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You have to use one that suits your players and style of play. Nasri would do really well for my chemistry if I stick him where Ramires, by Im concerned about his low defensive work rate. Also a lot of the big ones are ps3 and not allowed to use xbox style controllers like we use. Go back to the formations you won the title with surely? I see other teams using it but it isnt a formation I am able to select for my club team and I really with I was able to because I find myself doing best with that in all other fifa games but not Im this years club play. How do people always manage to intercept those passes and play aggressive football by always crowding my players and then always manage to play a sneaky through ballall the defences I play against are always on top if me before I even have a chance to do anything,every through ball is intercepted every striker is bullied. When should it be used and what are its advantages and disadvantages? Thanks. Yaya Toures the best in his position I know, so is Valencia. Just leave them as default as cant change them in UT and h2h set it up for a more slow short passing game. Fair enough. and which players i should play in RB,LB,CDM and CAM.

I havnt used the 4-1-2-1-2 yet this fifa, but not sure if i will like it. Do you want your players to be any position on pitch? lvaro Arbeloa 14 Having tested over several games this is our best FIFA 22 formation guide. Having tried to hold onto a lead this really stands out from most other formations. Players: Iniesta,Falcao,Robben. Is Rooney well suited to play CAM or would be he better moving into the CF of the 4411 or pairing him as a striker with RvP? These are Build Up Play and Chance Creation. ill be using players like neymar and kelvin and other similar players with 5 star skills, Hi there, i was wondering if you could tell me what formation should i use, I wanted a pacey team that makes space for a through ball. Your email address will not be published. maicon With a new midfield anchor high up on your shopping list, third choice holding midfielder Nemanja Matic can go, with the Serbian worth 8 million, and on 86,000 a week in wages.

please help me with the custom tactics. Thats a RWB, RCB, CB, LCB, LWB, CDM, RM, CM , LM, CF. What dod you think about 3-5-2 with Real Madrid? When you purchase Marchisio Yaya Toure Nasri CDM: Tiot (and Yaya Toure, if the formation requires two) Selling him can get you 6 million, and save 85,000 a week in wages. What formation/strategy would you recommend in counteracting such style of play. Weve picked out the ideal FIFA 22 custom tactics for the 442 formation. Learn new ways to play and skill. Barca, whats up man?! I like to pass the ball around a lot and keep possession and wait for the perfect opportunity to score, i use 41212, ive tried a lot of formations and a lot of different players in FUT 13 but the same things seem to happen all the time, i go forward passing around working my way up the pitch but when i get tackled all my midfield are to far up leaving a counter with just my defenders, ive even tried 2 CDMs with low attack and high defence but still they run up the pitch leaving no cover for counter attack, what is the best formation for passing , possession , perfect opportunity style football and can you give me any tips on custom tactics for this as well please, thanks. I feel as though the match ups are a lot looser in 14, but regardless, I always feel as though even though they tamed the pace this year people are just lobbing through balls and my back line is always breaking down. I am now using 5-2-2-1 and i know that formation annoys most people but its solid and great attacking in it and can destroy an opponent in seconds. timeout Ive got a problem with my formation on ultimate team. what is a good formation for counter attacks?? Clichy Vertonghen Vermaelen Richards Fav LB soon to be tweeted too and he plays in Serie A , Hi whats the best formation for a serie a team preferably a formation with no wingers because theres only one player as a winger robinho. Of the top FIFA players lots use different formations. Do let me know. Squad: Forlan, Rossi, clint dempsey, giggs, Gareth Barry, Lucas lieva,garay, antori, Pablo zabeleta, Abidal, szcjezny (gk).I use 4-1-2-1-2 or 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1. with the formation of 4231 I get chemistry of 68 while with other 2 I get from 30 to 40 chemistry. What formations are you finding effective on fifa 13? So it needs a combination of things. Best formation to use for a possession (short quick passing) based team with two good CAMs (Gotze and Eriksen)? Having tried lots of formations with 1 striker they havent produced as many goals. The 3-4-1-2 Formation has been working well for me, but sometimes the midfield and forwards get crammed up in the attack. What formation would you recommend me to use? hey , just wondering what the best formation for a skiller team would be? Passing play is more about the players and custom tactics not formation. Strong team would have D.Cisse QPR rather than Balotelli. Im playing 4-3-3: Young Suarez Jesus Navas hi barca when r u going to post the best formation ?? my CBs are Ogbonna, Gamberini, Chiellini.. who is another CB i could use as a sub? Cole-Lescott-Koscielny-Sagna, 2 things: Balzs Dzsudzsk 12

