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10 Review: Her first year (brother's 3rd at FV) - she loved it. He knew one other friend and was able to meet many more. 8 and 10 years old Review: Wonderful experience for first time campers! And she went to camp and that Saturday she tested positive for COVID, Carmenate said. Kids ages 5-11 were also required to be vaccinated and boosted if eligible. Lots of Brooklyn kids go to this camp and many seem to have been attending for several years. We are sorry for the disappointment this has caused for our session 1 campers and their parents.. My 10 year old son was in Adventure Village where he went on a canoe, lots of hiking trips, spent nights under the stars, basketball and lots of other fun activities. Their teenager was put into quarantine, 'like a bunch of people in one small cabin.'. We managed to steer clear. Ive only done an overnight for a class trip, but the facilities were good and space was really beautiful! and he was proud of his accomplishments in this area also. Charities - Donations - Food Banks - Volunteer, We have attended two summers. In order to perform this action you have to login, Choose your cause and enter an email address and a message. Campers are broken up into villages by age and live together in cabin groups. Frost Valleys summer camp program is a unique mix of cabin based programs and individual choice programs. I think it is good value because of how much it costs and the relatively high ratio of counselors to campers. Over a century later, we remain true to the Y mission and our non-profit commitment to bring children of all backgrounds and abilities together in our enriching, life-changing community of summer camp. James R. Tisch, 64, who worked as the camps chief financial officer, was charged earlier this week with second-degree grand larceny, according to State Police., The Healing Power of the Arts in Alzheimers and Dementia Care, Experience Bostons Newly Redesigned Hotel The Langham, Boston, Its the New Way to Buy a Car at Pepe Auto Group. On the other trip, The Maine Appalachian Trail Adventure, campers will trek the northernmost portion of the Appalachian Trail through the beautiful state of Maine, culminating with a summit of Mt. Happy to answer any specific questions. The Adventure Trip program has been in existence since 1968 when Henry "Bud" Cox took a group of teens on a 2-week backpacking trip throughout the Catskills. The Adirondack High Peaks trip will take campers hiking along 23 of the 46 peaks exceeding 4,000 feet in elevation across the Adirondacks. Today, Adventure Trips travel around the country and are expanding to international destinations as well. She was in Mustang Village, the younger horse camp. The program is based in a full-service, on-site dialysis unit, equipped for hemodialysis, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), as well as care of the post-transplant and pre-dialysis camper. Last year, he was reasigned, but this year he stayed put, and it turned out to be a mistake. All in all, our son is going back next year for two sessions instead of one and he is delighted to be doing so, and is planning on eventually being a counselor in training. So many activities, including favorites of swimming in the lake and of course ga-ga and crafts. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? Highly recommend, My daughter had a fantastic experience at East Valley Ranch in Claryville Ny. They learn new skills and improve techniques for their own medical management. She made friends, loved her counselors, had tons of fun, and wanted to sign up for next year immediately. Each session starts on a Sunday and ends on a Friday, and nearly 500campers attend each session. The children are part of the mainstream camp environment, and participate as fully as possible in all camping activities, meeting other campers from all walks of life, and from around the world. My son is ten and he went for one session (two weeks) at Frost Valley Camp Wawayanda. He has some attention and organizational and other issues, though mild, and the camp was sensitive to it and handled it well. Female Leadership-Long Trail Intermediate skill level girls in the 8th and 9th grades will hike the beginning portion of the Vermont Long Trail, a 272-mile footpath that moves over rugged mountains, through hardwood forests, and past pristine ponds and streams from the Massachusetts-Vermont border to the Canadian border. Our 6,000-acre camp offers one of the most breathtaking natural settings in the country, surrounded by 250,000 acres of forever wild Forest Preserve. Copyright 2004 - 2022 Park Slope Parents. Nope. There are also several mixed-gender villages with special focuses: Adventure Village (previously known as Woodwise), and MAC (Mainstreaming at Camp, YAI National Institute for People with Disabilities, for children and young adults with developmental disabilities, and the Tokyo-Frost Valley Partnership which focuses on addressing the needs of Japanese and Japanese-American youth in the tri-state area.[1]. Frost Valley offers a complete overnight winter camp with activities including snow tubing, snow shoe hikes, cross-country skiing, and its own Winter Olympics program. Additionally, administration was inflexible when it came to communication around other minor issues, which was a bit of a 'turn off' this year. well and no cases. Frost Valley YMCA is a camping, environmental education, and conferencing center located in Claryville, New York, part of the Catskill Mountains. Camp is separated into two halves, Camp Wawayanda (ages 712) and Camp Henry Hird (ages 1315). Also blog wasnt updated at all for their 2 camps. