1969 florida gators football

Neither team looked back on their game in Jacksonville as one of the highlights of the season.

The Seminoles presented Mississippi State with fine field position at the start of the third quarter. The Seminoles had a last chance with 12 seconds showing. Two passes missed, and Guthrie kicked a 31-yard field goal for 23-10 with 41 seconds remaining in the half. and two touchdowns. The Seminoles couldn't maneuver, and Carrell's 37-yard punt was returned 20 to the FSU 43 by Whitley. Has natural talent, TALLAHASSEE, FL - If the playing conditions had been as they were here last night as Princeton and Rutgers played the first collegiate football game 100 years ago, there just wouldn't have been any Vohun claimed two Miami fumbles. Jarrett gained one. Tyson pulled in 10 passes for 167 yards as Cappleman hit on 17 of 30 for 236. John Pell had the ball apparently cradled in his arms for an interception on a German toss, but it popped out. With the wind going for him as the teams changed sides, Cappleman didn't hesitate. Magalski popped for three more, Tom Bailey for four. Interference was the call, and FSU had a start from its 31. McCullough made the kick, and UGA was up 13-10. We didnt run that play very often but it usually worked when we did, Caven said. The Seminoles couldn't move from the 20, and Duane Carrell's punt into that wind gave the Gamecocks a shot from FSU's 43. But they probed no further than the 50, and Reaves punted into the end zone. But Mississippi State got out of that hole.

A pass to Kalina 26 Barry Wenhold RB 5-10 201 Jr-R Souderton, Pa. (Souderton)

defenders, led by a fine tackle in Lynn Duncan, choked off FSU's ground game and defied Cappleman to complete passes in this mess. On the Seminoles' first play from scrimmage, Bailey fumbled. Grant Guthrie's 31-yard field goal brought things to 23-10 just 41 seconds before the half. The Seminoles went for it, with Zaffran pulling in the crucial toss at the 37 for the first down as the clock showed 4:53. who got 25 to Carolina's 37. Jordan added the point for a 14-13 Mississippi State advantage. * 31 Paul Magalski FB 5-11 210 So Garfield Heights, Ohio (Chanel) Then Cappleman hit Pederson cutting across the end zone for the touchdown. down, and Grant Guthrie booted a 32-yard field goal for 3-0. The move surprised Tech, as Coach * 30 Tom Bailey RB 6-2 212 Jr * Coral Gables (Coral Gables) Duane Carrell averaged 33.6 on his eight punts for the Seminoles. Anyhow, Cappleman pitched to Tyson, who fumbled, with a Gator apparently recovering. 42 Bill Cheshire P 6-1 193 Sr ** Odum, Ga. (Wayne County) One play he looks great and later on same play he may make mistake. The defense gave Paul Dietzel's team not much, twice in the last half chocked off threats down close - once when South Carolina had a first down at the seven, then again at the 15. On second down, Munroe popped up the middle for the Pierce burst for 18 on the first play. The Seminoles got not much from the 20, and Carrell punted to the Tech 42. the 28. A bit later Phil Abraira sped 46 yards with a Wichita punt, down to the Shockers' 19. point gave Miami a 14-13 lead with 9:04 remaining in the game. With Sharp throwing to Mason for 22 down to the 18, N.C. State got a touchdown with 54 seconds remaining. Florida State took charge at its 20 with 4:58 showing until halftime. Cappleman pegged Gaydos with a 22-yard at the 25 but guard Stan Walker was too quick downfield on a following pass, a handkerchief But Ron Wallace and McEachern got to German for a loss of two. Fourth down and a fake field-goal effort saw Cappleman passing wide to Tyson, who was immediatley racked. Danny Thomas turned up with an interception, placing the Seminoles at Tulsa's 49 with 36 seconds to go. One defensive man was in position to nail him in his tracks, and seemed to hold up. Fourth down again. But a turnover gave Florida the ball on the Georgia 33, and Graves went to the ground. the draw for 21 yards to the 19. one at the Memphis one. A Teal toss to Kalina at the 50 brought a first down. Outstanding size and good speed. Threw long to Mike Gray, who made a sprawling impossible-looking catch just as he crossed the goal line. A foul call put the ball on the three.

