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While thats all good news, this is a Mustang II and that means its not exactly a looker. Yet as the fuel shortage abated and emissions control tech evolved, Mustang II performance slowly improved. mustang ford cobra turbo cylinder 1979 I had one, red black interior, 13.90 in the quarter mile. Those that escaped that fate often succumbed to corrosion and rusted away soon afterward. And considering how uncommon Mustang IIs are nowadays, spotting a King Cobra variant is like finding a Looking Glass 8-Track that hasnt been worn out. Brad Bowling is the author of several Mustang books, including The Mustang Field Guide, Standard Catalog of Mustang, The Saleen Book, and others. Even the stock 302 left a lot of power on the table and, as any Ford enthusiast will tell you, the Windsor block has catalogs full of performance upgrades. You should meet the Cosworth Vega. So for starters, lets explain the Mustang II in a bit more detail: The car was a direct response to the fuel crisis of the early to mid-1970s and, as a result, could be had with a four cylinder engine making a mere 88 horsepower. 1 Tc O'WoR]y}bEjow^Q^#/PoSRIj| Vc3I*_' TA*]BGZI,a^Yy6Dpsq2Y63J'|%wqt+YqNN9YWS%=OukBaH20?`&(~X^{^$&cf20'!3N d' TLd3d 33#'$1`: Unlike the Cobra II, the King Cobra was more than stripes, louvers, and decals. Good times! The King Cobra also had rear-quarter flares, a black grille and moldings, and color-keyed dual sport mirrors. The automaker's bean counters were pushing to make the new car available in a single body in order to save money; fortunately, the accountants lost the argument and Ford quickly grafted a notchback roofline onto the winning fastback design. From there, his love of the cars led him to assemble an ever-changing collection that currently includes a yellow '69 Boss 302 (one of the few restored cars in the collection), a blue '70 Boss 429, a red '68 Shelby GT500, a Poppy Red '6411/42 K-code convertible, and-as a nod to the Mustang II that started it all-a pair of '78 King Cobras. Monty's white KC is a T-top, four-speed car. Driving enthusiasts weren't kind to the Mustang II during its '74-'78 life, but the light of forgiveness now shines on its stubby flanks. 100,000 vans are slated to be delivering packages by 2030. Contrary to popular opinion, the '74 was not merely a Pinto clone, although it shared a few basic parts with its economy-car cousin. convertible mustangandfords

To make matters worse, this one is paired to an automatic transmission instead of the available four-speed manual. Set to be auctioned by Mecum next month, this particular model is in highly original unrestored condition and has been owned by the same family for the past 43 years. 8+]is&t{&6q0:[Akog]3)^t,y,sqeggbOY48I(y%38s4 ]t |\Y,Z{kKr2I W*LXYm*L5^M)LL{vhaUWyT0H?GBYl:c54H]G-l 1kz My brother had an interesting IIa 2.8L v6, automatic. It proved to be very popular, though it wouldnt burn rubber for love nor money. By the time the '71 models were on sale, even Ford marketers realized that growing the icon into a Torino-size two-door was a grave miscalculation. Many buyers paid the extra $587 for a T-top, which made the $5,638 KC the most expensive Mustang II. Didnt work there, either. IGNITION COIL, PLEASE CALL HOLLYWOOD MOTORS WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR FOR FINANCING DETAILS. 631-620-3330. Clearly, Anna was very disappointed when she saw the big '69-'70 Mustangs and super-sized '71-'73 versions. Your form has been submitted. As consumer clinics narrowed down the public's preference for a certain design, research showed a constant 50/50 split between the notchback and hatchback body style. Which were glad to hear, because the King Cobra, nay (neigh? ROTORS AND PADS More importantly, a lot of folks forget that the Mustang II was a really, really popular car at the time. Its marketers chose to aim the new Mustang at that segment. While it has the same displacement as the engine found in the latest Mustang GT, this one certainly doesnt produce 460 hp (343 kW / 466 PS). The new Mustang listed only two powerplants for '74, including the base 2.3L "Lima" four-cylinder and the optional 2.8L V-6 from the Mercury Capri. She asked Henry Ford II why the company hadn't learned from its mistake of turning the beautiful two-seat T-bird into a four-door behemoth. FUEL PUMP These cars are ready to rumble once again! Also Read: SeeThe Ford Mustang Concepts that Never Made It Into Production. In fact, there were no V-8s offered in the Mustang II's introductory year. For starters, they were only available for one year.