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? Unfortunately my daughters session was cut short a week because a girl in her bunk tested positive for COVID. I wish that the camp was more sensitive to the needs of first time campers and socially awkward campers. Frost Valley YMCA is also introducing two new trips designed to build community service skills for students in the 9th-through 12th grades. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? [2],, Buildings and structures in Sullivan County, New York, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Rusk Mountain Village Girls Grade 6 7, Rocky Mountain Village Girls and Boys Grade 2-4, Peekamoose Mountain Village Boys Grade 9, Wittenberg Mountain Village Boys Grade 8, Tokyo Village - Girls and Boys Grade 1-11, This page was last edited on 12 November 2021, at 18:45. A camp in southern Ohio closed for a week after nine cases were detected among staffers, and a YMCA camp in Canada also closed early after a third of its staffers tested positive for COVID-19. Finally, this summer Frost Valley is introducing three new trips designed especially for young women in various age groups. My daughter loved the eggs, waffles, pancakes. There was a good balance between programmed activities and time to just hang out with friends -- time enough to become expert at a Rubik's Cube, for example. My son and daughter spent 2 weeks at Frost Valley in the Catskills and loved it. Villages are groupings of cabins or lodges, and most villages accommodate 3040campers each. The activities were great: wacky field games, hiking, archery, overnight camping, canoeing, swimming, etc. I spent 11 summers at Frost Valley as a camper and counselor, met my husband there and remain in close contact with the camp and the large and devoted community of alumni including people who have become lifelong friends! 13 Review: Great experience, went with 2 other friends, out in the wilderness all but 2 nights of the 2 week camp. The program consists of three weeks at camp, training, working, and having an in-cabin experience, and one week hiking. Call 845.985.2291 for more details. Mixture of back country camping (hiking 5-7 miles/ day, backpacks, cooking, tents, etc.) And they probably all picked it up and brought it up there, the parent said. Yes Do you recommend? Handled well - pre-testing, kids on this trip were a pod (that came down with/ passed around a cold while hiking, of course), so they all got tested while on the trip and were negative. The final week of summer is devoted to a Family Camp where family members from all generations come together for a week. No one told me what they told the kids. The kids loved their counselors and I got a good community feel at drop off and pick up. NY has paid them $637M. A Florida man was arrested Tuesday by State Police and charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing from a non-profit sleep-away camp. Yes Do you recommend? The investigation was handled by the State Police investigators and the agency's financial crime unit. (November 2014). Through existing programs like farm camps, equestrian camps, Bear Grylls Survival Academy and other specialty experiences (including day camps), the camp serves over 4,000 children each summer and tens of thousands of others throughout the year. Frost Valley YMCA offers several different options for our Summer Camp programs. Each village has a corresponding brother or sister village for the opposite gender of the same age. One Brooklyn parent, who didnt want to be named because their teenager is a junior counselor at the Frost Valley camp, said the YMCAs communication about the outbreak was limited. Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? The Adirondack Trail Builders experience gives campers the opportunity to help clean and maintain the trails that Frost Valley campers use regularly throughout the Adirondack Mountains. It's a straightforward sleepaway camp and an advantage for many families is that it is structured so that there are several two-week long sessions and one try-it-out one week session for first timers, so that you can go for as long or as short as you need. In addition to our very popular Sleepaway Camp program we also offer specialty camps such as Horse Camp, Farm Camp, Adventure Village and Adventure Trips! Age of child: 11 years old Based on a Summer 2017 experience, Age of child: 11 Review: Great experience and they want to go back What would you change about the program, if anything? The Counselor-in-Training (CIT) or Adventure- in- Training (AIT) program is a month-long program for 16-year-olds who have an interest in becoming camp counselors. It was the first time away from home for so long. He loved the activities (horseback riding, sports, camp-wide Olympics. The summer camp program at Frost Valley runs for eight weeks (four sessions, 12days each). Summer 2018 Review: She had a fabulous experience--loved her counselors and made great friends who she's missing with genuine grief. I'm sure even if they require negative tests, it probably still could have happened.. is a wonderful place. 