anubis x male reader lemon

Only, no one was there. Digging his heels into the bed beneath you, he began to softly thrust up into you. He wouldnt abandon you. His black fur blended in so well with the darkness surrounding the two of you that the only thing that stood out was his bright yellow eyes. The feeling of sharp teeth gently teasing your skin suddenly turns into a hot wet sensation burning up your neck and to your jaw, his intoxicatingly warm breath brushes against your ear, causing shivers to run down your spine as strangled moans vulgarly echo through the rooms. Like this, (Name). He reiterated, guiding you to straddle him and then pulling you into his chest to cradle you. I uh not many people say that, He shrugged. Ammit did not give second chances, you thought with some sadness, she had failed to protect Arthur. Anubis stretched out his free hand, obsidian black claws, and before you could ask what was wrong, he dug them into your chest. Almost a second later, Y/ns office door swung open, the man stepping into the hallway and sighing. He wouldnt be able to pull you off of him for hours if that happened. Perhaps you are right, Horus He replied quietly, a bit more sombrely than he intended it to come out as he walked away, weaving through the bookshelves to put some distance between himself and you. The truth is he has the key but the look on your face when you realize what he did made it all worth it. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally orally knot you. Its not often he accepted dates with nice men who stood up to his annoying boss. You believed he meant well, he just needed a bit of guidance when it came to relationships! Anubis voice rang out through your small office, the deep sound bouncing off the walls. yandere anubis headcannons? You were shocked, and kind of frightened; but now you cant get away from him. Yes, he will kill that ex and give his soul to Ammit. Maybe youll tell me something I dont know. You doubted he would, but youd listen to him say the same sentence over and over if it meant hearing him talk. Considering the consequences of your answers and your decisions. So, even if Anubis were to be absent, he wouldnt be late. It would be a long while until the gods knot would go down. Marc would surely be heading back from the gift shop any moment. Im ready.. His wet, flat, round tongue was warm against you and every lap made you involuntarily roll your hips against his face. They only ever saw her as a towering goddess. ", "I wish only one thing, lord of the underworld, and that is that you allow me to be with him again, here in your realm, if I must.".

It simply wasnt something that happened. To guide you into the afterlife into the Underworld ruled by my father. Shouldve, with a suit like that.. Drew is basically Brynn and Q's parent. Instead of stopping you managed to get a few steps just fine. The heat inside you only grows, begging for any kind of relief from this torment that youve put yourself through. anubis reincarnate highschool dxd You dont have to or anything, not like I could leave here anyway. He gestured to the giftshops counter. I can feel it, the split within his head. (tagged as Lemon), Hes the textbook definition of a yandere, and hes absolutely one of the horniest boys in the series (not that Im complaining), The kind of yandere to make you wear what he wants you to, most likely something pastel and aspure and innocent as you are. Butperhaps Horus was right.

Nodding up, you stroked his cheek, affectionately letting him know you were okay. Sleeping walking isnt that bad, done it myself a few times, You shrugged, starting up your car. Sure, she didnt live there right now, but he didnt even check? He looked sorry. You dont have to or anything, not like I could leave here anyway, He gestured to the gift shops counter with a sad smile. I sleep all weird, ending up sleep walking myself half across my room, He chuckled. I will be attentive and caring. He hadnt even noticed that he mouth was hanging open until you chuckled again. He could sense your hesitance as you spoke up. He shook himself out of his reverie, Fine! But it was done. And you were both quickly discovering just how vocal you were. You wanted to smack that smirk off his face so you quickly began to move your legs. You wished him luck in his mission, that he would soon return to your arms so you could finally fulfill that shared dream and the next night your place would be in his bed. And confused. Despite the AC pumping through it, the building always felt cramped. They live and breath structure, and are extremely reluctant to deviate from their schedule. A victim. And I will ensure that no part of you is untouched and unappreciated to its fullest potential, my dear (Name).. But there was something about this guy that Anubis didn't like. A small fact that annoyed him, but it was the way things were. What was a blessing for the gods may most certainly be a curse for you. Speaking of which, hed have his name engraved on a ring and necklace pair youre forced to wear always. I am. You replied softly, easily. Like all the Beastmen, your Anubis is extremely susceptible to head pats. But I must