Tom Bailey swung wide to the Bulldogs' 45. Bailey caught one for nine at the 30. Tulsa came back with an 80-yard drive, Ashton scoring from the two. Whigham kicked to Tulsa's 28. Into that wind, Grant Guthrie was called upon for a 55-yard attempt for a field goal. That flatly crimped that bid, and eventually Whigham punted 34 yards to Florida's 15. The Tigers got not much further. And Tulsa moved 80 yards to score in seven plays. Experience is the only thing lacking.

Munroe caught a pass for a first down at the 12. the Tribe to its 29. Houston now takes an 8-2 record into the Bluebonnet Bowl on December 31 against Auburn. With the game only a few minutes old, the Seminoles stood with a first down at Florida's 3-yard line. Cappleman was dropped for an 11-yard loss. * 43 John Montgomery DB 6-1 191 So Jacksonville (Terry Parker) Garry Walker got a yard to the 10. The Seminoles went for two and it was "Alley Oop" again. Wallace claimed it for the Seminoles at down at the 22. On fourth and 11 at their 36, the clock showing 22 seconds left, Frank Whigham two yards out. Art Munroe got Paul Magalski ran for three, but Cappleman lost Florida's 44, 48 and 42. Tyson dropped a ball at the 42. Started spring as linebacker but switched late in spring practice. Tommy Durrance bulled for 98 yards in 25 runs, Mike Rich 46 in 13. 35 Mike Gray FL 6-3 201 Jr-R * Lake Mary (Seminole) Then McCoy got just a yard, and Pierce was tossed for a loss of one. And now it was Lack of experience could prove handicap during sophomore season. The Gators capped their first-ever nine-win season with a hard-fought 1312 victory over the twelfth-ranked Baylor Bears in the Gator Bowl on New Year's Eve 1960. But 243 of the total came in the first half as Wichita Pytel hit on six of eight passes for 57 yards, Teal on eight of 15 for 73. His receivers were dropping the ball right and left - but then, everyone else was too. An official dropped a flag, called a personal Whigham's punt was a 28-yarder to the 33, and Miami had its chance. Cappleman threw 50 times, completed 31. Mullins overthrew Wright in the end zone.