10 Review: Absolutely loved it. It'll be a little easier to keep a bad NJ cop from getting another job, Humpback whales, mostly teenagers, flock to New York-New Jersey Harbor, NYS environmental commish on what Supreme Court ruling means for reducing local carbon emissions. These trips are designed for boys and girls ages 1117 who are looking for a different experience than the traditional resident camp. see above - handled very well. The counselors he had were so sweet and kind; our son wrote one a letter and the counselor wrote a lovely one back. The camp also stresses core values (responsibility, respect, caring, diversity, etc.) It was disappointing and a reminder that things arent normal yet. The unit is staffed by pediatric nephrologists and nephrology nurses, under the supervision of the Children's Hospital at Montefiore. Special attention is given to the individual medical and developmental needs of each child, and treatment schedules are arranged to allow for maximum participation in camp activities. Two Hudson Valley county executives face off in special Congressional candidate Jamie Cheney discusses her abortion, LEGO is releasing a massive 2,800-piece Bowser set, Costco announces price hikes on 2 items at its beloved food court, Amazon Prime now includes free Grubhub delivery. This was his second sleepaway camp, and he enjoyed this one much much more than the first. Only your first name and response will appear on the site. Frost Valley YMCA is the premier year-round camping and retreat center in the heart of New Yorks Catskill Mountains and a favorite choice for parents seeking an engaging, affordable summer camp experience for their children. Diverse friend group, handled COVID precautions (testing, podding, masking, etc.) and then rock-climbing from a base camp. Probably depends on the counselor, but at the end of the day time should be focused on the kids and not updates for the parents. He had two counselors who were not suited to the job and they also allowed some bad behavior among campers to go unchecked. He went for one session and wants two seasons next summer.

We rely on your support to make local news available to all. I don't know how. Campers will now be required to be tested before their session and to bring their negative test results, as well as undergo a round of testing at Frost Valley in their first week. Older campers are given wider choices, including extended overnights for backpacking, service projects, big brother/sister events and the excitement of adventure elements like high ropes and the zip line. Female campers will have the opportunity on the following trips to learn leadership principles while gaining hands-on experience and wilderness skills that will help them navigate both the trail and life in general. He says hed do it again though! Definitely a wonderful get away for the kids. We didn't mind so much that that was the case as that no one explained that that's what it was and why. He didn't like the food. Other offerings are beginning to appear as well including a Spring Break trip to New Orleans to assist Habitat for Humanity. Campers participating in the Catskill Farm Tour will get hands-on farming experience while visiting farming operations throughout the Catskills. 10 Review: Our daughter went to the general sleep-away camp for one two week session and loved it. Lots of gardening and interacting with animals, if your kid likes that kind of thing. During the summer, Frost Valley runs a camp for 615 year-olds, most of whom are from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Occurring twice during the summer, this excursion will teach young people to take care of their own horses on the trail while practicing important wilderness skills such as the Leave No Trace seven principles. There was tons of camp enthusiasm through learning cheers for each bunk, special traditions, etc. A thoughtful response shows your commitment to service. This trip will involve several different projects, such as clearing brush, building bridges, and digging water dams.

What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? I don't want to bad-mouth [Frost Valley] they're a lovely place and it's just that people just get overwhelmed with this because it's all new, the parent said. Bottom line is that my first time campers have said they want to go back. She made more friends and was sad to leave. We knew he wouldn't like that so we had him stay where he was, but I do think someone could have spoken to us. Katahdin. Campers' bunks do not seem to be thoughtfully assigned and the directors were not receptive to feedback. On both trips, campers will spend 25 days building camaraderie and developing confidence and leadership skills with fellow adventurers while also learning practical skills, such as how to use a map and compass, the Leave No Trace seven principles, backcountry cooking, and other backpacking skills. We felt comfortable signing our kids up for this camp because we felt the kids would be safe with all the safety guidelines in place. Name of camp: Frost Valley YMCA Location: Catskills How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? Name of camp: Frost Valley YMCA Location: Claryville, NY How old was your child when they attended camp this summer? It is affordable and lovely! Summer camps are still not immune from COVID-19 outbreaks, including one popular upstate camp in the Catskills that was forced to close its first session early after more than 50 staffers and four young campers tested positive. Not sure we'll return for subsequent summer. They have a great orientation for anyone who wants to explore the program. Founded in 1901 as Camp Wawayanda, the camp moved to its present location in 1958. She went off to camp right when the Delta variant was picking up, and they had no issues, at least as far as I heard about. We were very anxious that they wouldnt like it. The camp provides a great assortment of activities, and seems well run, but we were not very happy with the administration this year. During the in-camp portion, CITs work together to plan and run programs for campers. Thank you for responding to this review. Since its early days as Camp Wawayanda, Frost Valley YMCA has been viewed as an innovator in creating transformational outdoor experiences for young people. They have loads of activities (my son discovered photography, for example), have "activities counselors" as well as the regular ones, and do a lot of things that build teamwork among the kids, such as building a structure in the woods, rock climbing, etc. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison. DENNING A Florida man once employed as the top financial officer for a YMCA camp in the Catskills faces a felony charge for allegedly stealing more than $130,000 from the nonprofit. My older son also attended the same camp in the past and had two good summers there but one bad summer. The camp is well organized and very responsive. Frost Valley is a great place. Lake George beachgoer in critical condition, State workers get nice surprise: Vesting after 5 years is back. avoiding large gatherings and indoor dining) if they do leave the property, Huncosky said in the memo. An omicron subvariant known as BA.5 has been growing in New York and nationwide in recent weeks, just as teens were freed from the clutches of school. Because the required counselor-to-camper ratios could not be maintained going forward if the numbers continued to go up, the decision was made to close Camp Wawayanda and Camp Henry Hird halfway through the first session, Huncosky said in the memo. Camp seemed to handle COVID well--kids tested before and during camp, there was a real push to get everyone vaccinated who was old enough, and they wore masks and were podded in ways that seemed very clear and aligned with health and safety guidelines. Various other villages have also existed in the history of the camp, including Sequoia, an adventure village, and Phoenix, the precursor to Sycamore. When:Check dateshere. That leaves people susceptible to catching the virus even while still being protected from severe disease in most cases, thanks to other portions of the immune system. My daughter did the farm camp, which is a smaller setting than the general camp, and really enjoyed it. Trees, creeks and a nice lake. Children receiving hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, in chronic renal failure, or post-transplant, are able to participate in a traditional residential camp experience, while gaining confidence and independence, in what may be their first time away from home. The out-trip has varied in length from 6 to 10days and includes backpacking through the Catskill Mountains or Adirondack Mountains . Would you like to add anything related to COVID and how the camp handled it? The camp provided testing in advance and midway through program, which we felt was a great way to handle. Each of these experiences are led by well-trained staff, many of whom return year after year and were previously campers themselves. It wasn't until we got home that we realized that the cabin he ended up in was made up of boys going into a lower grade. The camp had already required all staff and campers over the age of 12 to be vaccinated and boosted. What would you change? What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? She got to do many of her favorite traditional camp things--Gaga ball, ropes course, archery, group cheers as well as lots of goofy activities which are a big part of the culture of the camp (like her specialty activities: Frisbee Ninja and Taylor Swift Murder Mystery). Wouldn't change, but noting that it was very physically demanding. Protocols were tighter at main camp with many campers and more indoor settings. What would you change about the program, if anything, and why? Yes Do you recommend?

Frost Valley has a family camp. She was absolutely thrilled and wants to go back for four weeks!! Tongue Ties and Breastfeeding Difficulties, Inside the Park Slope Parents Travel Section, Advice on How to Structure Parental Leave, OBGYNs, Birthing, Fertility & Post-Partum, I Applied to Become a Member and I Haven't Heard Anything, Add your Logo to your PSP Recommendations Listing, Read Our Advertising & Editorial Disclaimer, Management Training and Career Development Courses, General Donations (clothes, shoes, household items), Volunteer Opportunities - Family Friendly, Tutors and Tutoring Services - SHSAT Prep, Classes & Sports for Children, Tweens & Teens, Accountants and Financial Planners for Small Businesses, Nanny & Domestic Worker Tax & Payroll Services, Alternative - Herbal Medicine Practitioners And Doctors, General Practitioners - Family Practice Doctors - Primary Care Physicians, Ob-Gyns, Birthing, Fertility and Post-Partum, Pediatricians - Pediatric Physicians & Doctors, Resources for People/Children with a Disability, Do it Yourself Decorating & Building Supplies, Plumbers, Heating - Cooling, & Appliances, Lawyers and Mediators - Divorce & Separation, Notary - Notaries - Legal Document Verification, Churches, Synagogues & Religious Institutions, Computer & Smart Phone Related (repair, websites and graphic design), Repair - Maintenance (household-- jewelry&watch, furniture, lamp, tailors, locksmiths, Stationery & (Photo) Printing & Cards Services, Bakers - Gluten and Allergy Free Cakes, Cookies and Cupcakes, Pennsylvania (includes Poconos, Thomas, Hershey, Dutch Wonderland, Sesame Place).

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