4-3-2-1 GK-CECH, DC-KABOUL,LUIZ,KOMPANY, CM-YAYA TOURE,RAMIRES, RM-VALENCIA, LM-BALE, LW-HAZARD, RW-BEN ARFA, ST-BALOTELLI. please tell me and if u are using custom tactics, please share with me display: none !important; not liking any formation this year last year was 41212 Hands down but seems weak this year. Cant help you there as never play with 5 at back so players would be different positions. help appreciated. From there, you can also select the style of football you wish to play, which may be standoff against the opponent, a possession-based game, or high pressing football. It may take you two seasons or more to get that squad together which will enable you to rotate, and then you can target European domination - it's overdue for this club.

3-4-1-2 can have 7 attackers swarming your opponent in a structured way. So it's time for United to splash the cash and bring in one of the world's best - and we are putting Bayern's Joshua Kimmich at the top of the list. Coming soon. Players to use also. Then down one side have Brazilian players and down other side Italian league. I like play with brazil, with ramires and maicon as CDM and oscar as CM. any tips what i should do or how i should play. To win more and have players in better position on pitch. Reina I generally prefer to go wide and dribble with wingers before moving the play inside to a quicker striker or go for the cross.Is there any tips, teams, formations you could advise on to help me get back to winning ways? But, with this team, do you have some suggestion to alternative play? I am not sure who to use as a CF. Will be a couple of weeks before decide which are best. We know how much talent this United team is, but they can get in their own way at times. CM-RAMIRES More about your style of play and players. Thanks! I play fast breaks with through balls and LOVE long shots. aguero. Your email address will not be published. passing? :)). The Two mids behind him are Yaya and Fernandinho. Lichtsteiner or Abate? Rooney is better at CAM than striker in our opinion. When we find one preferred will tweet it out. Im dutch), this website was very useful great formations, you should make videos of these on youtube;D, hey, i have read ur formation tactics nd they r awesome, but i gotta problem. To play possession football that is all about the tactics not the formation. Ive been reading over and over your formations and im finding it hard ro pick and was wondering if you can help me. LB: A. Cole, CB: Koscielny IF / kompany, RB: Maicon