ask you a question first, The god turned towards you slowly before you looked up at him and sighed. If his little scare tactic doesn't work, he will reveal himself to you night, sitting comfortably in a chair next to your bed. He pushed himself from the bed to look out into the city to see the merchants begin to open up shop below. He wanted to take his time with you and savour this moment. Time to get to work., Masterlist: I watch the moon, let it run my mood (Moon Knight x She/They Reader), Character Intros + Chapter 1: Anubi are extremely particular, so I see them as having their entire month planned down to the exact millisecond they wake up and what kind of snacks they'll have today. Once the last one walked away, his eyes fell on a man across the room. You quickly scribbled your personal number on the back, handing it to Marc who took it without a word. He stood there in Stevens living room and sighed. The god of deaths contemplation would soon be tainted by a familiar abrasive one. If you truly mean thatthen you surely know that there is no time left. I had someimportant matters I needed to attend to., He sounded shy, so, naturally, you raised your eyebrows at him. "I said, it's not your time yet" he repeated unperturbed "I heard a prayer, and I have to assume, being who you are, that you said it. The woman he had raised since birth. All the while, rolling his hips against yours and gently squeezing your thigh. And besides. ), reminds them of certain errands, and gives advice on plenty of things, but mostly on manners and behavior. The god of death wasfond of you? I tried to do a sketch with colored pencils, but i don't think the coloring came out too well. Simple. This decision was going to change your life and even if it was a dream you knew your answer would still be the same. Ah, thats what it was. Butif it was what you both wanted, thenshouldnt you get to enjoy what little time you both have together? Hes still new to physical affection, but a pet on the ears and snout are delights to him. Your lips were so soft, so pliant. "(Y/N)" Arthur appeared behind you, walking as you had rarely seen him, barefoot. At first, youd show up just to bug him. It was slowly becoming clear that your life was being pushed towards this very moment since birth. ", "Tell me, do you still have the amulet with you? So, he didnt let the inner feelings of guilt seep in. To hold fast to your duties and deny yourself a moment of joy? Set, howeverdid discover the truth. Anubis lamented, shaking his head. He knew this deeply. For a moment, Anubis was far too enthralled with your taste and your scent, groaning into your cunt as he lapped up everything that was quickly beginning to leak out of you. It was unmistakeable. However pretentious it sounded, you just couldnt stand on buses anymore.

The deity suddenly but slowly reaches his massive hand towards your face, you turn away in an attempt to avert his touch. He seemed to regret saying that after, but didnt move to correct himself. Pardon?. But Anubis did not lead you back to the Hall of Truth. He squeezed at your legs while his tongue swiped over every inch of you, pressing up against your most sensitive spots inside of you while running over your clit. I hope these are what you're looking for! a/n: long chapter! I will be gentle with you. You wished it would give way so you could escape but hearing the men now walking towards you told you that you were very much stuck. Your chest was so sensitive from not having been touched and you shivered when you felt his voice reverberate against your flesh. Some of the stuff youre managed to show off here, its bloody amazing! Your head tilted slightly at him, and he assumed you wanted him to continue. He knew as well as you both did that this was always meant to be temporary. You would have wished to faint, but in your present state it was impossible. It was such an innocent gesture despite the circumstances they were in, so Anubis decided to add a little more passion to the action, sliding his soft tongue along your lip to ask your permission. With the divine powers the gods held, there had to be tomes here from the future. "Didn't you sleep well? Sometime later, the jackal god finally approached you, his calm presence washing over you as he gazed down at you so kindly with golden eyes.

Im sorry, I wasnt trying to cause you any problems., The gold around Drews eyes disappeared into his black fur as his eyes crinkled with an attempt to smile. She must have overheard some parts of his conversation with Sobek. Granted, youd never told him you were an avatar, much less a demigod. as soon as he told you he ended up in the flying donut, you ditched the trip and ran to the lab, having all access already since you had aninternship through your mom Pepper, which was mainly a front for you to help improve and create new tech for the Avengers, *check my pinned post if you want to be added to the taglists*, Dabi as Imhoteps priests/bodyguard in my kacchako X The Mummy crossover fanarts. Now, that caught your interest. Osiris waited by the entrance to the Underworld in the Hall of Truth. He was taking in all of your subtleties in your existence.

