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No matter how formal a suit jacket may look, wearing it over a T-shirt will always dress it down. Things to avoid: Chest logos; youcan sometimes see them under a jacket. As with the suit itself, make sure your polo shirt is trim and not tight. Avoid wearing a T-shirt with a suit jacket and jeans, as the suit jacket will almost always look too formal to be worn with jeans. Loafers win here, but suede Derbys and monk straps are definitely worth considering too. Crew neck T-shirts tend to look more formal and conservative than V-necks. This is the right time to ditch the formal frills (tie, pocket square, belt.) Let me know in the comments section! Avoid going for shoes that are too dressy, as theyre unlikely to sync well with a casual T-shirt even when wearing a suit jacket over it. Flannel and tweed suit jackets usually work well with jeans. They come with a matching pair of suit pants made from the same roll of fabric. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at Ben Sherman, who famously made printed shirts a staple in mens wardrobes as far back as the 60s. Black Crew-neck T-shirt with Navy Suit Smart Casual Outfits, Cmo combinar una camiseta con cuello circular negra con un traje azul marino estilo casual elegante (20 outfits), - - 20 , Wie schwarzes T-Shirt mit einem Rundhalsausschnitt mit dunkelblauen Anzuges zu kombinieren 20 Smart-Casual Herren Outfits 2022, Comment porter un t-shirt col rond noir avec un costume bleu marine pour un style chic decontracts (20 tenues et looks), Come indossare e abbinare una t-shirt girocollo nera con un abito blu scuro in modo smart-casual (20 outfit). Something along the sleek Chelsea boots line keeps the look chic and slightly dressy, while a military- or hiking-inspired boot can look incredibly cool if your colours are well coordinated. Chunky sneakers better suit suits that are a little looser and fashion-forward, matching the shoes proportion. Keep the colour scheme neutral if you want to maintain some degree of dressiness, and introduce bolder colours or patterns if you want to show off more personality. A daring guy could even trypink or light blue. Think plaited leather, rope, canvas and D-ring belts. Choose a polo color that has enough contrast with your suit. A fashion blog for men with style. Once you know the combination would be suitable to wear, its time to consider the type of jacket and T-shirt to go for. Theres just an even bigger risk that the suit jacket doesnt make sense combined with all of these other casual items. Suit Direct are masters in their craft and let them inspire you to achieve this look. This isnt to say that you cant wear a suit jacket over a T-shirt just that there are better options. Suit jackets look more formal than blazers and sports coats. Or, if youre not comfortable losing it altogether, go for a style that reinforces the casual aesthetic of the outfit. The most common neutrals you should know about are: white, beige, grey, black, navy blue, khaki, and olive green. Instead, take the suit jacket and wear it with a non-matching pair of pants. by Adam York If youre going the t-shirt level of casual, you can also add edge with well-chosen accessories. Consider all of these tips when putting your outfit together. Find out more about Your Average Guy on our about page. The Peter Manning suit line has finally delivered that put-together look for shorter guys. Black brogues or even white trainers will keep the look fresh; remember to colour match your accessories too! After going through some essential tips for wearing this combination in the best way possible, Ill talk through a few FAQs on the topic to really round things up nicely. Neutral colors can form a great foundation over which you can add other items in various different colors. Tone down your smart suit for the approaching summer with a polo shirt, adding loafers and a selection of subtle accessories for a really fresh look! You may occasionally receive promotional content from DMARGE, How To Rock A Casual Friday (And Win The Week), The Best Casual Shirt Brands To Buy Right Now, Im not interested, dont show me this again. Colours are highly encouraged. A slim-fit crew neck T-shirt would be the best option when wearing one under a suit jacket. There are also opportunities to play with the shirt itself. Click here to learn more. Adding a pair of jeans into the mix makes it even riskier. Even if youre sticking with a classic shirt, it can still be dressed down for more casual occasions.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some ways to wear a suit casually. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pairing your suit with a singlet is the most dressed down option of all. Please tread carefully. Worsted wool is a common fabric used to make formal-looking suits like these. If your trousers fit correctly (and if they dont, its time to reevaluate a few of your priorities), you dont need a belt. Just make sure the jeans are dark and well fitted, with no signs of distress. Textured fabrics like piqu cotton look more casual than plain cotton or merino wool. Pairing a suit with a tee was something of a fashion faux pas many years ago, yet in recent years it is considered a simplistic yet stylish look! It just leads to way more of a formality mismatch, as a full suit will usually look too formal to wear with a T-shirt. After making that mental shift, youre ready to start rocking your suit with the same sangfroid as your favourite pair of jeans. As youd expect, this looks better when youre wearing a formal item over it. Pair this look with clean and simple sneakers or loafers to emphasize the casual attitude of this outfit. A pair of navy canvas low top sneakers can instantly play down a smart ensemble. Blazers are less structured and generally look more casual as a result. Only do this with unstructured cotton or linen suits. An interesting piece of jewellery or pair of sunglasses adds effortless, off-duty cool to the outfit. Thread senior stylist Alice Watt offers advice for guys at different points in the smart-to-casual spectrum. This is yet another way of making the T-shirt look formal enough to wear with the suit jacket. Proportions are everything when wearing a suit and a precise fit is essential. Just own it with confidence. Suave and clean cut is the order of the day, such as a smart suit from the Ted Baker collection, allowing you to pair any plain tee that captures your imagination. With over 2 million visits and counting, Ready Sleek is a no-nonsense resource for men looking to simplify style and grooming. It's a foolproof outfit that's extremely versatile. As a general rule, those with very fine fabrics like wool should always be worn with their matching trousers. A navy suit and a black crew-neck t-shirt are the kind of a fail-safe ensemble that you need when you have zero time. These are the finishing touches your dressed down suit needs: The fashion world has loosened up about what constitutes acceptable footwear with a suit. When paired with a suit or blazer, ittakes the whole outfit down a notch and makes you look more relaxed.". Just make sure the jeans are dark and well fitted, with no signs of distress. V-neck T-shirts definitely have their place, but usually look more casual than crewnecks simply because of how low-cut they are. This pairing of a navy suit and a black crew-neck t-shirt is hard proof that a straightforward getup doesn't have to be boring. Things to avoid: Button-down collarsand very obviouschest logos. If a grey suit is your go-to number, pick out softer tones such as white or baby pink for the colour of your tee. Muted, neutral colors look more formal than bolder and more striking colors. Polo shirts are an iconic item of clothing, originally worn by polo players in the 1800s, standing the test of time and securing themselves as a firm wardrobe favourite. With your top half sorted out, its time to look below. It should never be worn in formal or even business-casual dress codes. In addition, wear a slim-fitting crew neck T-shirt and consider tucking it in. The key is to go undeniably and unapologetically casual with everything else but the suit. You can wear either type of shirt below with suits, blazers, formal trousers, slim or straight dark-denim jeans and chinos.". While most people think of shiny business suits made from worsted wool when they hear the word, you can get very casual-looking suits. Wearing a polo shirt with a suit is a more forgiving casual suit look thanks to the presence of a collar. Suit jackets are generally more structured and tapered, while blazers have a looser and more relaxed fit. This site has limited support for your browser. Once upon a time, suits were only ever associated with formal occasions, but in the modern world, if styled correctly, they can be suitable for both smart and casual occasions. While the suit jacket may be an emblem of formal attire worldwide, the T-shirt is a staple of casual wear and shouldnt be thought of as anything more. Solid neutral colours are a go-to option but dont ignore more unexpected contrasting colour combinations and upscale graphic t-shirts. We call this, the James Furness special. So, can you wear a T-shirt with a suit jacket? Strongly consider wearing a T-shirt in one of these colors. Sound appealing? Features of a more casual suit include: A suit is simply a jacket and pair of pants made from the same roll of fabrics. Nail this and youre going to look pretty hip. Picking a pair of smart-casual shoes is important and loafers work really well. However, choosing a casual-looking suit jacket and a neutral, slim-fitting T-shirt should reduce this risk. This shirt style offers a high level of versatility, breathable fabric and can be combined with almost anything, including mens suits. RELATED:How To Rock A Casual Friday (And Win The Week). Choose a high quality T-Shirt that contrasts with the color of your suit jacket. The combination looks more natural, as most people are used to seeing suit jackets worn over tucked items (usually dress shirts). Stick around and enjoy. For a sleeker vibe, complement this look with black leather loafers. It was a great look because thecolours complemented each other, and he looked smart but different from the rest of the guys.". Choose a casual-looking suit jacket made from a rugged, wrinkly fabric such as tweed, linen, or chino cloth. Finishing with black leather chelsea boots is an effective way to breathe an extra touch of class into this outfit.
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