One was blocked. The clock showed 3:25 left in the game as Guthrie kicked a point for 24-0. * 11 Duane Carrell PK-P 5-10 170 So-R Washington, D.C. (Woodrow Wilson) Bailey got four before Munroe rambled for 13 to the Memphis 46. During the 1960s, the Gators were coached by S. Ray Graves (19601969), who compiled an overall record of 70314 (.686) during the decade, making Graves the winningest coach in the history of the Gators football program until that time. Andy Cheney, a sophomore wide receiver for the Gators that season, called the outcome a bummer, and said it UFs players still had a bit of a hangover from the previous weeks 38-12 loss at Auburn, in which quarterback John Reaves was intercepted a school-record nine times. But Cline raced through to drop Cappleman for a loss of 10 more, to the 30. in 21 carries while Vince Opalsky got 34 in five. In the third quarter Florida pushed its advantage to 14-6 as Reaves hit the slippery Alverez - a perhaps incomparable sophomore receiver - with a 30-yard touchdown toss. It was wide to the right. The Seminoles TULSA, OK - Behind 7-0 early, Florida State slammed 21 points on the board in the second quarter and fiddled away much of the rest of the time as Tulsa's football team fell 38-20 here on a sunny Smith, the split end, moved in for 55 Allen Dees C 6-2 196 So Lakeland (Lakeland) But on third-and-one the (Claymont) Had he not tripped over a teammate he just might have gone all the way. And with the team we had, that offense, we were positive we were going to score a bunch of points.. Phil Abraira hauled back the kick return 24 yards to the 29, was fouled on the tackle, and the Seminoles had a End Ronnie Wallace repeatedly nailed Miami backs for losses. Guthrie's point made it 20-3 with 36 seconds showing on the clock. A combination of exceedingly aggressive Florida defensive play and stunningly inept FSU offensive play was the difference. Thereupon Cappleman showed what manner of man was he. interception as the clock showed 1:07 left. intercepted, returned the ball 21 to FSU's 33. Wichita took over. * 33 Grant Guthrie PK 6-0 204 Sr ** Claymont, Del. Cappleman hit Gilman with a toss for five more, and Bailey skipped for seven to the 18. * 23 Don Pederson FL 6-0 181 Jr * Groveland (Groveland) All-State performer at Cook County High School in Adel, Ga. But Muir got just one, Holland one and a pass missed. And Grant Guthrie, who earlier had kicked a pair of 32-yarders, saw this 36-yard effort stray wide to the left. It was the toughest kind of loss for the Bulldogs, the toughest kind of triumph for the Seminoles. That was the first year UF went 9-1 with or without a tie, the first year Florida had only one loss in the SEC, and the first one-loss year for the Gators after 1928, when they went 8-1 in the Southern Conference. Mike Widger recovered for the Gobblers at the 36. point-after made it 14-6. And Cappleman threw to Gaydos - high on the "Alley Oop" - and the 6-6

But illegal procedure was called on Carolina, rubbing that one out. Charlie Bowers' 14-yard run soon had the Wolfpack at midfield. Then the Seminoles started to move. Opening at its 33, Mississippi State failed on three straight passes as the Seminoles went with double-coverage on both wide receivers. Cappleman passed to Kent Gaydos at the 32. Showed spring improvement. Spurrier sealed his Heisman bid with a 2219 come-from-behind win over the rival Florida State Seminoles in Tallahassee, Florida, and a last-minute field goal to defeat the Auburn Tigers at Florida's Homecoming. Cappleman's fumble was then reclaimed by Stan Walker, for no gain. Whigham got off a 45-yarder and Miami had the ball again at its 41. Tom Bailey rammed to the 42, and Munroe got a first down at the 38. * 67 Mike Sammons OG 6-1 206 So-R Atlanta, Ga. (Brown) Bailey, on a sweep, got 13 to Miami's 47. Cappleman got tossed for a loss of nine and the Seminoles couldn't move. A third down pass to Tyson for eight kept things going at the 37. came in to punt. Two Cappleman missed passes were sandwiched around Munroe's 6-yard run. Dusharm couldn't pass, however. Mullins soon passed to Elmo Wright at the 50. Should log playing time this season. Again Harrell got through to nail Cappleman for 12. Just after the last opened, Wichita evened the count on fumbles lost, with Dusharm yielding the ball to Wallace at the Shockers' 20. RELATED | Read more Florida Gators coverage. Another youngster Coach Bill Peterson thought the game may have been the best officiated one in the series. Simcsak was averaging better than 42 yards per boot Simcsak later missed a 55-yarder. Cappleman was incredible as he completed, in the face of a fierce Miami rush, 24 of 38 passes for 209 yards. Of the 10 passes Tyson caught, nine were for first downs; the only one that wasn't for a first down was his first reception of the game. to the 21. A pass missed, and on fourth down Carlos Lopez entered to try a field goal. Bill Cappleman's fantastic clutch passing took the Seminoles to the Miami 13 with just under two minutes remaining, and Grant Guthrie kicked a 31-yard field goal for the difference. Cappleman Canale punted 45 yards, out of bounds at FSU's 10. The first was 0-0 deadlock in 1930 when the game was played in Savannah, Ga. Butler pulled in a long one from Arrington, 46 yards to FSU's 44. Was another pleasant surprise during spring practice. Excellent speed to go with size. 7-7. At the half Wichita had lost just three fumbles, and FSU four. Has speed, intelligence and frame to play position.

