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First, if individuals are to assume responsibility to support the greater good, they do so based on the development of an ideological and relational commitment. I then discuss the implementation skills required of those who are doing the marketing. How can systematic bias be removed from technological applications in the marketplace? The critical question is whether these intangibles of identity, or who we are, and direction, or what we are about, exist as powerful though unquantifiable forces that impose themselves on an observer in the same way they permeate the company. This article is made available via the PMC Open Access Subset for unrestricted research re-use and secondary analysis in any form or by any means with acknowledgement of the original source. Subsequently, we take stock of the current marketing scholarship through the lens of these three principles by applying them directly to the results of a bibliometric analysis of the marketing literature. Moreover, there is a wider call for societal and political action through purposeful engagement with the worlds grand challenges, thereby inspiring scholars and industry to work together as partners to reimagine the very definition of effective marketing strategy. Resilience could also be viewed in terms of marketings contribution to alleviating poverty and addressing potential issues associated with climate change, natural resource sustainability, and social instability. Taking a broader perspective, contributions in the second largest cluster (B Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies) examine how consumers react to firms CSR associations. Central to stewardship theory is recognizing the importance of balancing personal goals with goals of a larger entity (Hernandez, 2008). By contrast, the sales manager of a company about a hundredth that size generated hand-truckfuls of computer printouts monthly in his monitoring zeal, then let them age like cheese. Few executives, however, have any idea of profitability by segment, to name one element. There is, indeed, clarity of theme and vision. The formula is as follows: Normalized-citations-for-an-article=Total-citations-of-an-articleAve.-citations-for-all-articles-published-in-the-same-year-incl.-in-sample, bKey: JM=Journal of Marketing; JCP=Journal of Consumer Psychology; JCR=Journal of Consumer Research; JMR=Journal of Marketing Research; JAMS=Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. We conclude by reflecting on the opportunities for academic practice in marketing with respect to meeting the grand challenges that the world faces. How can industries enhance the transparency of their production and marketing processes to provide tangible evidence of their sustainability or CSR commitments? The influence of cause-related marketing on consumer choice: Does one good turn deserve another? In parallel, the traditional academic role is changing within Higher Education, as distinct career pathways develop that recognize differing, yet complementary, expertise in research, education, and enterprise. There is a plethora of research themes stemming from the respectful principle, such as implicit gender bias in conversational AI-agents, and rebranding and advertising in times of increased social-political movements (e.g., MeToo, Black Lives Matter). Problems with marketing functions generally outnumber problems at the marketing program, systems, and policy levels.

The program was an empty promise internally and to the marketplace. One of the reasons I initiated a course on marketing implementation was that top executives frequently complained to me that newly minted MBAs generally are great strategists but cant organize a three-car funeral when it comes to executing marketing plans in the field. From this analysis two points stand out to help managers diagnose marketing implementation problems. The past decade has witnessed an expansion of concepts and empirical evidence regarding the challenges of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, (mental) health and social care, wealth disparities and poverty, nationalism and its impact on global trade, identity loss, and a wide array of unintended consequences of digitization (Hensen et al., 2016). To further the discussion of the Responsible, Resilient, and Respectful principles, we illustrate current scholarly conversations using a bibliometric approach. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the The examples and conclusions are drawn from a three-year clinical research program I conducted to initiate a course on marketing implementation at the Harvard Business School (see the insert for details of this study). This may encourage managers and decision-makers to strive for equilibrium between personal and collective interests. government site. will also be available for a limited time. Conversely, uncovering research themes from cases like The Wine Noire, an African American women-owned wine collective organized around an equitable and sustainable supply chain and logistic services for female winemakers and winemakers of color, might inform an agenda of research action. Three problems that commonly occur at the systems level are errors of ritual, politicization, and unavailability. Too often a seemingly effective strategy fails to do what it is supposed to do, and marketing executives immediately assume that the strategy is at fault. An official website of the United States government. about navigating our updated article layout. Access more than 40 courses trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Second, the notion of stewardship implies that people may not fully realize the longer-term consequences of near-term actions. Will our proposed new product take sales away from our existing line? In one company, for instance, management decided to offer low list prices with correspondingly low discounts from list prices. The Respectful principle assumes co-creation. Before The full endorsement of fewer, sounder marketing programs seems to give these officers the critical mass they need to make the programs work in good times and bad and limits the risk to the company. Making SENS: Exploring the antecedents and impact of store environmental stewardship climate. This underlines marketings unique capacity to conceive solutions that are both resilient and sustainable to collective interests across time; this could involve intergenerational product positioning, and potentially influence environmentally-friendly behaviors across different stakeholders. I have collected many such cases on marketing theme and leadership. 3To reduce visual complexity and aid interpretation, we set the minimum number of article citations to five and excluded articles without links in the collection. Everything three generations of managers have learned about doing business in this market, everything the company is, he complained, seems to conspire against my being able to introduce this innovation properly.. How can underserved communities be incorporated in the customer base, as well as the employee base. In the best companies, a strong sense of identity and of direction in marketing policies exists. Marketing theme is a fuzzy but significant term that refers to managements shared understanding of marketings purpose. Finally, those specializing in relevant enterprise are driving practical changes in marketing strategy through the commercialization of academic research into valuable products to society.

