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And like your character, the hireling would not have an editable name. A majority of them related to a non-existent hidden Act IV Hireling: the Angel. This is like soft-resetting in Pokemon, to get the gender or nature you want. In addition, this matter was not mentioned in the confirmation pop-up window of replacing mercenaries.

Your character does not get less experience for using a hireling. Hiring a new Mercenary while having one already causes items on the already existing Mercenary to disappear forever. Hirelings were a late addition in the development of Diablo II. The Desert Mercenaries specialize in Melee Attacks. They can use the Amazon skill Inner Sight though. This price increases as the hireling levels up. The Desert Mercenaries hail from the city of Lut Gholein and serve as the town's guards. Skills: Inner Sight and Cold Arrows or Fire ArrowsAllowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Bows (no Crossbows or Amazon-only bows). Each party member can bring his own hireling in a multiplayer game. They do (although not shown at their stats screen) benefit from extra skills, to that which their skills are native e.g. Please fix this problem in the next patch!! Just like there is no confirmation when allocating points, when selling items, etc. Hireling weapons are limited to their class. The Angel was described to use Hadriel's base structure and did not walk but levitated on the ground. Some of them get special abilities as well and can shoot Fire or Cold arrows.

Hirelings also have resistances. They explode when shot. The Iron Wolves from Kurast are Sorcerer-knights, and guards of the Kurast Docks. Once killed, that hireling would be lost forever and the player would have to hire a new one. You can heal hirelings by dropping a health potion on their icon. If using a Rogue Archer, always equip the bow last. If you complete most of the quests per act, you will naturally unlock the conditions for hiring mercenaries throughout the game. Hirelings could also be healed by dragging a health potion onto the hireling's profile, or by pressing Shift and (right-clicking the potion or using belt slot hotkey). Fire mercenary spells: Fire Ball, Inferno. A Hireling is a mercenary that you can hire in Diablo II. They are available by default, and you don't have to do any quests for it. This was changed with the expansion, as hirelings gained the ability to travel between different Acts and can now be revived if killed (it's still possible to get a free mercenary if the player has not hired a mercenary before, or has not completed the Sisters' Burial Grounds quest back in Act I, but this is unlikely to happen). Before you replace a Hireling, open the Hireling Inventory and remove any items you want to keep. There are different kinds of hirelings, depending on which act you hired them. Hiring a new Hireling while you still have your old one with you will cause them to despawn along with any of the items they are wearing. You can get the hirelings of Act I from Kashya in the Rogue Encampment. Hirelings automatically regenerate their health over time. For example, the Necromancer summons will all increase in their attacks or defense, all thanks to the hireling. You can use the keyboard shortcut as well: SHIFT+potion key. Skills: Bash and StunAllowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Barbarian Class-specific Helms, One Sword (can't dual wield), Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Set, Quality of Life Changes for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo III: Eternal Collection - Game Guide, Bloodborne: Complete Edition - Game Guide, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Game Guide, Child of Light: Ultimate Edition - Game Guide, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - Game Guide, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - Game Guide, Diablo II: How to Increase the Stash Size, Diablo II: How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size, Diablo II: New Cube Recipe to Unsocket and Preserve Items, Diablo II: Unlimited Socketing with Larzuk. It's permanent once set.Why would you care about your hireling's name? Players can only employ the services of one hireling at a time. You can equip your hireling with magical or socketed armor and weapons. The hireling can follow you throughout the game. the. The maximum price for resurrecting a hireling is 50,000.

You can resurrect your hireling for a price. They received a new stats screen, allowing the player to equip them with items (even rare, set, and unique items) to further enhance their stats and combat potential. You need first to complete the quest Rescue on Mount Arreat, though. Weapons: One-handed and Two-handed swords. Armor is mostly unlimited, with the exception that hirelings cannot wear any Class-specific Items, other than the Barbarian, who can wear Barbarian Helms. Though they can equip Barbarian Helms. Each Act has its own hireling, with the exception of Act IV: Each hireling has a different AI script, making some run away while others engage in combat without fear. A hireling, or often called a mercenary, in Diablo II is a helping warrior that will accompany you while you journey in the game. In Act I, Cold arrows are very useful in fighting Fallens, so they don't get resurrected. Also, hirelings couldn't enter different acts. Because these rumors spread before the expansion, there were no details on what they wore. The items you equip your hireling do not need repair. In the original Diablo II game, the player would receive a free mercenary upon completing Blade of the Old Religion (quest). Amazon skills will increase Inner Sight, Fire Arrow/Cold Arrow on a Rogue, on a Desert Mercenary it will only increase the Jab attack. Maybe its not a bug, but please tell me why its designed like this. Hirelings assist the player by attacking monsters. Disclaimer: These are all false rumors. This game came out decades ago, when men were men and not pampered children. They can be hired from Asheara. It should be easy to transfer old mercenary equipment to new mercenaries or drop it on the ground, but it can bring great benefits to players. It must be noted that the Diablo Wiki does not endorse these baseless rumors. The Iron Wolves specialize in Elemental Attacks, using either Fire, Cold, or Lightning spells. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, My mercenary equipment was lost when I was changing mercenaries, Maxroll/Diablo II/Resources/Mercenary/Mechanics, The Arreat Summit/Basics/Hirelings/Hireling Continuity. The Barbarians specialize in the Melee Attacks. Even though they have swords and shields, they rarely use them for attacking or defending. You can get the hirelings of Act III from Asheara in Kurast. its a 20 y/o game with graphic updates. They follow the character and stay in a fixed radius around the character. So, it is wise to first remove his items before hiring a new one. Note that they cannot equip Shields, or Dual Wield weapons. You can only hire one hireling at a time. They can be killed by monsters and can use spells and skills as well. For instance if the player had a Rogue Archer and traveled to Lut Gholein, the Rogue would disappear upon entering Act II. Hiring a new Hireling while you still have your old one with you will cause them to despawn along with any of the items they are wearing. They can even enhance your character's power and defense drastically if properly built. They were said to use Cold and Lightning Spells. Good luck and good hunting in your future Adventures! The Barbarians of Harrogath can be hired from Qual-Kehk after completing the Rescue on Mount Arreat quest. Their behavior is similar to the Rogue Scouts, and they act more like range attackers. Prior to version 1.13, if a hireling had an item (e.g. Hirelings can be poisoned. Hence, it is a good idea to give him Ethereal items. They also get the resistance penalties in Nightmare and Hell. If your hireling is a higher level when you hire him, it will stop leveling until your character reaches his level. Hirelings use life steal, but not mana leach, as they have unlimited mana. You can get the hirelings of Act II from Greiz in Lut Gholein.