The Seminoles punted back to Tulsa's 25. Florida got up to its 40 and, on the last play, Reaves threw long. Florida State jumped ahead 7-0 in a hurry, Tom Bailey capping an opening 62-yard drive with a 34-yard scoring burst. When Wichita, pushed back to the 34, tried to punt, linebacker Ron Lowe tore through and blocked it, with John Montgomery pouncing on the ball at the 22. In eight plays the Seminoles negotiated 76 yards to deadlock it once more. Tackle Robert McEachern spurred a defense that checked the visitors at their 29. FSU ran 84 plays in this game, the Gamecocks just 67. Cappleman passed to Don Pederson at the Tech 45, but holding was called and the Seminoles set back to their 24. Outstanding potential. With Hamrick catching a couple of Suggs passes, the Gamecocks got to FSU's 42 before it came to punting time. At least a half-dozen times in those tense seven minutes that the push consumed it looked as though the Seminoles had had it. Finally Simcsak attempted a 44-yard field goal. A Cappleman pass to Gaydos for 12 soon put the ball on the two, where Magalski went in on a wide Josh Ashton, an all-day-long workhorse, scored from the one. 1969 Roster - By Name Yoakum hit Tom Trevillian with a first-down pass at the seven. The running of Durrance and Rich got the Gators to their 38.

Goularte burst through the middle, 18 to the 16. Then a blitz caught Sullivan for a loss of seven - big play led by Wallace and Bobby Burt. Florida stole three Cappleman passes, claimed five Seminole fumbles.

Florida's football tradition is rich, and dates back to 1903. Many more saw the show via ABC Third and two, and Florida State put Paul Magalski into the game, moving Bailey over from fullback to left half. 19 Jack Maynard PK 6-0 203 So Tallahassee (Florida) At the start Florida State received after winning the pregame coin toss for the seventh time in eight games. * 27 Arthur Munroe RB 6-1 184 So-R Quincy (Quincy)

the FSU 11. Both teams walked off the field disappointed, Dooley said. Then Florida State got [3] The Gators capped their season with a New Year's victory over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the 1967 Orange Bowl, the Gators' first-ever major bowl victory, and a Number 11 ranking in the final UPI Coaches' Poll, their highest final poll ranking to date. Frank Vohun got through to deck a scrambling Mullins for a loss of eight. But a pitchout by German was fumbled and Wallace raced back to recover for Florida State at the 38. But Cappleman lost 10 on the first play. From the 35, Bailey raced for 12, then ripped on the next play for five to Wichita's 47. Third down, and Gaydos got loose in the end zone, caught Cappleman's pass for a touchdown just before pounding on out of bounds. - Another true sophomore who has possibilities. The Gators also lost close matches against the Mississippi State Bulldogs (1318) and the Miami Hurricanes (1316). On the draw, Magalski got nine to the 29. Reaves went for a bomb and Danny Thomas was guilty of interfering as Alverez went for the ball. A third-down blitz caught Cappleman retreating trying to pass, and he was pushed back to the one. After Cappleman lost yardage to the 19, he passed to Jim Tyson for a first down at the 49. Injured during part of spring drills but came back to play well in Garnet and Gold contest. McEachern threw a telling block at the Fourth down, and Miami went for the field goal. At this point Miami led in total yardage, 181 to 125. Each kicker missed field-goal attempts from less than 25 yards out. FSU defenders not only did a good job hemming up those two, but also contained elusive quarterback Tommy Suggs, who ended up with minus 22 yards running and just 77 passing on seven completions in 14 Abraira fielded the ball at the eight, fumbled it, had it bounce right back into his hands, then picked his way down the sidelines on a dazzling all-the-way run. Played every position in secondary during spring, thus proving his athletic ability and value this fall. Trouble came soon after the second-half kickoff that saw the Seminoles start from scrimmage at the 20. Bailey fumbled but teammate George 51 Bill Hughes C 6-1 225 Jr-R * Rockledge (Cocoa Beach) Pell took a punt on the eight, ran wide toward the other sideline looking for room, got tackled, fumbled, and the ball rolled out of bounds at the one. the 15. Jarrett ran to the 27 as the quarter ended.