I like your tutorials. !counter attacking pace and bodies in the box,Ive only lost on the games where people have been using the YouTube lag lol.this site is immense! my question is what is the best formation for a brasilver squad on ltimate team because i have the likes of wallyson, kelvin, leite, and azevado and many more. Balotelli Formations all depend on your style and how you play FIFA. My defenders continue to get overwhelmed with attackers while the rest of my team trails behind. Thiago Motta 14 A very popular formation over the years with two CDM players covering the defence. I run the 4-3-3 Attack with Man City. Yaya Toure got any formations that can counter 352? What do you guys think is the best formation for Tottenham? I want to know which formation card I can buy that can make the formation orange instead of red. Valencia RM Nasri CAM Hazard LM I also purchased Paul Pogba and use him at CAM. Hopefully the game wont change too much. wingers lahm-hummels-santana- alaba Quick Question, Ive got a Serie A Team, Its coming very soon look out for tweets. On Career Mode you can also adjust players' positioning via training, and in time, you may want to do this with Mason Greenwood or Marcus Rashford so they can become the club's main striker once Ronaldo and Cavani have moved on. For 4-2-2-2,organised,65 chance creation, posession and pacience. I would also be grateful if you could tell me what formation I should use to get lots of through ball chances and if there are any tips for using 4-3-3 in Ultimate Team as well as tips for the formation you recommend for me. Look on the tactics page. Torres + Aguero, who else do you think I should have instead of them because there are strikers like Van persie, Rooney, suarez, Balotelli, Loic Remy etc etc that I havent tried out so your opinion please (Im thinking Balotelli and Aguero for some reason dont know why), Hugo Lloris GK I am building a 433 formation and I bought Nasri in a 451. You have to set tactics to defensive and cross your fingers. What is more good to use? You have to improve your game which is never easy. uses wings? Then sort tactics on top of that too. (I know it depends on the workrates too). 4-5-1? im playing ultimate team and i dont seem to find that option, to change organised or free attacking, The organised and free attacking are in the custom tactics area. I want to ask, How we decide Free form or Organised Form in a Formation ? Lavezzi left wing Lucas right. Dont want to make a team on FUT before i am absolutely sure about the formation! In front of the CDM I have a LCM + RCM. With slower defenders this is going to be poor? i know there more great CBs that wouldnt hurt my Chemistry, but none have quite the same pace and idk how low of a pace i wanna go IM making a mexican team i want a lm/rm and also a lw/rw on the team and i suck at defense but im really good at attacking what formation should I use. Depends on the players you are using and how good you are at FIFA. Out of all the youngsters, Dillon Hoogewerf has the lowest potential lat 78, ao you may want to cut your losses with just one year remaining on his contract. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are now two types of attacking tactics. Coins are not an issue.

The formation with the CF or CAM? thanks . (Please give one or two)? There were 30 patches in the last FIFA! Try 4-3-2-1 with Ronaldo Benzema and Di Maria. The middle CM should be the tackler. Depends how you play FIFA? You can have 5 formations set in your team tactics. what is the way to defend and attack against a very good Bayern muchen side when they are playin 4-2-3-1 formation?? For skillers need formations with wingers or LF/RF as lots of the 5* skillers play in these positions. Tho we create custom formations to fox opponents now. Sometimes removing a centre back and using the fullbacks at either side of the one remaining. i use a 4-3-3. i generally like to play the possession game and use a lot of standard passing and through balls, with the occasional lobbed through ball as well, ive got Malouda on the LW (for chemistry purposes) but ill also use Gervinho on the LW as well if i want to add more pace to my game because a lot of times i do find myself moving the ball quickly up the field in order to counter my opponent. What fast/good shot/relatively cheap players could I get and what is the best formation for me? I really love playing possesion. Balotelli (Man City) Do they have high morale and fitness? I liked 3-5-2 so was going g to use that this yearBUT there are so few CBs with pace and they cost a fortune and I dont play enough to pay for them. Might give 3-4-3 a go, btw love this site! its got 2 central defenders with a lwb and rwb quite high up the field. Im not a fan of pace whoring I often find if i try a pace team out after rage selling lol the players dont seem that quick and the likes of Wellington cant outpace Skrtel!!>>!>!?? Any attacking but balanced formations which dont rely heavily on monopolising the ball that you can recomend? 4-2-3-1 Balotelli on his own. Use the players recommended in the bargain player Ultimate Team section. Counter attack? Edinson Cavani 15