Id suggest treating your employees with a bit more respect. It was too small for his body, though he managed to fit. You smiled or breathed, and beams of radiance shone from your soul. That is until he met you. At the very least. He hadnt seen it on anyone before. What are you begging for so pitifully? He speaks in a mocking tone, making your skin burn red hot, knowing that youll have to say it. He was nervously glancing at your figure, trying not to stare for too long. Even before weighing it, the God could tell that you would pass. He was more nervous than before you were dating. You seemed surprised though. It made you feel warm in ways you had never known and the casual physical intimacy only made you feel even warmer. The way your brows furrowed and your lips pursed when you concentrated, the way you held the next page before you would turn it, how easily your thoughts could be read on your face. Bureaus and shelves and the like. Steven.. You try to sink deeper into the jagged stone wall that youve backed yourself into, seemingly being the only thing keeping you from collapsing on the floor. You were inexperienced, after all. The hungry gaze Sobek was fixing him with as he guided you away and out of the library made Anubiss hackles raise. The ceiling was made entirely of glass panes and a bright holy light filtered through it and the leaves of the great tree. You didnt specify if you wanted headcanons or scenarios, so I did headcanons! Soon enough, Anubis had detached from your stimulated and perked nipples and carefully maneuvered you, you of course whining at the loss of friction with him. No worries, Steven. He nodded. Am I ever! You probably know all that. Your shaky breath halts as you think of him using you, leaving bruises all over your body, the miserable state you would be in, and how you would beg for more. Did you drive? You asked, walking toward the employee exit. Do not drift into your thoughts until you know his reasoning, old friend., Do you think hell still want to be married?. You didn't hear the siren of any ambulance or patrol car, so you assumed you had just run into some good samaritans. Buthe was curious as to why he had his brothers attention. She wasfearful of what her husband would do if he discovered her betrayal. What stood before you was Anubis in his human form who was now kneeling down in an attempt to be on your level but still looked giant. maybe? Could I request a hurt/comfort where Harrow has Ammit bound to him and reader is Anubis avatar? You chuckled lightly, a sound he decided he liked very much. The poor girl cannot prosper in the Afterlife if she remains ignorant., Another woman on Thoths arm looked you over, eyebrows raised in thought. Ironically, Sobeks words only strengthened Anubiss resolve. Nor did she persecute Nephthys for what she had done. To the Underworld. He, a deity that was worshipped for centuries, felt cowed by your brilliance. Looking down at you, he couldnt help but melt at the way you looked, neck craned so you could take him. The world was chaotic and life could be cruel. There wasnothing that could happen between you. There was no judgement. There was something so intimate about it that you couldnt help but like. Chapter 5: Khonshu: Nah, Anubis has been flirting with him for a long time. you called, equal parts amazed and distressed. You were a curious thing, in his weary eyes, and so hungry for knowledge. They were fragments of the past that you only saw now in fleeting glimpses and an incoherent haze so different from reality now. And with that, he made his way back to the library, intent on making his feelings known to you. It wasbeautiful. Ty! And you recited them from your heart. There wouldnt be any misunderstandings or hang ups. What the fuck do you mean? Jake was tired at this point and just wanted to go to sleep but Khonshu consistently had other plans. Just simply think of your human self. Like the great sun, godhood is doomed to have an endingjust like humanity. My only concern is seeing that youre well and eating adequately., He didnt give you a chance to respond, supplying his previous words with a further backwards tilt of his ears, perhaps even a grievous gleam in his eyes as he lowered the tray on a table nearby: No, perhaps that isnt the truth. Or to indulge in your happiness, even if its fleeting? So genuinely. Sighing, Anubis had finally made his decision, unlinking his arm from Isiss. It was a death that was done to you by someone else. He wasnt quite sure how to respond. you asked, smiling behind the garment. You didnt really see the humor. That was You breathed out, head nestled underneath Anubiss chin while he held you in his arms, cock still steadily pulsing inside of you, holding you in place. Since Admin Britt is doing some yandere hcs for some of the gods, Ill do some others! In time with his thrusts, you began to push back against him, grinding your cunt against his knot. You prayed no one had touched the body, and if it wasnt for the strength of being Anubis' avatar you were sure you wouldnt be able to walk as fast. He wasn't just your friend, this guy still wanted more. I really didnt mean to say that, Im so sorry, He said, rushing out the words. You looked at Arthur dumbfounded. Listening to his advice, you did as he asked. are very particular about being touched, so you need to make sure shes okay with it in case you inadvertently violate her boundaries. You didnt dare open your eyes while tears streamed down your face. The weightless cloth that once hung properly on your body now feels heavy as your legs shake beneath you. The second you approached he had struggled to decide on what to say. Plus