Cappleman's Florida Football 100 For 100, No. - Has quickness similar to Wallace. Tulsa got no further than the 44, and Casey McKinney's punt into the wind died at the 30. The previous low was minus-1 by a Tulane team in 1965. Hall's kickoff to the 15 was returned to the 25. runback.

Cappleman's pass into the end zone was broken up. * 88 Beryl Rice DE 6-0 201 Jr-R * Fernandina Beach (Fernandina Beach) Yount's punt was a 29-yarder that Phil Abraira returned for four to the FSU 47. It was wide. * 21 John Pell DB 6-1 178 Sr * Pahokee (Pahokee/Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC) About 25,000 fans braved the fierce weather, bundled in overcoats and huddled close together for what little warmth was to be had. Should be a good one before he's through at Florida State. Reaves gained to the 25 with a pass to Tommy Durrance, but a fourth-down toss went astry. Sharp blocking by N.C. State's offensive line gave FSU some problems, but the defense was notably prominent in the clutch. So, with the wind going for it, South Carolina sent Billy DuPre in for a 57-yard attempt at a field goal, and what that amounted to was a punt that gave the Tribe the ball at the 20 after the boot hit Whereupon Ron Wallace whipped in to Reaves, forcing a fumble that he reclaimed for FSU at the Florida 48. * 79 Frank Vohun DT 6-2 225 Sr-R ** Brooksville (Hernando) one way or the other. FSU's defense played well enough Saturday, and maybe better than that, but it was left with too many holes in the Both had the wind going for them on all their efforts. Despite inexperience at position, he was secondary key during Garnet and Gold contest. heralded what was ahead. Duane Carrell punted it. 16 David Barnes DB 5-11 175 So Maple Heights, Ohio (Maple Heights) It was the most points yielded by the Seminoles this season. At the start, N. C. State chose to go on defense.

Frank Whigham, in at quarterback, completed a 6-yard pass to Ted Zaffran, then threw a screen to Magalski, who got Arthur Monroe's first varsity run for the Tribe was an effort of beauty. eight minnutes left. Back in the end zone to punt, McKinney passed intead - long to Jim Mike Charron's placement kick made it 13-10. The Gators got nothing and Reaves punted to Pell who ran it back 14 yards to the Florida 42. FSU's kickoff was short, and returned 15 to the Memphis 44. Seminoles led in rushing yards, 116 to 17, in pass yardage, 125 to 21, with Cappleman completing eight for 11 Cappleman passes to Pederson and Gaydos led across midfield. play. The quarterback skipped for 30 yards to the 45. Three runs netted just six yards, and Guthrie put through a 27-yard field goal to cut the score to 7-6. Jerry Claiborne indicated later. Georgia drove to Floridas 37, but on a fourth-and-two running play, Steve Tannen dropped Farnsworth for a 6-yard loss. that gave the offense a chance from the Gamecocks 42. touchdown pass was only the third yielded by the Raleigh team all season. It came to fourth down there, and Guthrie booted a 40-yard field goal for 10-0. McCoy, on an option handoff, raced off tackle, 40 yards to the 10. [3], The 1964 college football season was the fifth for Ray Graves as the head coach of the Florida Gators football team. Next play Rick Thurow ran 29 yards to an apparent touchdown, only to have it cancelled for holding. florida football reaves john gator gators wuerffel danny 1969 days 1971

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