i always look for their runs when on the attack, that way i can play a big through ball to them, and they will have the option of shooting or crossing it into one of my 2 STs. Just wondering if you have any tips to using it. GK Try 4-3-1-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 if struggling to attack. Overlap Instructions for Center Backs (only for 3 or 5 defender formations) allow the CB to overlap wide when in the correct position and provide attacking support to teammates. We used 3-5-2 in 12 but found it not to work well in 13 for us. Bale- aguero- johnson I am playing Barcelona and my opponents are often Real Madrid or Manchester United. Team attacks and defends as a unit more than most formations. Wait for our new updates on chemistry and formations. i love this formation the best out of everything. If struggling to defend this is always a go to formation even ahead of 5 at the back. On the wings, Jadon Sancho can be left as is, but Marcus Rashford will be key with his pace and finishing, so have him "Cut Inside" for Chance Creation, Support Runs should be "Get in Behind" and certainly should "Get into the Box for Cross". Thank you! Would change players or formation to 4-1-2-1-2. You need good players with high attack and defence ratings for this. Dani Alves, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos, Jordi Alba Not available in all modes but useful in head to head if needing to attack late in game. I use Borussia Dortmund and play either a 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 with gotze and blaszczykowsi as RM, and LM and reus as the CF or CAM, My DMs are usually gundogan and bender, and I generally play a medium possession oriented game Where I try to work my way around middle of the pitch waiting patiently to exploit any gaps that may arise in the wings. Johnson (liverpool) Kompany Kaboul Clichy 4-1-21-2 btw And how good you are at FIFA. So not sure what you mean by cheap. With Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly offering backup in defence, you may want to get someone in who will provide better cover in the years to come, and could go on to even break into the starting 11., Hey nice site, you are talking about organised formation and free attacking formation, how can you change this? chiellini Bet everyone loves this attempt to find out. 4-1-2-1-2 Seems good with PSG. My backs are alba pepe miranda and periera with Casillas in goal. 2022 Gfinity PLC. Von Bergen However I have since tried a range of formations and have really struggled to build a strong team. Depends how your opponent plays FIFA? I usually play a medium build up play.. not very slow,neither very fast attack. In fifa 12 i used 352 but now in fifa 13 i find that i get destroyed down the wings. go with boateng hope this was a help, please best formation for barcelona and custom tactics for this plan please and thank you. sami khedira 13 Thanks. Depends who they are and which formation you prefer. Then you get the players which work best for your game.

Going to write a new blog on best player types for positions. FORMATION HELP ANYONE!! Ive tried every formation and I dont know which one to use.. Ive tried 4-3-3 4-5-1 and I really wanna try to strikers. im building 4-1-2-1-2 squad but i dont know how i should get to my second striker and squad is I use 433 but i am like 2-0 up and then suddenly 2-2 or 3-2 to opposition this is my squad: Since we have played so much he knows how i like to play and I know how he plays. I have a bet with a friend and whoever wins has to buy the other fifa 14. I have a spare 80k or so. six I win 8/10 games in 13 in World Class. Thanks ! Play games on legendary offline and just practice defending. In the beginning I won everything, but after many succesfull games I keep losing everything. Long process overs a few weeks testing each over number of games. With the 4-1-2-1-2 I find it offers gd cover defensively but keeping the ball difficult, the midfield players are wide apart( i use short passing tactics about 40). I love to play it in online seasons. I have now found out that Green Links does affect play, so although Hybrids may be beastly they do come at a cost.

i use the 5-2-2-1. i dont find if hard to work up the mid field, but i have a good team. I am planning on either making both CFs to CAMs and play 4-2-2-2, or make both CFs to CAMs AND make 1 ST to CF and play 4-2-3-1. Quite a good formation. Never used Bilbao sorry. Will reveal all when tested more. and should have fast wingers Beckham 12

But how do i set to organise chance creation in fut? But as I lose possession, the computer launches counter attacks with long balls, and I find my CBs Piqu and Puyol behind the striker and hence conced goals. Or is there a better one for these players.? I find I do pretty good when I use it in seasons, or against friends. Benaglio Against 4-3-3 we would use 4-1-2-1-2 but if he is better than you maybe 4-5-1. CAM: Nasri and silva (if the formation put them on the wings), or Luis Suarez, if the formation put them on the center. You need to look at what positions your players can play in. Do you think that the 4-1-2-1-2 will still be the best in FIFA 14? Also in this squad tell me which one to have. Advantages: Has close midfielders for triangle passes with high wingers to stretch the play.