As popular as these cars were to the public, the motorsports community embraced them even more. Output ranged from 122 to 139 hp during its four years in the II series, but the V-8 could be had in coupe or hatchback models at a time when most car companies were phasing out anything larger than a V-6. Theres no auction estimate, but less than 5,000 King Cobras were produced and the car was pretty pricey as anold article from Hemmings noted well-equipped models stickered for around $6,350 (4,621 / 5,415). Chief Designer Gene Bordinat, with four styling studios under his command and input from the Italian-based Ghia studios (which Ford controlled), turned out a variety of concepts. "They always want to know who restored them or where I got all of my N.O.S. All 300 American 2022 Acura NSX Type S Order Slots Reserved In 24 Hours, Lucky Biker Discovers Helmets Save Lives After His Head Ends Up Under Bus Wheels, Rivian Planning More Commercial Vehicles, Wants To Make 1M Per Year By 2030, Just Two Car Groups Are Attending Koreas 2022 Busan International Motor Show, 2022 Toyota Tundra Backup Cam May Show Front Feed When Drivers Are In Reverse, ACT Becomes First Australian State To Ban Sales Of New Gasoline And Diesel Vehicles From 2035, Back To 1985?

It was designed and built by Jim Wangers' nearby Motortown company, although Ford would move the operation in-house for 1977. apply online. hAdY8qlK6AE$e}N$EJy{Dbaa+*x}|"mEq'Qz9%'cr'DfIf(/[o?50TDz| V4 ZES"KoE4 C6W?hjN?t 3V3QeAF4{ciU PLUG WIRES Gone forever were the big-block V-8 engines. They looked pretty darn good too, especially as a fastback coupe fitted with a front air dam and rear ducktail spoiler. The anticipated market for Mustangs with giant 428- and 429-cid powerplants never materialized, leaving smog-controlled, federally emasculated 351s to pull their heavy bodies. They were rear wheel drive as well, which meant you could strengthen the axles and tweak the rear end gearing pretty easily. T-tops became available in 1977 and, for the final year of Mustang II production, the King Cobra slithered onto the scene in 1978. Thats especially true in this case as the copper King Cobra stripes arent doing it any favors and neither are the comically small 13-inch wheels. Up front was a tough-looking air dam. It was clear that the company wanted the II to go out with a bang when it introduced the '78 models with much fanfare in October of that year. The five-speed manual DMC-12 coupe stayed with its first owner for almost 40 years. tj@E Mustang IIs were light, and could easily be fitted with bigger-cube V8 engines. rj_{^QI@H? History records 150 submitted designs on paper, 50 in clay, and several in full-drive mode. It has also been driven sparingly as theres only 54,130 miles (87,114 km) on the odometer.

), the entire Mustang II generation doesnt get enough credit for keeping the ponycar alive through a decade that saw a lot of other performance nameplates disappear forever. The $1,253 KC treatment did without the customary bodyside striping of the Cobra II, but sported a unique tape layout featuring a giant snake decal on the hood and pinstriping on the greenhouse, decklid, wheel lips, rocker panels, belt, over the roof area, and around the side windows.