I love Anubis since I am training to become a funeral home director/embalmer. He will not care about not making a mess out of your life. Youre the curator, right? He questioned. My type is pretty ladies who will step on me. Shes an embalmer. Your voice is heard, here., You swallowed, hesitant. Yandere Anubis stalking his s/o in his animal form. Most gods were confined to their godly form. He raised you with grace and dignity and he never treated you as anything less than his daughter that he loved so dearly. [HC#001] being pepper & natashas daughter: you were adopted at a young age (around 4 or 5), by Pepper after her incident with the Mandarin, as if she would ever get one still running Stark Industries with Tony but he made a promise to take care of you both in whatever way he could, thats how he became the cool Uncle Tony, Auntie Nat was your other favorite, she was always over for about 2 years before she becameMama Nat instead, you were like 8, of course you loved having two moms, you already loved having one, but she didnt accept being called Mama Nat, she wasNatty until you were about 10, Natasha had come in to your room after dinner one night and you could tell she was upset. That's the life of a frying pans. You had never felt anything like this, before. You, on the other hand, were completely unaware of the inner turmoil that Anubis was enduring. You could tell he hadnt slept. About: Harrow is trying to get Ammit back to earth through his passage through the underworld. At will he can morph into a jackal with a blue and gold-striped leash. Your hand was still in his as his other rested on your lower back. Anubis chuckled through his nose. His work, the weighing of hearts, was the only cause for him to breathe. "It's possible the mercenary will be looking for us, the last thing I want is for him to run into you. He began to shallowly thrust against your face while he went back to eating you out. His hand descended down your back, and you took advantage of the closeness to kiss him as you had always wanted to, fearlessly, slowly and passionately. Moon Knight has inspired me to write so I decided to start this series and see what happens. Did you have a bad dream?" Thankfully, you didnt have to wait long. Though, Osiris wasnt a fool. Really? Sometimes you buy treats or leave out some water for him, even though he doesn't seem to accept it, just sitting down and looking at you as you try to feed him. Dont mock me right now, okay? You asked, your voice breaking slightly despite your attempts to keep it sturdy. It was sweet. He had no idea where Harrow was being sealed and protected but he knew that if he wanted an egyptian burial that he had several days with salt sealing his body before they finished. For your fathers betrayal., You were confused. Navigating through unconsciousness, you barely understood the movement of shadows and bodies around you, and gradually sank into calm and deep sleep. Anubis wasnt going to be the first to end it. Cmon, we can head out the back. Once a mortal roused a gods curiosity, it was said that theyd disappear the following hour. So impromptu dates or surprises at work will more than likely be met with resistance and/or reluctance to comply. But that didnt make it any less disappointing to see lives that could have burned so brightly snuffed out before they could properly start. You stopped and looked around to see if anyone could see you, I cant believe I'm actually going to do this.. PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE NOT OF APPROPRIATE AGE 3) I wanted to have at least some plotbut I decided to just post what I have, hopefully I can put some more back story if people like it!! One such mortal was you. It was a bejeweled scarab, attached to a simple gold chain, the color of the lapis lassuli on its body not overshadowed by the green gemstone eyes or the delicate red lines that traced beautiful, discreet patterns on its wings. Ones you could surmise when he lifted your hips up and allowed you to rest your legs over his shoulders. After all, theres no way this is real. This mischievous boy has a lot of potential, and hes the type to not read your journals but would steal your clothes or show up to class (that in itself is a rarity) without a sweater just so he can ask to borrow yours to smell it. It was awkward at first to maneuver four legs like this but the moment you got the hang of it you realized how quickly you got to your destination. Once you were gone, Anubis let out a shaky breath, allowing himself to appear vulnerable in front of his Father. But there was something about you that made him want to know more. So pure. A moment of clarity. Yooo!! You opened the door for him, allowing him to slide into the passenger seat. So, it became my duty to guard His tomb and His sarcophagus. He also didnt want to get you to climax too soon. Why purposefully deny yourself these pleasures?, Getting up, Anubis sighed a controlled breath through his snout and turned to walk away. What his duty was. Arthur is trying to fight his way to ammit in daut. The god of death would always live on in your heart. We stop her from completing it. I am., Sothat was that, then. At last. Raised me as her son. Anubi seem like very intellectual mamono, and they want to share their interests with their partner. It felt like you were talking to someone new. Marcs shift was also ending soon, and the second you dragged him into your car you could finally figure out what all this was about. Learning more about each other. And your car is far too small, He huffed, trying to shift into a more comfortable position.
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