also i will have fast cbs being dede, santana and naldo ect If you mean custom formations page they dont save on Ultimate team as it says on customs formation page. How do you defend on the wing with it? what kind of work rates do i want with my front 2 strikers? 4-4-2 I used to play 4-5-1 (attacking) but I use now 5-2-1-2 which creates a strong wall and gives crazy counter attacks. 4-2-3-1 is what the pro players use. Probably 4-3-3 if you are good player and strong midfielders. I cant seem to utilise having two strikers and the wide players are too deep! But for some reason i keep struggling hard vs sh#t teams robben couldnt outrun puyol the other day for ST i use fernando llorente.

If you have sold them three must have lots of money to spend?? Hamsik or Snieder Boateng. Mbappe looks perfect for some of these new FIFA 22 attacking tactics. I play with Real Madrid the new 433 ( false 9 ) it works good i think. First off all i want to thank you for all the great fifa tips its helping me alot. Meaning you can have wingers in a formation and then set them to be CAMs in a different formation.

And maybe your opponent has Ultra defensive and counter attack and pressing? I play all the time with Manchester City strong defense and counter attack. I tend to counter attack but a lot of people are using contain so my ST is being marked out of the game and invariably my CF ends up crowded out. plus, the 4-3-3 was very weak to counter-attacks and with the LBs and RBs always up and down the pitch, you could only really rely on the 2 CBs to defend on the counter. Ive tried everything,teams,formations tactics.please help!!!thankyou. for me the best formation is 4-3-3 defense. These two formations will see their RF and LF positions change to CF roles in FIFA 22. Try them and see if any improve your game. 3421 is a really effective formation as well and i have had success with both formations on fut. Look out for the twitter update saying when done. I play a custom version of the 4 2 3 1 (1), my wide CAMs are a bit deeper then the default. How do set costum tactis for MY ULTIMITE TEAM i did it on eas fc match day but i dont think it works in fut PLEASE HELP. We never rush this section as it is important to use different teams and players. Try switching to a defender quick and just running him back towards goal before the counter starts. Hi Barca, in a manual tournament, i use the 3133 Barca style with: Piszchez Dante Ogbonna / Tiot / Iniesta Tevez Marcelo / Sterling Falcao Mata. As we say 4-4-2 is strong against it. Its in the formation and tactics we have tried to explain in the pages. Currently on patch 3. nounkeo 12 Aguero ST Torres ST, I have a 4-3-3 formation. Wayne Rooney 14 Any formations with lots of midfielders are good for possession. Thanks. I prefer Barcelona 4-3-3 and can keep possession all day long. Everyone keeps asking. FREI 4-4-2 formation is very strong in defence and attack down middle or out wide.

formation help would be appreciated as 3-4-1-2 doesnt seem to be working as i get let down when my opponent plays long balls over my defenders. I like playing posession and slow build up. If not getting close enough to goal sounds like you need more 1-2 play and throw in some skills to create space. could you give me some advice? FIFA 13 is more complex than 12. i like using medium/high or medium/medium full backs so that you dont get exposed on the wings on the counter. right now i cant decide which central CM (defensive-minded) to use. 4-1-2-1-2 (2) Narrow version is very compact for quicker passing. Hi I play with 4-2-2-2 formation,with real madrid. For more attacking game plans or against weaker opposition you may feel he can "Stay Forward" for Defensive Support. Wt is your opinion on 4-5-1 v style . MANY THANKS. Hi !

Which one do you recommend? What should I start the game with when using 3-4-3, like ultra D, D, normal, A, ultra A ?? There are four main ones to look out for. Formations depend on your players and how you play. i start with Ramires as the center with Cabaye to his left and Oscar to his right, as Ramires has a high work rate for both Att and Def. Luckily you can now set formations and tactics so in game you can switch quickly. Maybe not your formation but how you create and score chances?