And Ford didnt make a whole lot of theseunder 5,000 King Cobras rolled off the line, making them a tiny sliver of overall Mustang II production. The commissioner previously tried to pull the move in another county. Some coverage and discounts not available in all states. The Australian Capitol Region becomes the first jurisdiction to set an end date for the sale of new combustion vehicles. When he's not writing, you'll probably find him fixing oil leaks in a Jeep CJ-5 or watching a 1972 Corvette overheat. CARPET WITH REAR TRUNK The Ford 302/5.0L Windsor V8 returned in 1975 and a Shelby-inspired Cobra II appearance package appeared a year later. Since his father owned a junkyard back when they were still known as such, finding a new fender and other parts to restore the car was easy. A Pair of KingsMonty Seawright bought his first car, a '78 Mustang II, at the age of 13 with money he made mowing lawns. This brings us to one of the more unusual features, which is an 8-track-to-cassette converter with [an] Aerosmith cassette.. Paul is the editor of OnAllCylinders. Great article. The Mopars were disasters due to the EPA ratings coming out and starring hundreds of Mopars. ALTERNATOR Drivers will also find factory air conditioning and an original 8-track player. (That itself was an homage to Deloreans decision to adorn the GTO with metric engine badging a decade earlier.). "People don't know what to think when I take the King Cobras to shows," Monty told us. So look, dont be ashamed if youve never heard of a 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra. However, there are some bright spots as the model has a T-top and an original paint job that appears to be in excellent condition. This version of the Cobra had the "show" but not the "go" of a Shelby GT350-a fact the company touted loudly in magazine ads and brochures-and the dress-up stripes, spoilers, and wheels could be ordered with any of the three engines. Required fields are marked *. The oldest and largest lender of collector cars in the U.S. Everything you need to make your dream come true right away. In fact, an early voice of discontent with Mustang growth spurts came from Ford stockholder Anna Muccioli in 1968, who received applause during a meeting when she compared the larger '67-'68 Mustang to the second-generation Thunderbird. A biker in Brazil was literally saved thanks to his helmet after a terrifying accident. But some forget or dont know that even though the domestic Mustang II didnt come with a v-8 til late 75. A "King Cobra" nameplate went on each door and the back spoiler, and a "5.0" badge appeared on the rear-facing hoodscoop. th@0I(%sV2FV4]V;eI; 6i6qj)'sNu'mHZ'Ay2eJv|O It was kinda rough-seeming, but it would disappear in a cloud of tire smoke at the drop of a hat, scream to 6000 rpm, bang into second and start it again. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rates vary depending on the state, coverage selected and other factors. Figure based on a stock vehicle with IL rates with $100/$300k Liability/UM/UIM limits including GOLD towing package.

By decree from Lee, who likened the new model to a "little jewel," the ride was much more like that of a big luxury car than a Pinto, thanks to innovations such as melted rubber sheets on the floorpan; a larger-diameter driveshaft; and a U-shape, isolated subframe that dampened road and engine noise. Sure it was down on power compared to, say, a 1969 Boss 302, but pretty much every car suffered the same fate during the 1970s. Its also hard not to love the old school Cobra badge on the grille. With a dozen models on display-ranging from Datsun 240-Z and Porsche 914 sports cars to a less exciting Chevrolet Vega, Plymouth Duster, and Toyota Corona-the company deduced that Americans had embraced smaller fuel-efficient transportation. Neither car has been touched by the hand of a restorer or by time itself.

Besides, the Mustang II had a competent chassis and (aside from 1974) an available V8 and manual transmission. All that means is that nowadays, clean, original examples are both rare and increasing in value. One was charged with designing a smaller Mustang around the new-for-'70 Maverick compact; the other was to investigate the viability of having the new-for-'71 Pinto subcompact act as a base for the Mustang. Automotive historians acknowledge that the downsized Pony kept the Mustang name alive at a time when other bloated American models were dying off, and fans of the II are quick to point out that Ford sold more than 1.1 million of them-a sales success by anyone's account. jX%ri&xgoSG%V 4d\+1nRE4a3Dl A;'/baf::p-Un4>lB Given its economy car origins, the 1974-78 second generation Ford Mustang (AKA the Mustang II) has received some undeserved criticism in certain gearhead circles. The marketing strategies and various packages must've worked, because by 1977, Ford's Mustang once again ruled the crowded domestic sporty subcompact class in sales numbers. Instead, it has nearly 70% less power at 139 hp (104 kW / 141 PS). And, much like their Fox Body successors, many of these cars were heavily modified, run hard, and put away wet. After receiving feedback from customers and the press, Ford made structural modifications to the Mustang II for '75 to make the return of the 5.0L V-8 possible. Copyright 2021 Speed Digital, All rights reserved. Several not-too-stunning styling exercises and the inspiration of the popular German-built '70 Capri subcompact made Ford drop the Maverick idea early on.

