s Sealia: an immortal, a powerful being, and an Eternal. Just making sure, he said, closing the door quietly behind him. Youd come as quick as you could after being alerted of another attack. Act like you like me please, You tell him, teasing him. When Ajak arrived, the six of you barely noticed the sun outside. You are such a good friend, you smiled, slipping them on one at a time. you dont mean that now do you, my angel?, angels dont even exist, sprite made that up.. Her pretty face will heal in no time. Ajak smiled, brushing a piece of hair out of your face. matter } As Sp Lena has always been smart, being a child genius helped.

She smiled and gave you a re assuring hug. Y/N! Sprite exclaimed once the danger has disappeared for the time being. Didnt say anything else.. The bath after this incident didnt feel real. The water turned a light brown. with the powe "My love, all we have is time." Your hand touched your face, shocked by the blood. druig walked circles around her, makkari smiling brightly as he signed to her, my beautiful beautiful makkari. Mysterious things happen around her. The next morning the village was alive. and the children would come to you, dandelions clutched in their hands and a long wishlist in their minds.

Dane was a little too nice, complimenting everything about the house. Im glad youre okay, Druig. You told him and nodded in respect. One from Kingo, stamped with a K and full of glitter so that when you opened it a trail of shimmer covered your pants. He groaned, stretching his arms up in bed. (not edited). Again, you signed. Oh. What is it?, Gaia joining in laughing at Druig even though she has no clue whats happening, He always feels more comfortable when Gaias cradle is in your bedroom for the night, Druig falling asleep with Gaia on his chest, Shes gonna say dad first. And then it took about 200 years for him to realize you were more than just a friend. But I havent been able to live. And, well, I wasnt sure about my feelings back then, but seeing this- He gestured about to the gathering of pink trees that guarded your backyard, - seeing you I love you, y/n.. Sersi took one step toward you before she was stopped by Thena grabbing her wrist. A smile crept onto my face:"Fine, I can handle it.". There were pictures of Thena, Kingo, Makkari, Ikaris, Sersi, Sprite, and even Gilgamesh laid out in front of you.

You paced the kitchen in the hut once Makkari had gone to bed.

Years and years without this kind of danger, it was invigorating being back out on the field since there were no more battles you were allowed to fight here. "You have to distract him", he shouted and turned around to prepare his attack. The picture prints out and he comes over wanting to look at it as well, Well thats a waste, He says, noticing the same blank photo you had moments ago. Which for them meant watching Christmas Chronicles. He was tense and scared, and the sight of you crying made him want to hold you. He raises his hand without thinking, and the commotion below everyone falters as humans drop their weapons and stand still, their eyes white and cloudy. You froze, hearing the growel again. You met him in Babylon, and wanted so badly to fall for him. He hugs you back, his hand behind your head. you clear your throat and turn back around, continuing to walk. You shuffled in bed, trying to fall back asleep. Ajak and Druig are coming. You held Ikaris hand the whole way there, he was getting hooked up to various machines and was drifting in and out of consciousness from the IV medicines. The centuries with each other have moved too fast to catch and to remember clearly. You are a dreamyouve stolen my whole heart.. Obviously.You repeat. Lingering touches. Sersi had ripped a bit of her nightgown and placed it on your face, trying to scoop off as much blood as she could. It was short and blunt, saying that he might just drop in. I had the ability to control the elements. Now this, this is just divine.Thena says, taking in every detail of the gown. One of the deviants now noticed my presence and went to attack me.
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