Used 3-5-2 last year and found this year it is too easy to score against using wingers. I usually play on the counter attack but i am sick of the 3-5-2 and other 5 at the back formations. Then it depends on how you play the game? the midfield is great and the two CDMs provide great cover (i use Vidal and Pirlo).

4-1-4-1 adds different ways to play from the 4-4-2. When will you announce the results of your testing i.e., what formation youve found the best this year? With top full backs you can even drop a CM between defenders and let them overlap wingers. Hi, iam a fairly good FIFA player with Xbox360. Also, their defenders always catch my strikers, but not vice versa.

Do you use the 3-5-2 for all star level teams or just the high level ones? Carzola Toure Gerrard What do you think the capabilities of a 5-1-3-1 are? Thanks. Custom formations dont save in UT. They played a 5-2-1-2 formation and seemed to play deep and on the break. im using alot of high 70 players to low 80s with 5* skills? Better as CAM really. Looking forward to it. After game kicks off press right on d pad twice.

Copyright When I set my form to attack, all my players move to the attacking area, and when I get caught in counter attck, my defenders stuck in the midfield. Ive played 4-4-1-1 and 4-4-2 in the past because I do like having width with my wingers as well but I am worried that if I move to one of those formations and drop Podalski I will lose most all of my pace moving forward.

is there another good formation i can use but i need hazard as a Left winger or a LF. And 4-2-2-2 or 4-2-3-1, My strikers Miccoli + Cavani, im thinking of getting Di Nitale for Miccoli. A number of FIFA 22 defending tactics have been added. }, Hi I wanted to make a Seria A team, and was wondering which formation would fit my playstyle the best? I have two issues what players do I want for my main team and what formation to use. I was just wondering which formation is best for fifa 13 UT. In the meantime, here are some more FIFA 22 guides for you to check out: Best strikers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team|Best goalkeepers to buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team|Best center-backs to buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team|Best midfielders to buy in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team|Premier League POTM|Serie A POTM|Ligue 1 POTM|Eredivisie POTM|LaLiga POTM|Bundesliga POTM. It actually all depends on the players. i love to keep the ball as well.

Know everything about your players. I use Real Madrid but i want messi as striker but also to have 2 other strikers and to have wingers what should i do? A defender becomes midfielder? your website is really good!. You may not want to splash all your cash, so Marco Senesi could be a shrewd move, with the Feyenoord defender costing 31 million and starting wages of just 13,000 a week. i did what you said which was put all same league (premier league) players in squad with chemistry of 98 i use 4-4-1-1 and its ok but still think i could do better any suggestions.

Im making a 4-1-2-1-2 bundesliga team in UT and i dont know who to put in as cam either kroos or muller. I am tend to attack more then patient build up or counter attack.

thanks:). FIFA 22 like always is strong through the middle but this year out wide too.

I am currently using a 433 with villa benzema di maria up front. Should I use Cassano, Boateng (Milan one), or Pirlo since he is a good creator? Maybe a defense that can stop counter attacks? None when i changed my squad, for the 3rd time, to a Serie A 3-5-2 i won the Division 1 title on just my second go-around in the division! (4-2-2-2 or 4-2-3-1 I am really unsure, but thats not my question) Im a relatively new player and Im struggling so much. Not just your formation or the players. However subs only have 5 chemistry. cech,kompany,kaboul,luiz,yaya toure,ramires,bale,valencia,hazard,ben arfa,balotelli?? Hi nice tutorial. Advantages: Extremely strong attacking and defending down the wings. Are we talking a day or two, or closer to a week, or longer? i am really confused with that. Try a quarterback type player at CDM with long passing with the 2 midfielders in front as ball winners. Find the players which suit it. the key with the 4231 formation from a defensive point of view are the full backs work rates. Its easy to play and win with 4.5 & 5 star teams. Would put Ramires in there from Chelsea. Also check out our bargain players section which will help you pick better players.

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