As a result, plenty of Mustang IIs fell victim to scavengers. Hot rodders quickly began plucking these setups out of junkyards to upgrade their rides with disc brakes, power steering, and an independent front suspensionall in a compact, modular package. HOLLEY 600 CFM CARB Credit it to 140 hp and posi standard with the V8. Combine that with a four-speed manual transmission, power steering, and disc brakes, and you can see there was some legit go-fast intent here. This 569-Mile DeLorean Will Take You Back To 81, Elon Musk Hopeful That Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Will Begin In Mid-2023, Florida Commissioner Speeding In Ferrari Gets Ticket After Claiming I Run The County, Baidu Debuts Apollo RT6 Level 4 Autonomous Minivan With Removable Steering Wheel, Rivians Amazon Delivery Van Begins U.S. Rollout, Set To Arrive In 100+ Cities By End Of Year, CarScoops Is Hiring Writers, Come Join Us, Bugatti Delivers Final Chiron Super Sport 300+, Its Fastest, And Weirdly, Greenest Car, OnStar Can Now Protect Motorcyclists And People At Home Thanks To New Features, Tesla Sold Off 75% Of Its Bitcoin Holdings In Q2 Amidst Crypto Crash. After the rampant excesses of the '60s horsepower wars among The Big Three automakers, the public called for a return to the practical and sporty coupe it had fallen for on April 17, 1964. The issue affects nearly 32,000 Tundras and could mean drivers cant see their backup camera. UPPER AND LOWER COOLANT HOSES The King Cobra was a hatchback-only model with the 5.0L engine, standard four-speed manual transmission, power brakes, and power steering. Monty is aware that the '74-'78 Mustang II series is the most controversial generation in the marque's 43-year history, but he believes the one-year-only King Cobra was Detroit's best musclecar of the '70s.

It gave Ford a high-profile model to cap production of the II series before introducing the Fox-based Mustang for '79. ?SivtmXal$9{>]D4ur(0? The car was in Houston, Texas, when Monty discovered it for sale on eBay. He says he was grounded when his wife found out he had bought another car despite his promise not to add any more to the garage. SPARK PLUGS POWER BOOSTER FUEL TANK At the top of the food chain sat the King Cobra, which Ford advertised as the "Boss of the Mustang stable.". And if were being honest, you can credit the success of the Mustang II for keeping the Mustang nameplate aliveultimately setting the stage for the legendary Fox Body platform to arrive in 1979. The King Cobra was a one-year-only performance trim available on the 1978 Mustang II. We will get back to you soon! Learn how your comment data is processed. Georgia Garage Hides Double The Mopar Treasure. The 1974 Mexican Mustang II did come with a v-8 which from what I have been told was pushing out 250hp. /Rttm%fH~ }iw:w {n:@x50#4PU:Dv Cuji&C60/ n9%Olv5q|dIt#J.ZaCz^x)p J,w-mig@"K~8Y~]HX5_|YXR ?l8= yOS 2|sSDXHWrp215y1oD Voof?5/Z@!zF|Dec:5. Well obviously the King Cobra didnt get the first 302 Windsor engineFord had been cranking those motors out for about a decade at this point.