It is always easy for people to lose their equipment because of negligence. Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Swords, and ShieldsSkills: One of the following. In the original, non-expansion Diablo II, Hirelings had only a limited use as they were killed easily. Take this as a learning experience. A slain hireling could now also be resurrected, preserving their equipment and level. The cold hirelings are the most popular, because of the chilling effect and slowing of targets. Players can still hire a new hireling when their old one's dead. This led to the rather ridiculous speculation spreading across the internet. Hirelings also benefit from item bonuses. You will not be able to control them directly like your character, but they will help in slaying demons. With the Lord of Destruction expansion, the following changes improved the hirelings: The hireling names are randomly generated from a fixed source of names. Hirelings do not get experience from kills made by party members, but they do from your own minions. Hirelings are also affected by Holy Bolt and Prayer Aura. Hirelings do not lose experience when they die. When they level up, their resistances also increase. Not talking to Tyrael after freeing him in. Indeed, the name of a mercenary does not make it any different from other mercenaries, stat-wise, or skill-wise. There are no new hirelings available in Act IV. Hirelings can level up to 98, but will not level up higher than your character. So look at the possible mercenary names per act below and try to get the one you like when hiring. Skills: Jab attackAllowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms, Javelins (only used for melee attacks)Auras: In each game mode, there are three types available. They can be hired from their captain, Greiz. Because this game punishes mistakes. Your character gains experience when a hireling kills a monster. Lightning mercenary spells: Lightning, Charged Bolt and Nova. Some miscalculations may occur if armor or helm is changed. However, you will be with this mercenary for the rest of the game, and the real challenge in hiring is getting the best name you like. Hireling damage against bosses depends on the mode you are playing: Hirelings take ten times more damage from Act bosses. If your character dies, your hireling dies as well. Like player characters, hirelings can also level-up and become slightly stronger over time. The auras found in Normal and Hell modes are the same. They included: Diablo 2 Legacy Recounted by Stay Awhile and Listen Author. However, Tyrael provides the service of resurrecting fallen mercenaries. The Rogue Scouts are not Amazons, so they can't use Amazon Only items.

It was even said that the Angel was showcased by the presence of Hadriel. Hirelings do not possess Vitality, Mana, Energy, or Stamina, and as such, do not gain any benefits from items increasing those stats. If you replace a hireling, you will lose any equipment he is using. Make sure to take off the items first before choosing a new Mercenary! The auras of the Desert Mercenaries affect all members of the party, including Minions. its recommended to do your homework before getting ur hands dirty. The Rogue Scouts specialize in the use of bows and are powerful ranged support. This is the only time a hireling can be a higher level than the player. The rumors said that the Angel could be obtained by completing certain meaningless tasks mostly on Hell difficulty. Any gear left on the old hireling will be lost, so be sure to remove their items first. You can get the hirelings of Act V from Qual-Kehk in Harrogath. Abilities: Casting spells, the element they cast is dependent on their type. Each of them also come with special aura abilities, making them the most popular mercenaries in Diablo II. Otherwise, you will lose that equipment. The Rogue Archers of the Rogue Encampment belong to the order of the Sisters Of The Sightless Eye, and can be hired from Kashya after completing the Sisters' Burial Grounds quest (players receive a free Rogue upon completing that quest) or upon reaching level 9. it is not a bug but I would like to see it changed as an improvement. There are no new hirelings, but Tyrael provides resurrection services. They came to be regarded as co-adventurers as they would now cross into other acts. In the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, hirelings were radically improved. They are available by default, and you don't have to do any quests for it. When first receiving a hireling, if the player is level 1, the hireling will be level 2. If he is still poisoned when you get back to town, he can still die, unless healed. You need first to complete the quest Sister's Burial Grounds, though. Cold mercenary spells: Ice Blast, Cold Armor, Glacial Spike. As seen above, there exists no Act IV Hireling.
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