The results are usually as instructive as they are shocking. The company started every year with high margins, but because of competitive pressure and the need to keep its plants at capacity, it wound up cost cutting in the heat of the selling season. nichols business elizabeth uq edu dr Many universities and academics are already diversifying their research portfolios, both in terms of the content produced and services offered (e.g., professional development opportunities directly extending from research), alongside the approaches to communication of outcomes (e.g., podcasts, open access toolkits). It is tempting to dismiss the notion of fostering a common understanding of the companys marketing theme as a vague and insignificant idea. Similarly, when strategy is inappropriate and implementation poor, implementation shortcomings may mask problems with the strategy; not only is failure the probable result, but such failures will be especially intractable because of the difficulty in identifying the cause of the problem. However, recent external challenges (e.g., the COVID pandemic) call for a re-examination of these ideas to re-imagine marketing capabilities that will increase the resilience of firms. Some cases illustrate low-level functional marketing problems, such as how Hertz can retreat from its no mileage, ever pricing scheme, should that become appropriate. 1. The general manager of a company with 38 plants and 300,000 customers, for instance, ran everything he considered crucial according to notations on two three-by-five-inch index cards. An impact framework that integrates outcomes valued by multiple stakeholders can help guide the marketing disciplines pursuit of high impact research with a societal focus. It neglected to note, unfortunately, that the rental equipment would be obsolete a year sooner than headquarters had planned! Top management encouraged this commodity-oriented culture by setting budgets with high fixed costs and maintaining a measurement system designed to track the selling price of each unit of raw material rather than of the pipe itself. How can firms better reflect the diversity of their employees and customers in a manner that retains the dignity and distinctiveness of their community and culture (beyond generalizations and stereotypes)? This is achieved through establishing world class infrastructure and supply chains, and appropriately harnessing innovation and entrepreneurship. This is by no means a new challenge, but the conversation about impact potentially changes the perspective of said challenge. Companies and communities want to work with academics, but the outcomes they value are not always easily aligned with the outputs valued by academia. A test of your company executives perceptions of that theme may stir up some concern. The results of the research project indicate that marketing practice is as worthy of detailed management attention and academic study as is strategy formulation. The results of teaching the course for three years indicate that effective execution in marketing can be taught. But at other times, good execution of bad strategy acts as the engine on a plane in a nosediveit hastens the crash. In the following sections I take up the problems and pitfalls of each level, or place, in the structural hierarchy of marketing practice: functions, programs, systems, and policy directives. Here, the focus is on ensuring and enculturating operational effectiveness and sustainability. For example, creating health communications in collaboration with the intended audiences can result in tools that are readily accepted by those audiences, in terms of language, format and content, to bring about the intended impact. This is also the case for business research. The annual scholarly outputs have grown steadily every year since 2011, as evidenced by the 18 articles already published by May 2021. Rarer still are good numbers on profitability by product, and only once have I seen a system that allowed profitability to be computed by individual account. Behind the UPS Mystique: Puritanism and Productivity, Business Week, June 6, 1983, p. 66. But we have only two seconds to reach the supermarket shopper, so we live or die on service. Managements shared understanding and continual reinforcement (through compensation, training, and the like) of this theme, simple though it sounds, promoted exceptionally effective sales performance and consistent customer reactions.

The emergence of these new pathways provides opportunities to not only better address the questions laid out in Table Table2,2, but also presents exciting opportunities for academics to further develop new capabilities, for example, their entrepreneurial skills, that complement existing academic skillsets. These are the kinds of questionsones of strategythat marketers agonize over. National Library of Medicine The nature of published content undoubtedly needs to be more diversified to effectively meet the demands of differing audiences. The sales force thought in terms of cutting list prices to stimulate orders and ensure commissions. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. In his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig proposes a catalog of traps that can sap the mechanics resolve to do quality work. Able managers have no false sense of egalitarianism or charity but are tough and fair in putting people and dollars where they will be most effective. Keeling DI, Keeling K, de Ruyter K, Laing A. Careers. This approach organizes the literature by identifying important contributors, contributions, and knowledge structures (Zupic & ater, 2015). Do we want to stay with smaller, upscale retailers or seek market expansion through large discount chains? Since then, it has been an imperative for organizations to reimagine their marketing strategy with an eye towards global impact. By policies I do not mean only verbal or written statements; indeed, some of the policies most central to good marketing practice are unspoken. It is not always easy to get new programs approved by these managers, but the plans that are endorsed are staffed, funded, and otherwise fully supported to maximize their chances of success. Additionally, the smart terminals category is expected to grow by over 500% during the 1980s. They tend to foster a philosophy of allocation extravagance with program pickiness in marketing investments.

The administration of marketing is problematic in all but a few companies, and managements adeptness often is restricted to a few functions or programs within the marketing discipline. In turn, marketing scholars have increasingly become concerned with responsible marketing, and although these issues have not always been the focus of our scholarship, it is evident from current work that they are now. It has become fashionable in corporations to blame shortcomings in practice on culture. 2Journals included: Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Marketing Science. Key account management cases are a major concern here. Sales managers often weed out their call reports to fit their preconceptions. Thus, marketing scholarship can help to advance UN SDGs, such as promoting good health and wellbeing (SDG 3), and responsible consumption and production (SDG 12). This family-owned company customarily produced pipe in large quantities and sold it in a nongrowing market at low margins. To identify the intellectual structure of this literature domain, we constructed a bibliometric network with VOS Viewer using bibliographic coupling (Fig.

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