You can learn more about the books at 1-888-803-3913 The blue KC, registering only 9,000 miles, is a solid-roof model with the four-speed transmission and Tangerine interior. Given this is a King Cobra, theres a5.0-liter V8 under the hood. But the standard equipment list improved to include solid-state ignition, front disc brakes, a tachometer, steel-belted whitewalls, and a folding rear seat in the 2+2 hatchback models. FRONT BRAKE HOSES After driving the '78 on back roads and under the cloak of night for a while, the underage Mustanger sold it and moved up to an '82 Mustang. In fact, Ford sold over a million of em. BRAKE CYLINDER The new Mustang had the same basic interior appointments as before: a floor-mounted shifter, low-back bucket seats, vinyl upholstery, and full carpeting. The exterior isdivisive, but the interior is a different story as it features stylish seats and metal accents. The long evolution of what was to become the '74 Mustang II began in late 1969 when Ford President Lee Iacocca launched two exploratory programs within Ford Motor Company. Your email address will not be published. Its absolutely worth pointing out that Mustang IIs also had a revolutionary, virtually self-contained new front suspension system. Ford conducted a research clinic with car owners at the Long Beach Convention Center to determine where the public's interest lay among subcompact models. Choosing a $225 automatic transmission meant paying more than $6,000 by the time tag, tax, and title were figured. p4 ECue,HDhcEFyY+Y6!1nz~4`k{f:!!DT:#?CEq The Ford Mustang Mach-E gets a lot of hate, even though its really good, so well remind you the pony car has a bit of a checkered past by looking at this 1978 Mustang II King Cobra. 4 BF GOODRICH RADIAL T/A Like stories about obscure 1970s performance econoboxes? Visit our partners below for additional services for your American Muscle Car purchase. Thanks to the influence of economic inflation in the '70s, it was also the most expensive Mustang so far. Call parts. to speak with a Collector Specialist or "Seeing them together is like stepping into a Ford dealership in 1978.". It also made the 5.0L mandatory, though it made less than 140 horsepower. Big jump from the later domestic hp drop cause of all the Emissions which that in itself hurt all four big auto manufacturers. With primitive smog controls and a struggle with unleaded gasoline, the '75 Mustang II's 302-cid powerplant was a distant cousin to the Boss engine of the same size. e6)EIgf"{lf||U7$8GzR'F5'_)F]TH_rGetd|lF hV23dp",5g;p~Y7U?K Despite the high purchase price, enthusiasts snapped up 4,318 of them. :VKI33~EYMG9uZX Not bad for no horse power, Your email address will not be published. 2Ih|ZVV:^Awei.-WvPia=Dh[vg3>bcN. F3t|1T Now that he sees the public reaction to his sporty Mustang IIs, Monty feels his time in hot water was worth it. Its odometer has not yet crossed the 800-mile mark. .Buuuuuuut, the King Cobra was perhaps the first Ford to officially identify its metric displacement as 5.0L, proudly emblazoned on the hood bulge.

For better or worse, I was trying to sell cars during the era, originally to 1976 Chryslers/Dodges and followed with Fords. Depending on the timing, the Chevrolet Silverado EV might be the latest truck to beat it to market. Even modern derivative suspension setups are still referred to as Mustang II IFS systems. An avid motorcyclist, he spends the rest of his time synchronizing carburetors and cleaning chain lube off his left pant leg. This years Busan Motor Show only attracted Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce. In 1976, Ford created a sporty, '60s-style appearance package to match the performance of the Mustang's biggest engine option when it introduced the Cobra II. So when we spotted a rare 1978 Ford Mustang II King Cobra during the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour, we felt it needed a closer look. Adjusting for inflation, thatsroughly $27,794 (20,227 / 23,704) in todays money. So while the Fox Body Mustang made the 5.0L a household name, the mighty King Cobra was the car that got it all started. The move was an obvious counterpunch to its rival, the Pontiac Trans Am, which had 6.6 Litre decals slapped on the shaker perched atop its 403 Oldsmobile engine. Policies underwritten by American Family Home Insurance Company. Baidu claims that rides in its robotaxi will cost half as much as rides in a human-driven taxi.

Working at Ford, my demo was a V8 automatic (non-Cobra) Mustang II.

Rivian may make smaller delivery vehicles with next-generation platform. Available exclusively as a hatchback, checking the King Cobra option automatically added a rear spoiler, black trim, and front air dam. Raised white-letter tires rode lacy spoke aluminum wheels with twin rings and a Cobra symbol on the hubs. DISTRIBUTOR ROTOR AND CAPS
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